Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 12 Story Review – The End

This episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho covered the last few hours of Danish and Mehwish as husband and wife. Tonight’s episode had to be the most disturbing one since it covered Danish’s extremely troubled state of mind with utmost precision. Everything bizarre Danish did in this episode seemed like a futile attempt to take control of a situation which was no longer in his control. Another disturbing element of this episode was the fact that Rumi was sleeping peacefully in the other room completely unaware of how his life was about to change. This scenario reminded me of Danish’s dialogues in the previous episode in which he mentioned how much faith children had in their parents and just how innocent they are. Few of the dialogues tonight also reminded me of the drama Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua. The recap of the previous episode tonight was far too long.

Humayun Saeed once again outdid himself in this episode. Danish’s dialogues and situation tonight was not easy to translate on screen yet his performance once again was remarkable as well as effortless. Ayeza Khan translated Mehwish’s ‘fear’ and eagerness to get out of the house impeccably on screen. The divorce papers came as a surprise, I am waiting to see a few flashback scenes covering how Danish got those papers made so quickly since given his state of mind, this must have been truly challenging. Shahwar and Mehwish once again were shown as heartless individuals with no conscience. Adnan Siddiqui gave his best performance tonight. Nadeem Baig deserves all the praise for his skillful direction which made every single scene and expression impactful.

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 12 Story Review - The End

The Final Goodbye

This episode opened with Shahwar reassuring Mehwish just how ‘qeemti’ she was and the explanation he gave seemed to satisfy Mehwish completely. Danish asked Mehwish for one last unexpected ‘favor’. His dialogues were bitter (rightly so) and they reflected his helplessness as well as his anger. He knew Mehwish didn’t want to do all of this yet he clearly forced her to cut the cake and celebrate an anniversary which was in no way a happy affair. The way Nadeem Baig covered the scenarios in this episode actually made me feel every bit of the nightmare Danish was living. This was the kind of episode that makes you want to pause scenes to absorb whatever the characters were thinking and going through. Why was Danish putting himself through all this? Why couldn’t he just leave Mehwish? Danish surely is a ‘character’ – one who makes you feel for him. You want to knock some sense into him but then when you think about the way he has been cheated, you can’t help but understand where he is coming from.

Tonight for the first time, I wanted Danish to ask Mehwish all those questions which a husband in his position would ask. Danish gave Mehwish all the love in the world yet here she was leaving him in the most ruthless manner for another man she barely knew. Danish did not question her but in the past few episodes he definitely tried to make her understand that she was wrong. The fact that this wasn’t Danish’s decision but something he had to go along with because he knew Mehwish was bent on leaving him was further reinforced tonight. All the scenes tonight showed just how difficult it was for Danish to let go. The bleeding from his wound, his anger when Mehwish did not fulfill his last request the way he wanted her to and his last dialogue clearly conveyed his state of mind clearly.

Mehwish and Shahwar

Mehwish was actually scared of Danish, she did not feel ‘safe’ around the man she had spent so many years with because subconsciously she knew how much she had hurt him. Once again Mehwish’s relentless faith in Shahwar showed in her actions. She did not doubt this man even for a minute and she never even planned the future in any way. The fact that Mehwish did not hesitate for a single second or stop to look at Rumi before leaving went to show just how sure she was of her decision. The way Shahwar and Mehwish smiled when they were in the car was yet another scene which showed that they were both certain that this would be the start of a happy life.

Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 12 Story Review - The End

Shahwar is definitely a shady character and so far the viewers know very little about him. Apart from the fact that he is an unfaithful man with no principles who thinks he can buy everyone and everything with money, the viewers don’t know much about him. I sincerely hope that we will get to see him suffering in some way too since he is also the one cheating on his wife and he is just as responsible for breaking a home and heart as Mehwish is. While Danish dreaded what his morning was going to be like the next day and how his life will change, Mehwish and Shahwar were too busy planning their union.

Final Remarks

Nadeem Baig and all the actors involved deserve tons of appreciation for breathing tangible life into a really complicated script. The OST of Meray Pass Tum Ho is extremely beautiful and the director has made the most of it. The background score too was once again used wisely in all the scenes. Tonight’s episode laid the foundations for what is coming ahead. It was a great idea to dedicate an entire episode to this important development and it was an even better idea not to reveal what was going to happen in the next episode. What lies ahead for Mehwish? How will Danish cope? Apart from Danish, I felt for Rumi the most tonight. This was another emotional episode of Meray Pass Tum Ho which kept me glued right till the end but watching Danish suffer was heartbreaking!

