Mann Mayal – Episode 16

“Vo actually mere maa baap nahi hei na” card was played by Jeena so many times today that I was really tempted to add a few extra lines to some of her conversations with different characters. So here it goes,

Salahuddin: Miss Jeena meinay aap ko kitni dafa samjhaya hai ke apne time pe ana jana hai, mera wait nahi krna.

Jeena: Vo mere maa baap nahi hai na tu is liye mei buhat dheet hu.


Salahuddin: Zara haath hola rukha kijye. Aap jub yeh sub karei gi tu office wale batein banayen gay.

Jeena: vo actually mere maa baap nah hei na is liye mujhe apni izzat besti ka koi khas khayal nahi hai.


Salahuddin’s mother: Arey beta choro gharey murde ukharne se kya faida.

Jeena: vo actually mere maa baap nahi hai na is liye mujhe kisi ne tameez nahi sikhai ke kisi k mamlay mei tang nahi arate!

I could go on and on but I think everyone reading this review will agree with me that Jeena’s loneliness and desperation is anything but cute! Jeena is just as obsessed with Salahuddin as he is with Mannu. The conversation between Salahuddin and Jeena when they are having dinner in the office was one of the many senseless conversations in this episode. It was not the usual conversation which a boss would have with a colleague, Jeena was hitting on Salahuddin blatantly but somehow he has no idea that she is infatuated by him! Yes, he is very ‘distracted’ because he is too busy playing ‘superman’ but even then Jeena makes her intentions clear enough!! I won’t be surprised if Jamil tells him at some point that Jeena loves him since Salahuddin lets Jamil do all the thinking for him! Jeena’s desperation was very annoying in tonight’s episode. If this was a teenager who was infatuated by her boss, things would have made a little more sense.

mm1Mannu’s conversations with the guru in tonight’s episode were beyond ridiculous! Mannu feels like someone’s watching over her although after the incident at the hospital it would have been an easy guess that Salahuddin was chasing her and trying to ‘protect’ her. The confrontation between Mannu and Salahuddin was poorly written. There was no mention of how Salahuddin made a fool out of Mannu all these days! And even after this confrontation Salahuddin did not take this whole thing seriously! The way he laughed while talking to Mannu when she was sending him voice messages and later on his non serious attitude after the confrontation made it look like he had absolutely no respect for Mannu’s feelings. He thought of her as a fool who did not know what was good for her!!

Our superman found a way out and ‘told on’ Mikael – that should solve all of Mannu’s problems!! Only a super hero can think of such a solution to a big problem like this one! Mannu’s family appeared out of nowhere yet again!! Mannu’s family’s disappearance and then reappearance is the biggest loop hole in the script. A daughter cannot cut herself off from her family if the family still feels the way they do about her. Why can’t they pick up the phone and call her. Why can’t they book a ticket and go see her? In the last episode Jamil told Salahuddin that they did not even come when her son was born. Of course Mannu wouldn’t want them to come because she doesn’t want them to find out about Mikael but even then they don’t need an invitation to meet their grandchild. Also, this was the first conversation Mannu had with her father after he told her not to go back to Mikael yet he seemed to be quite happy with her in laws and Mikael – did I miss something??

mm2The only good thing about this episode was Jamil’s attitude towards Jeena!! He is far better at keeping her at a distance than his boss. Also the way Mannu found out the truth about Jamil and her initial reaction was translated on screen superbly by Maya Ali. The confrontation between Salahuddin and Mannu however was not the least bit powerful! There are dramas which make it impossible for the viewers to find faults in them and then there are episodes like this one which make it impossible to say something good about them!! This episode was a major train wreck.

The preview of the next episode suggested that Mikael’s father will pass away….’superman’ saves the day;) Jeena was shown playing Bia’s role in the next episode – passing information to the headquarters! I really thought Ayesha Khan was through playing these desperate and useless characters but I guess I was really wrong! It is sad to see Hamza Ali Abbasi making his comeback with a play which has a very poor script and his character doesn’t have much to offer either.

How many of you watched this latest installment. Do share your thoughts about it.

How many of you watched this latest episode? Please share your thoughts about it. If you missed it, watch it on

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