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Mera Yaar Miladay – Episode 12

Yaaaaar, maza nahin aaya! We have been waiting for the past two episodes for that moment to come when Mushq and Fahd get separated and aside from the fact that I want them separated because I want the Mushq-Dabbu track to begin, I am also genuinely curious how Mushq and Fahd get separated in the first place!! I had thought it would happen in the previous episode and the preview for this week had suggested it would happen today but alas! Not fair!

So Mushq and Fahd are both locked up at the police station. Although Fahd tau seems to be strolling around as he pleases, sometimes outside to speak to the SHO, sometimes to make a phone call. Cat seems to have gotten Mushq’s tongue for she was quiet when the policeman was asking questions – had she shown some restraint when he asked her when she was headed then maybe just maybe she would not have drawn that much attention to herself. Was it really necessary to show the SHO stuffing his face that way though? Yes I get it, policemen are shown to be total nincompoops but must he be tearing into that tikka in such a vicious way – maybe that’s why Mushq was quiet then too having seen the fate of a fellow murghi haha!

Mehru. Ah, must we talk about Mehru ji? Okay, let’s because it seems as if this may have been the last we see or hear of her, woo hoo! I do not understand why she disappeared? Was she okay with the nikkah because she thought Aslam was locked up and then realized how he may tell Dabbu the truth now that she is out? And the letter she wrote – how did it get to Dabbu? Did she confess the truth about Fahd? Because the letter seemed to be more of a ‘it’s not you, it’s me and you are too good for me so I must leave you’ rather than a confession of how she has wronged him? I did not see Dabbu read the letter so I am assuming he has made the Fahd connection because he sees Mehru was not loyal since she has run off the day of their marriage? Uff so many questions and conspiracy theories for such a baseless track! I do not really care for the answers – good riddance I say!

Nayaz and Zeba, Zeba and Nayaz – so much lurrrve, well good for them! I am actually glad they are happy. Both such goody two shoes it would have been pointless if they started having tantrums too and undue focus was on them. Master Sb seems to look actually relieved to be rid of Mushq.

So Dabbu now realizes he was wrong to have not believed Fahd and Striker tells him that he and ‘lover girl’ have eloped. That word, lover girl! Makes me laugh! I keep thinking Fahd may leave Mushq in the lurch but even when the SHO says to lock them up Fahd asks to be locked up but Mushq to be let go so I really do wonder if he will leave her to rot there? I have a feeling his mother may implore him to come or something. I have run out of ideas really. I did find his mother’s reaction strange though when Fahd’s friend finally tells her that Fahd had gone to Karachi to bring Mushq back. I had thought she was not aware keh Mushq naam ki koi larki hai but her reaction did not seem to imply that was confused or surprised nor did she ask who Mushq is. So, I suppose she knew about Mushq then and was she also not in favour of the rishta like Master Sb? So many questions, uff!

I really feel like skipping a few episodes now and then watching them together. I do not like how one episode quickens the pace and then a few follow that drag the story at a snail’s pace. You know that scene we saw in last week’s preview when Mushq says that Fahd could not possibly leave her? I have a feeling that is how next episode will end, leaving us guessing again what will happen next. Uggh!

Are you all disappointed in today’s episode and expected more to happen like I did? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Kunwal Javid

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