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Episode in a nutshell

Fatima Awan

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  • Bus words nahin hain to define how i feel after watching this episode. Danish’s last dialogue showed mirror to mehwish that she is not important anymore for him and it shows clearly that he won’t forget her or take her back, which is quite satisfying for me. I do pray both shehwar and mehwish pay badly. Aaj shayad episode isiliye 33 minutes ka tha kyunkey is chapter ko yahi end karna tha. Next week new morning hogi tou woh new episode mein dekhney ko milega. Roomi haaye Allah.. i am worried about this innocent and cute kid. How cruel she is. Humayun saeed is phenomenal and his acting in this play won him unconditional love and praise. Direction is top notch.. now have to wait for 2 weeks for next episode as it will not come on air next week. By the way Fatima jee, sallaam with 21 topon ki how beautiful you have reviewed most difficult situations with so much diligently and marvelously. Hats off

    • Bilkul aj episode short tha. Ji bilkul aisa hi hei, Danish ke un akhri kuch dialogues se us ka sara ghusa saaf zahir tha. Bilkul, sahi kiya ke is episode mei yehi sb dikhaya bs. Hena! mei bhi, Mehwish aur Shahwar ki hansi, koi khof nahi, koi sharmindagi nahi.

      Waiting another two weeks is going to be tough. Thank you so much, this is the only drama right now I am truly enjoying reviewing since it gives me so much to say and think about. Nadeem Baig wakehi chaa gaye, simply outstanding.

      Thanks a ton for your feedback, I really appreciate it.

      • Bilkul jee, this has turned out to be Kamaal drama. Every detail is just out of the world. Thanks sister for quick and masaaley daar review full of emotions.. jitna drama dekhney mein pain feel huwa wohi intensity aapkey review mein bhi feel hoti hai.

        P.s: please add editing option in chat at the moment we can’t edit/modify mistakes

        • Today was Danish’s turn to talk and he was superb. Thank you so much Waqar, itna kamal banaya hei ke even though I know Humayun is acting lekin phr bhi ja kr unhe tasali dene ka dil krta hei, too emotional.

          Ji Waqar you are right yeh option honi chahyeh, will definitely talk to the admin.

          Thank you for your feedback.

          Keep reading and commenting.

      • Superb episode and superb review! Humayun Saeed has killed it and how!! The ‘2 takey ki ladki’ was enough to show his anger….

        P.S. – Why would it not be telecasted next week?

      • It may not be on aired because of 12th Rabi ul awal but i am not sure yet. Let’s see

  • Hi FA! This episode…… Aaah kya kahoon mn, esa tv screen pe kbhi nhi dekha, everything was just perfect. Ost timing b perfect thi, yoon dil mn lga 💘. Or wo dialogue, 2 takke ki larki……. And apka review se b aaj to danish ka drd tapak rha tha…

    Baqi FA ek baat, aaj humayun ki video dekhi mn ne Instagram pr k drama ki 12th episode upload mhi ho gi youtube pe, so aapko tv pe dekhna pre ga, infact ayeza ne b, or drama k khtm hone k 5 minutes baad upload ho gya, or is se pehle special episode ka jhoot. I mean this is disgusting. Cheap tactics ki kya zroorat h jb already drama mega hit h. I dont understand.

    • Shayad humhaari patience level check ki jaa rahi hai. Dekhey na kitna dard hai humayun ki acting mein bus usi wajah sey maaf kardey harkatein.

    • Hello AH, yayyy this time around you commented early. Thank you for that. Danish ka dard tu ek ek scene se tapak raha tha and those dialogues about jama poonji too good.

      Hahaha really? Yaar aisa kyu krte hei, they don’t need to. ghalt baat hei yeh tu. Bilkul you are right, they need to stop such publicity stunt since the drama is already quite popular.

      Thanks a ton for liking the review AH. You know I value your opinion.

  • Or haaan kya yaad kra dia, tau dil ka kya hua, kya kmaal ka drama tha. Ost b kmaal ka tha, Mn tb b review prha krta tha but comment nhi krta tha. Aaj mn jldi aa gya, abhi to comments ka bhunchaal aane wala hai… 😂

    • Haha ji Danish ke wo dialogues about sur utha ke chalna reminded me of TDKKH. Wah really! Good to know. I am glad you started commenting. Oh yes! Looking forward to the comments from everyone.

      • Haan ji, kafi arse se prh rha or comment i think mn ne apki or zahra ki mutual post pr kia tha first time. Then aangan. I remember first interaction was quite amusing.

  • Another impactful episode and a perfect review 👍. I cannot express in words how I feel abt Danish and that *** Mehwish 😠😠. Though I always retain an unbiased opinion abt characters, it is impossible for any sane person not to the Mehwish. Uff!! Not even a look of regret or pity for Danish and she didn’t even have a last look at HER ONLY SON!!! How cold hearted can u be?? That last dialogues between Shahwar and Danish was phenomenal. Mehwish deserves all those words. Until now I only watched MPTH optionally, now I will definitely watch it to see Mehwish suffer at the end.

    • Dialogues are spirit of the play. Especially one dialogue i liked the most, ruk gayi ho raat tou tham bhi jaao aur humayun ney mehwish ko koi kaam karney nahin diya na hee apney room mein jaaney diya. Wah

    • Of course! Mehwish and Shahwar both, they are completely heartless. Yes!!! Too eager to start her new life and so not bothered about anyone else. Totally, she did.

      Thank you so much Ibrahim for liking the review and for this dil se comment. I really enjoyed reading it.

