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Naml: Episode 22

“Faris sambhaal lega”…This month’s episode was very interesting and the story progressed further with many filmi things. The chosen poetry was added with relevant tracks.

Saadi-Faris Reunion

So, first things first, it was heartbreaking to see Saadi being beaten up by his own Mamu but yes, Mamu ki kya baat hai, Saadi ki achayi uskay khilaf use ki…too bad Mamu! it was horrifying yet depicted true love of her Mehbooba ( sounds really funny when Saadi calls Faris Mehbooba) I guessed it right as the writer tried to instill the idea that Saadi was captured by Hashim Kardaar’s man but I felt somewhere that he was Faris.

It was really emotional when Faris tried to realize Saadi that his family comes first and he should be concerned about them by saying “Fiyona aur uska bucha zyada eham hain” the way Saadi broke and started crying was so sad to read.But it was a good re-union.

Miss Red and her so called innocence!

Miss Red ka dil torr diya Faris ne, as the previous episode ended at the very heartbreaking note but this month’s episode pays it back so Aabdaar was heartbroken and felt devastated as Faris proved to be loyal to Zumar and he used Aabdaar only to get her goals accomplished. Faris’s character seemed selfish at this point but Miss Red is purely wrong and I am glad Faris told her what was needed.

Haneen and her verge towards good!

Haneen is on her way to a positive change in her life. She started memorizing Quran so she is not a Hafiz-e-Quran in a criterion we usually call someone hafiz but Nemrah Ahmed through her wisdom managed to convey that even if you know a verse you should revise it and that is also a part of hifz. Loved all her conversations with Memoona, she is such a nice lady and her conversation left a calm and tranquil impression on the reader. I was surprised to know that Haneen didn’t had an ounce of sympathy for Hashim Kardaar but I was glad that she is out of that Ishq I presume.


Zumar Faris…She managed to get through the trauma of Aabdaar and Faris when she started to think logically and tried to read between the lines. Zumar is Maakir that sounds bad but it was actually quite satisfying to see her this way saving her family because Hashim and his family has left no other option for her. Zumar managed to get into the laptop of Hashim when he had an Anxiety Attack which she took it as a heart attack.

Zumar started the tafseer from the Surah ( Al-Naml) which Saadi left and it was refreshing to see her heart getting soft, Indeed with the remembrance of Allah the heart softens.

Jewelry Aunty and her Budha dil!

Jewelry Aunty, Mrs Javahirat…..Allah bachaye isse! So no matter how many plastic surgeries you do to hide your real age but you can’t really stop feeling old and weak from inside. It was so selfish of her not having any genuine sympathy for his beloved son Hashim Kardaar. She deserved that reality check from Haroon Obaid. He with his words crashed her Ego and has set the grounds for her failure which is not a good sign for Mrs.Javahirat.

Nausheervan…Now tou you are gone!

Nausheervan ka bura waqt shuru hochuka hai because he is dumb and Zumar is playing mind games with him and ab tou Saadi bhi nahi chorega Nausheervan ko! Bringing back Alicia and conspiring against Hashim and his family Zumar is playing her part wisely.But why on earth Alicia wants her key chain back? Ants Ever-after.

Nausheervan was surprised to know that Saadi is not innocent at all. Well, at this point no one is innocent but Yes, Yusuf’s still are innocent and they are conspiring but for their justice and that’s okay.

Ahmer Shafi….. A disappointment!

Ahmer Shafi is proving himself to be loyal to Javahirat and threatens Haneen by investigating all about her past. He was not a black character, I liked him but he disappointed me. I didn’t expect this level of cheapness from him. He is on a wrong path and completely blinded by the power show of Kardaars.

Hashim kardaar…. Has moved on…hmmm!!

Hashim Kardaar has moved on…really??? It was good to see this because I really want him to repent and turn into a good person obviously after getting his due punishment. He got his oil company all turned to ashes. Did Faris planned this as well?

Hashim Kardaar had an Anxiety attack and I think its Karma time.He is getting back what he has given away.
Lol… that speech really showed how politicians talk about their “Good Plans” and I would be glad to know if its all true!

Ending and Predictions!

The episode ended with some tracks which were a bit scary. Saadi is captured by Faseeh and he murdered him. I don’t know for how long Saadi have to deal with such people and by using her Haq-e-Difah would kill these criminals. Sigh!!! The happiness of re-union were crashed by this incident.

Aabdaar is suffering from depression and Hashim needs someone to be around him because he knows now he is alone. Hashim would soon propose Aabdaar and let’s see what will be her answer.

I will have to wait to know the answer because now I could not figure it out how Aabdaar will react further but one thing is sure …Zumar-faris relationship is not that weak but it is quite strong.

Any predictions?

Do share your views and predictions about Naml’s episode.

Asma Jamali