Merai Humdum Merai Dost – Episode 05

This time again we had a heavy dosage of Sajeela and Mazhar and less of Aiman and Haider. I always want to see more of Aiman,Haider and Taufeeq Kamal scenes and I sincerely wish that from next episode,we would see more of them. Because Sajeela and Mazhar track has nothing new to offer. Wohi typical story..

Anyhow, Sajeela came to know that Mazhar is already married and she reacted just like the way she should have reacted. She was completely shattered because it was Mazhar for whom she went against her loving and caring father – father who always put Sajeela first in front of whole world.

Haider is trying every possible way out to make Aiman feel comfortable while living at his place but somehow, Aiman is still unable to come out of the shell and to make herself feel like home. Major reason for Aiman’s discomfort is nothing but the class difference. She comes from a lower middle class family where she always strived for even basic necessities of life and now that she is a part of rich high class ,she is finding it difficult to transform herself into a completely new and different Aiman.

All we can observe is that Aiman is under sheer inferiority complex after stepping into a completely new world where everything seems perfect. She was right to the extent that everything that belongs to Taufeeq Kamaal is more than perfect even his friend,Haider,is a graduate from Harvard University. Relating everything to what her mother told her , she got so worried whether her father will accept her. Because for her, she is neither intelligent nor is she beautiful so how will her father react after meeting her ?

With heavy heart, she woke up and it was really nice to see how  Haider tackled her. The way he admired Aiman’s intelligence told that he is really concerned for her and is trying to be her mentor; He really want Aiman to not under estimate herself merely because she is from lower middle class. Haider knows really well that its Aiman inferiority complex that is not letting Aiman live happy and satisfied life. But he did not know that it is so hard for Aiman to come out of all this – she grew with these complexes as a part of her life as if she inherited them from her mother.

Mazhar is finding it really hard to make Sajeela realize that he is loyal to her and will never leave her. But Sajeela has turned evil this time; She knows that it was due to her financial help because of which Mazhar’s family is living a luxurious life. After a certain point, I second to Sajeela’s thought that Mazhar married her because of her wealthy background. But when I see him trying so hard to cheer up Sajeela, I change my mind. Whatever the mystery is, it will be revealed in upcoming episodes.

Preview of next episode looks very interesting and I think from next episode, this drama will be on a completely new track; It will be more about father-daughter relationship and I would absolutely love to watch that.

Do share your thoughts on today’s episode.

Rabia Basharat.


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