  • Your review is better than this episode except for Humayun’s performance and Nadeem’s direction nothing was good in this episode this episode was predictable and the dialogue of Danish in the end Is do tagay ki larki kay liye aap mujhe 50 million de rahay thay was the best line of this episode.

    • Na jee na yeh zulum na karey. Though it was expected key she will leave him per jis tarah raat 1 bajay bola jaao aur apney kisi kaam ko touch nahin honey diya were minute details which show how badly he has started undervalued her

      • I think Humayun’s performance, Nadeem’s direction and. The last line Is do tagay ki larki kay liye aap mujhe 50 million de rahay thay were the only good things about this episode this episode was just fine compare to episode 9, 10 and 11.

    • Thank you Sami for liking the review. Ji bilkul we knew Mehwish will leave and Danish will give her divorce but it was so important to cover all the emotions.

      Yes! That dialogue summed up everything Danish had learned from this experience.

  • اس دو ٹکے کی لڑکی کیلئے آپ مجھے 50 ملین دے رہے تھے۔

    Danish made a yorker on last ball of his innings with Mehwish, and she couldn’t expect this and was clean-bowled. For me, this sentence has worth and will haunt Meh-Shw relationship after sometime. Let’s see.

    The last scene accompanied with full OST was mesmerizing and excellently executed. Danish disturbed state of mind reminded me of Zahid’s character in Alvida, it seemed his particular behavior might end in attacking Mehwish, whose fear was worth-watching.
    Waqaee us ‘do-takay’ ki larki ne isay pagal banadiya jise is ne itnee muhabat di magar us per to lalach ki patti bandhi huyee thee…

    Humayun Saeed… what an artist he is! Adnan Siddiqui is charming despite being negative. And Ayeza is also wonderful.

  • Last dialogue said every thing with the background score saying meray dil say utar jayiyay gaa. It was interesting how surprised Mehwish was by his comment. The way I see it is that he used to be so giving and meek and she did not appreciate him. He said one negative thing and she was hurt. Plus of course the divorce papers and not letting her touch or do anything in the house etc was showing another side of him that now he knows what she is. If he would have been firm and not doting over her all the time may be she would have respected him more. Its like they say koi qadur naheen ki Mehwish nain. Of course it will take some tie to heal but now there is hatred and we will see another side of him now imho. He is not as weak as we are shown him to be. Mehwish is in for a surprise too with Shahwar but we all know that already.

  • ‘Aap baray intelligent businessman lagty thy lekin aaj bhaao karty hue aap ne mujy heraan kar diya! Is 2 taqqay ki larki k leye aap mjy 50 million dy rahy thy?’
    ‘Ab ruk gai ho to tham b jao’
    ‘Zakham deye kafi ni hain? Marham ha mere pass’
    ‘Tooti hui amarat k malbay se kisi ki jamma poonji choori ni karty’
    Kamal kar diya aaj to…Danish k munh se bomb nikal rahy thy…is se a6i rukhsati Mehwish ko ni mil sakti thi….aaj to mein roo para Danish ko dekh kar…what an outstanding drama and really good review

  • AOA @fatima …
    Uff its so tough to even comment after watching the drama.
    It was so so brilliant episode and i was not watching this drama at all until last week when everybody started talking about Humayun Saeed acting, i watched all episodes in the last week and TBH it had a an average start but last few episodes were amazing and specially last episode and todays episode has literally broke me down specially when Humayun Saeed said “Is Do takay ki aurat k liye 50 million de Rae thy”……Humayun has nailed it completely Even Ayeza and Adnan siddiqi have done great job and i cant wait to see what will happen next as its very tricky situation now…
    Thank you Fatima for liking it as it was kind of story i wasnt sure u will like it and thats why i have gone back and read ur all episodes reviews:)
    Brilliant Brilliant drama and i agree with you Nadeem baig deserves an award for converting an mediocre story into extraordinary and amazing performances specially Humayun Saeed this is indeed his best performance till date.

    • AoA Amir, Yes!! I have watched it twice already! Humayun Saeed’s expressions in the last scene and the way Mehwish looks at her, amazing. I agree with you Amir, I also criticized it in the beginning but now it has me hooked completely.
      You’re most welcome Amir, yes I was pretty sure there will be nothing new about the story but there are some surprises and the execution has been beyond brilliant.
      Absolutely agree with you and must say so glad to have you back.
      Keep reading and commenting.

  • The way Danish said, you being such a intelligent businessman, how can you bid 50 million for such a low level girl was brilliant and it showed that, he doesn’t respect this woman anymore

  • How?? How can you write this amazing amazing review so quickly after such an intense episode. Simply mind blowing, I am crying. Humayun Saeed you have won our hearts.

    • Aww thanks a lot Sadia, I really like reviewing this one and so glad you are liking the reviews. Yes, this was a really emotional episode.
      Really appreciate your feedback. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Mehwish seems even more heartless than Shahwar…I mean she knew that Danish was bleeding and still went on to have a chat with Shahwar. And heard the ‘do takay ki larki’ comment and still went on to smile with such confidence at Shahwar??? I might be wrong but it feels (to me) that on some level…Shahwar has been touched by Danish’s love for Mehwish and perhaps in the (inevitable) makafaat-e-amal episodes he would reflect on Mehwish’s disloyalty to someone who loved her with such honesty. Humayun of course was extraordinary today, but Ayeza and Shahwar were brilliant too. Writing and direction have been flawless as have been your reviews every week. Thanks

    • Yes, it sure does seem like it, the mukafat-e-amal bit you talked about N.
      Thanks a ton for liking the reviews. Totally agree with you about the performances and the direction. Brilliant dialogues for sure.
      Keep reading and commenting.

  • Ah. Heat rises from the screen like steam from its Chaai ke cups. The tension between the trio (The Two basically) builds to an almost unbearable intensity. It bleeds pain and turmoil (and plenty of darkness) like a Munch in an expressionist.

    Again, Incredible episode, with some (Ayeza and Humayun esp.) of Pakistan’s finest actors at their peak.
    .. And again, what a beautifully written, big-hearted review !!

  • “I sincerely hope that we will get to see him suffering in some way too since he is also the one cheating on his wife and he is just as responsible for breaking a home and heart as Mehwish is.”
    You know, I don’t really expect that now. Not when the writer has s controversially spoken about his inspiration for the show (which basically reduces the issue of infidelity to “it’s a woman’s fault because a man just can’t say ‘no.'”)
    After that interview, I’m not sure what to expect from this show.

    • Yeah fully expected. A writer commenting on his real life experiences yet he is supposed to put on the rose tinted glasses when talking about women, while men are open to be insulted and called for infidelity all the time and in every movie. Forget the drama , hound the writer because he once sneezed in the presence of a woman. Therefore everything in the show is wrong now.

      • That’s what bothering many ladies…. ladies in my home don’t like this drama…i feel they are offended by how Mehwish’s character is…i found it really absurd because in every 2nd drama we see men in bad light

    • It isnt just this particular writer but every other writer says that. khalil ur rehman is overly criticized for his comments about women but lets not forget he has given us mindblowing dramas and this drama involved other big names from the industry. what khalil sb said was wrong but still he is a good writer. who he is as a person is his personal thing

  • Just wait for all the female chauvinists here protesting the portrayal of a lady as – gasp! – unfaithful, while also defending her right to live and love whomever she wants (you go girl, live your life!). Meanwhile if a man had done that they’d be hounding him. Which is shown in every other drama after all

    • I know if a man had done this, there would have been sympathy for the woman from all angles or rather they would have blamed the woman itself as she was a failure as wife and couldn’t handle her husband or keep him happy, yes she has all the rights to do what she wants to and live with a person whom she wishes to stay with, in reality there might be many woman who may lead happy life as well walking out like this, and even Men do lead a happy life, but while watching drama we expect the person to pay the price for hurting others

    • Tom there are all kinds of opinions regarding this drama and every opinion matters. There are double standards for sure and everyone looks at such situations differently.

      Enjoyed reading your comment, keep reading and commenting.

  • I like the drama concept. Their msg . People always kill their wives , daughters , girlfriens etc…Honor killing is not the solution if someone don’t want to live with you anymore. Let them go . Don’t beg them to stay or being selfish . I really appreciate it and looking forward to see other episodes.

  • Wonderful review fatima. Acha hua k mehwish danish k zindagi se chali gai hamesha k liye warna danish byke se gir gir k mar hi jata kisi roz. Wo tou roz marta tha aur ji uthta. Ye b thik tha k mahwish k hath b khoon aalood hogaye shayed kuch arse baad ye lahoo rang bhi laye. Zakhm lag ke jo lahoo tapka wo shayed uske akhon se bhi tapak raha tha jo hum nahi dekh paye. Lekin acha hi hua k abb zakhm jald hi heel up hojayen gey kiun k now danish have realized how cheap commòdity she was worth do takey ki. Good evaluation by Danish.

  • I had no control over my tears or my feelings while watching this episode.
    Really very heartbreaking scenes to watch.Felt grief for Danish and innocent Romi.How they ll cope with this ugly and true but bitter situation.
    Loved last dialogue of Danish ‘do takkay ki aurat’ who did nt think about her little innocent child and loving caring and sincere husband just for lust.

  • Wonderful review Fatima!
    I noticed that when Shahwar shook hands with Danish while leaving, he had this ‘winner’ look in his eyes but when Danish said the 2 takay wali baat, he seemed to be taking it in for a moment and then left.
    I think that 2 takay wali baat has soured his ‘win’ and will soon effect his obsession with Mehwish.
    I don’t see him in love with Mehwish, he envied the relationship that Mehwish and Danish had and wanted the same so he was willing to pay any price for it, the higher the better. Danish’s line will made him realise that Mehwish wasn’t worth it and that’ll be the end of their romance.
    I think Hira mani will make An appearance in the next episode and it’ll be interesting to see how she effects the dynamics.

    • Thank you so much Tricksy. Really interesting comment, enjoyed reading it. Totally you are absolutely right about that scene.

      Same here, don’t think he loves Mehwish, he just wants to own her. I think once his wife makes an appearance Mehwish will get a reality check.

  • In the last scene it was written on Rumi’s shirt: “Worries end when happiness begins”. It made me sad :(
    Great review as always Fatima :)

  • Nice review
    Today’s episode is just fantastic. Really liked it a lot. Acting, dialogues, expression , direction everything was on point. Today’s episode belongs to danish. His dialogues were too good. I was waiting for such dialogues from danish side to mehwish and finally he said these dialogues. Seriously Thand par gayi. Danish was so much in pain and humayun saeed portrayed it really well. Ayeza and Adnan both of them also did a phenomenal job. I must say the casting of this play is so good.
    “Dekhny suney mein Aap baray intelligent businessman lagty hein lekin aaj bhaao karty hoye aap ne mujye heraan kar diya. Iss do taqqay ki larki k leye aap mujhy 50 million dy rahy thy?’
    this dialogue was a tight slap on mehwish face. I also loved that scene when danish said tum bhi chaye nhi piyo gi and she said nhi and then he replied tu khari kyun jo chali jao. This was the mehwish who was everything for him and today she is just a 2 takkey ki larki for him. Really felt bad for danish and roomi. Mehwish is such a ruthless and shameless person she don’t even care about her son. She did not even tried to meet him once before leaving. And Shehwaar is a shamless and proudy person jo kisi ka ghar toor k ussi k ghar chaiye pi raha hai. The placement of the bgm amd ost was on point. I must say the episode was so engaged kisy time guzra pata hi nhi chala. I m looking forward to coming episodes.

    • Thank you so much Omm e Nida, yes Mehwish is all that and more. I can tell from your comment just how much you enjoyed watching this one. Yes, poor Danish and Rumi, I truly feel for them too.

      Thanks a ton for your feedback.

  • Exceptional episode with killing dialogues.. final words of a broken husband to Shahwar “how can a mature businessman of his stature shocked me by offering 50m for a worthless woman” stunned everyone including Mehwish & Shahwar. Hats off..

  • Beautiful review but most important thing the conclusion of Danish about Mahvish when he says to Shahweer, you offered me 50 million for this 2 takke (worthless) girl, Danish barelybut surely reached to this conclusion

  • Hi. Can you please review the drama Thora Sa Haq. My Urdu is not that good so I can’t really understand it that clearly (but I still know what is kinda happening) and it will be greatly appreciated if you can review it (I know that the story line is quite predictable but it is still entertaining)

    However if you can’t then that’s fine.

  • Assalamwalaikum Fatima Appa

    12 kisht lajawab toh thi hi.. Par ek important cheez highlight karni thi…

    Zara yaad kar, Tou dil ka kya hua aur ab Mere Paas tum ho ye teeno bhi drama kareena ek hi topic par hai agar kisi ne notice kia ho… Aur teeno k writer Khalil sahab hi hai… Par ye bewafai k topic pehle bhi toh hue hai par iss dafa jus Humayun hai iss vajah se toh nai ye play jyada hit hua hai…

    Though i loved all the drama… But Mere paas tum ho hands down best out of the lot…

    Loads of love and wishes from India

    • Waelukum Asalam Akshay, ji sahi kaha aap ne cast aur director se buhat farq parta hei.

      Thank you so much for all the love, really appreciate it.

  • This is the most annoying drama i have ever seen in my life. I prefer watching dewar e shab jaisa thakar drama instead. That Danish… Oh i so want to hit him on his face. He is the most annoying. I mean who delivers such dialogues when you have a break up? I dnt understand what he wants. That woman clearly doesnt want him then y is he delivering those useless dialogues? Does he want her to stay after all that? What kind of a man would do that? He should just let her go.

    • Seriously! Even my husband was like kia pagal insan hai yeh banda. Dialogue maar maar ke us ko maar de ga. No wonder she left him

  • Perfect episode. Credit goes to khalil ur Rehman Qamar, Humayon, Ayeza, Adnan, and nadeem baig. A perfect future team to create master piece like this one again.

  • This episode had a very eerie feel to it. The music further made it eerie. I felt so uneasy watching it, afraid of what stars he and sudden development will take place. I too was scared of danish. At one point I thought the tea was poisoned. Even my husband commented that he is acting like a psychopath, a killer.

  • I may be the minority here but danish is Loser #1. Could barely provide for family, didn’t encourage his wife to work all these years to improve their lifestyle. Maasi banaya tha biwi ko. She found someone better! What else was he expecting?

  • Hi Fatima ,Wonderful Review to say the least !!
    Coming back to the episode the highlight reel of this episode was the last Dialogue from Danish to Shehwar .He has been suffering since the episode no.5 or 6 and after badly cheated and humiliated by Mehwish and Shehwar this one dialogue showed the Mirror to Mehwish what she is basically .And trust me this dialogue was hit right on the mind of Shehwar and in the future while leaving Mehwish he will utter these words for sure .
    Well done Danish that one dialogue might have compensated for your Pain :(Y)

    • Thank you so much Rehan. Yes, it most certainly was. She deserved just that and perhaps more.
      You’re so right about the change in the expressions, it was so meaningful.
      Love your observation.
      Keep reading and commenting.

  • Fatima first of all, great respect and praise for you for this review because this was a soul shattering episode not easy to encapsulate in one review but you like always did that. Me and my wife are watching this drama and we wait for the reviews. The comments are interesting every week. Reviewit is our favorite site to come to after watching mpth. I hardly ever watch dramas, this one I cannot ignore because it highlights those elements of human behaviour which are not shown in dramas. You are correct about all the actors doing exceptionally superbly. Words fall short while sharing my feeling. Emotion touching Awestruck overwhelming love this.

    Keep writing these amazing reviews.

    Abdullah Qureshi

    • Thank you so much Abdullah for all the appreciation, means a lot to me. So glad you decided to join us here and even more happy that you are taking part in the discussion.

      I will look forward to your feedback and yes I intend to InshaAllah.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • Shahwar told his house keeper to clean his room immdtly, is Mehwish going to stay with him in his room??

      • But in Islam women need to go thru hiddat right? They cannot marry without completing this right? So they will live in for 4 months

        • No idea Ash, but yes they can’t enter into a nikkah just yet. Nothing that they have done so far is in line with Islamic values, they never even formally talked about a nikkah! Flirtation, a night together and Mehwish decided this was her station but did they ever sit down to talk about these things no! Shahwar promised her a good life that’s it. Let’s see what boundaries they set.

          • I agree Fatim, EMA has no religion and I can understand that in reality there must be many cases like this, but as far as I have seen Pakistani dramas, probably this first drama to show it on screen! Honestly I believe these things do happen but in dramas they restrict showing it

  • Super review Fatima, I loved today’s episode , infact this episode was the best till date according to me. I like how Nadeem Baig takes time in estabilishing the love or hate, same thing he did in Dillagi, the last episode even tho people felt it was dragged, but I had loved it and Mehwish Hayat had rocked in that episode and made me cry . Today’s episode made Danish’s feelings crystal clear and the best thing is that he also let Shehwar and mehwish understand that. The episode was filled with taunts, this was the least Danish could do to let out his frustration and anger. He has tried his best, infact till the max limit to stop her, but still she cold heartedly ignored his love and feelings, didn’t even have the courtesy to atleast think about his happiness or atleast leave with respect, she chose to humiliate and embarrass her loving husband and now she will have to pay for it. Good that now Im sure that Danish will never take her back, she doesn’t deserve it. The last dialogue was just he best, 2 take ki larki ke liye aap itne paise dene taiyar ho gaye……wat a taunt and insult for both the characterless people, they are nothing more than a whore and a dalaal, a tight slap on their face. This episode made sense. Danish was not a bechara, he just tried to save his marriage, but he failed.

    As per Humayun;s interview, his looks will change in later part of serial , so I think he will become rich in future, and these pappus will become poor or come on road. Nadeem mentioned that some star will do a cameo in Shehwar’s wife’s role, maybe its mehwish hayat.Lets c , it will be fun now.

    • Thank you so much Tiger. Totally agree with you, in the beginning even when the story and dialogues were not working for me, Nadeem Baig’s direction never disappointing. He is an ace director who brings out the best in every scene and actor.Yes, the fact that it made sense made all the difference.

      hahaha pappus, good one. I don’t watch interviews so I have no idea what’s coming next.

      Mehwish Hayat haha! Wah imagine, what a surprise that would be but I seriously doubt it.

      Enjoyed reading your comment.

      Keep reading and commenting.

      • Hello Sadiya & Fatima, i don’t know why every now & then and everywhere this gimmick of taking excerpts out of whole interview or story and present it as a sensational topic to attack a person, is done? If you see whole interview, he never disrespected women. He said that women can be equal to men in all aspects but the golden & unique character of women and which men lack, is Haya and this Haya will never Make women equal to men. They should not worry about equality because they are already superior then men. That’s why he said women can’t rape men and if they do, they are not women. Superiors should not seek for equality, because they are already superior. Women should get feel happy that he insulted men instead.

        • Hello Aamer, I am being dragged into a debate I don’t want to be a part of is liye meri taraf se maafi LOL!! Please feel free to share your opinion with others who are keen to discuss it.

          • Fatima, The comment was mainly for Sadiya & those people who have issues with the statement. I jumped in & addressed to you too because you did not satisfactorily answer her. You were right, this is the place for reviewing dramas only, not a platform for social media discussion, but if someone still insist to discuss it here, i just wanted to clarify that like others she too has taken the statement wrongly.

          • Noted.
            Fatima, will you reply for my last comment on Ehde wafa episode 3 review? It was about this website & it’s recent changes.

  • Main ap kay reviews shouq say iss leay bhi parhti houn kah ap hamesha kam ki batt kahti orr likhti hain.ap ki batt main aik logic orr wazan hota hay jis say mujhy bhi bht kuch seekhnay ko milta hay orr ap k khayalat ka pata bhi chlta hay .Mujhy bus yah kahna tha kah aik aisa writer jis nay kuch din pahlay Aurtoun kay baray main jo kuch farmaya hay os kay dramay per bhi ap jaisi well-educated orr straight reviewer ka review karna acha nahi laga. aik aisa admi jo feminist honay ka dawa kar kay hamain mardoun k rape ka mashwara day raha hay. jo aurat to mard say necahy k haqooq denay ki batt kar raha hay os admi ka tu ap ko Boycott kar dena chahie. orr mujhy yah bhi afsos hay kah per Rabi Peerzada ki leaked video per tu article hay lekin kisi nay iss issue per koi batt hi nahi ki.

    • Sadia Hayat buhat shukriya. Is topic pe hamare latest happenings mei aap ko at least 3 posts tu zarur milei gi, yeh admin ki choice hoti hei ke wo kis cheez ko kahan pe fit karei. Is ke ilawa jis kisi ke jo zaati point of views hei wo ek taraf aur un ka creative kaam ek taraf. Other than that, yeh drama khalil-ur-Rehman ne likha hei lekin is mei jaan nadeem baig aur actors ne daali hei. Ek writer ki kuch highly uncalled for remarks ki waja se puray project ko discredit kr dena ghalt hei. Personally, mei in cheezu mei ziada nahi prti, drama dekhti hu jo samaj ata hei likhti hu, kis ne kahan pe kya kaha yeh behas tu never ending hei!Yahan baat dramas ki hud tuk rahe tu acha hei, jahan mjhe story ya dialogues se issue ho ga tu mei zarur kahu gi jesa ke meinay shru mei kaha bhi.

      Aap ki raye ka buhat shukriya.

      • Reply ka bht shukriya Fatima
        Aik creative admi ki soch itni sathee nahi ho sakti kisi k bhi baray main especially khawateen k baray main. kisi kay gunah ko ap iss leay muaf nahi kar saktay kah wo creative admi hay. yahi kuch kisi creative aurat nay kaha hota tu ab tak os ka hashar kar dia gia hota.kisi ki ghlat batt ko oski creativity k qaleen kay nechay nahi chupna chaie.its sad …….. thank u again for reply

        • You’re welcome. Hashar tu Khalil ur Rehman ka bhi ho raha hei hr forum pe but like I said, we discuss dramas here not personal opinions, us ke liye latest happenings section hei.

          • Agar ap jaisi sane voice bhi aisi batt karay gi kah yah KRQ ka personal opinion hay tu phir hum kahan jaien? personal opinion[ adam ko sajda na kara] tu shaitan ki bhi thee orr kafi logical thee lekin ajj tak os per lanat par rahi hay.Yaqeen karain Fatima Ap k bolnay ya silent rahnay say farq parta hay kion kah ap aik influencer hain hum sb apki batt sunti hain reviews parhti hain kion kah atleast mera tu yahi khayal hay kah ap jo likhti hain osay janti bhi hain aisay nahi likh detien .
            agar ap aik male chauvinist k likhay play kay mazeed review karnay say inkar kar detien tu kia hi acha hota….
            zara sochie ga ……. khuda ap ki awaz Salamat rakhay ameen

          • Sadia yeh aap ka khayal hei aur meri apni raye hei and most importantly mrzi. Mei mazeed is topic pe baat nahi krna chahti, bari mehrbani ap ki. I respect your opinion and expect you to respect my decision. Yahan pe jitne log atay hei wo apni raye dete hei, meinay kabhi kisi ko influence krne ke liye nahi likha.

            Ameen, buhat shukriya

            Acha laga aap se baat kr ke umeed hei ke dusre drama reviews pe bhi aap dramas ke baray mei apni raye ka izhar karei gay.

          • kia hi acha hota agar ap iss topic per mazeed batt na krnay ki bajie iss play ka mazeed review hi na kartien..
            but I respect ur decision and marzi

          • Jitni shidat say ap nay insahallah kaha hay kash yah shadeed inshallah orr stand un aurtoun k leay bhi lea hota jin ko rape k mashwaray diay ja rahay hain …kash yah stand aik cause kay leay hota na kah aik male chauvinist writer k dramay k review kay leay …..KASH

          • LOL!! Mujhe lagta hei mere hisay ki shidat bhi aap mei aa gaye hei. Yeh stand mere apne liye hei, meri apni choices ke liye kisi writer ya director ke liye nahi. Kash aap yeh samaj jaye ke hr insan ki apni raye, apni mrzi hoti hei. Aap kehti tu hei ke you respect my opinion and you respect my decision but you clearly don’t! Kash aap kisi ki opinion aur mrzi ko respect krne ka matlab seekh jaye.

          • Mashaallah kafi kamzoor choices hain apki …….. may you stay strong with weak choices [ie choosing a male chauvinist] kash ap aurat ho kay aurtoun kay leay batt likhna seekh jaien .

          • Behan meri choices ki aap ko itni fikr kyu ho rahi hei. Mei aapko majboor nahi kr rahi ke meri tarah sochei. Dusru ki raye ka ehtram krna seekhei.

          • You have some serious issues woman. Fatima gave you a reply, back off. You don’t even know the first thing about respecting people’s opinions, on the contrary you sound like a bully who likes to shove your own opinions down people’s throats or perhaps someone who is just looking for attention.

            Fatima I applaud you for your patience with such people. Please stop feeding her ego with your kind replies.

          • serious issue mery sath nahi hay behn serious issue yah hay kah Fatima Awan jaisi reviewer aik aisay admi k play ka review kar rahi hain jo aurtoun ko mard k rape k mashwaray day raha hay …….. kia ho gia hay ap ko shaid main apni batt samjha nahi pa rahi ya phir ap samjhna nahi chah rahi hain

          • Her review, her choices, her decisions, she explained it all to you. Do you wake up every morning looking for a excuse to make up scenarios and issues? It sure does appear to be that you do. No one here is interested in your rhetoric and you cannot influence anyone. Stop bullying people. The problem with people like you is that you people think you are right and everyone else is wrong. Trying to sound like an intellectual but acting like a complete jahil but shoving your opinions down other people’s through. Real education is knowing everyone has different views and opinions. people here want Fatima to review this drama so keep your opinion to yourself and buzz off. There is social media, you can share your views there but hey guess what no one cares what you have to say so here you are acting like an annoying attention grabber.

          • Fatima Awan ki apni mrzi hei, kisi ke fazool ke pressure mei nahi aati mei. Agr aap ko yeh issue lagta hei tu that is your issue.. good luck with sorting it out.

  • This was one of the best episodes of any drama which i have seen so far.
    i was losing faith in Pakistani Dramas, but this drama and this episode showed us why Pakistani was so popular.
    I am regular viewer of Turkish dramas as well but i am sorry to say Turkish dramas can never come close to this drama. they have good location , good looking actors but as far as story and direction are concerned , they can never reach to the standards which have been set up by Nadeem Baig, adnan, humayun, aiza and khalil ur rehman.
    Thank you to whole team of MPTH for reviving my faith in pakistani’ s drama.

  • Hi Fatima, The episode was outclass and your review was totally related, detailed and analyzed perfectly. Really, one for sure thinks that how can Danish behaves so cool. But Danish has lived with Mehwish for 7 years, so he precisely knew that she will not mend by his words. She was very demanding from the beginning and can go at lengths to get what she wants; like buying necklace through her friend, letting Danish to keep 10 lacs of bribed money, etc. However, it really needs guts to behave so cool though you are heavily loaded at inside like volcano. I really surprised that her bright future does not include Rumi, whereas at one point in past she wanted Rumi to get a high standard school and as you said, she did not even bothered to peep into his room before walking out. She was so eager to get rid of Danish’s middle class life that she never bothered to ask Shahwar, how he is planning to workout with his first wife. Now, i think the steep journey will start for both of them. Arranging divorce papers so quickly by overnight was a definitely flaw. Anyways, Danish has lived the whole episode, hats of to Humayun. The known information of household things he was asking to Mehwish shows that she is leaving but not telling where the things are, so he is asking to have the formality done, but the whole process there was so emotional. With the last dialogue to Shahwar, he made sure both of them that they should not think that they fooled him, but both of them just over rated each other, which the future will clear out for them. And both of them smile in car, i think is just to tell each other that they should not take seriously what Danish just said, but the dialogue made deep blow in their hearts. From all KRQ’s drama, I liked TDKKH very much and yes, we can see some of it’s reflection here also.

    • Hello Aamer, so good to hear from you. Thank you so much for liking the review. Absolutely right about those scenes Aamer, the way he asked her all those questions, broke my heart. You’re right about Danish but dil kr raha tha aj ke he shouldn’t have been so patient. Yes! That smile, they don’t give a damn about Danish.

      Enjoyed reading your comment.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • These kind of dramas are not showing Allah fear. Allah made women a mother the highest level on earth and heaven and once she is mother nothing should matter. The portrait of women in this drama is so bad.

  • This episode completely belonged to Humayon Saeed. I could feel his pain and anguish. I didn’t think the way he handled the night was awkward as such when I take into account his unconditional love for mehwish. I felt he was trying to celebrate his last wedding anniversary, as he said ek dewanay kee arzoo pura kur do and ab rok jou tho thum be jou.

    It started getting awkward when Mehwish left the table instead of eating with him one last meal. The way he put the chawla in and broke the kebab said it all. How rude to go speak to your bf when your husband asks to have 1 last meal with you.

    The last dialogue in the doorway was just perfect. Mehwish did not expect this remark from danish about her. Serves her right. How cold to not even think about Romi.

    I watched the episode twice too, and I will probably watch it a couple more times!!

    Fatima, perfect review, to go with a perfext episode.

    My only negative was that the recap was so long and episode was shortened. But I get this was because it was just covering the night/end of the rishtha.

    I hope Danish and Mateen saab have a few more interesting conversations. I like their friendship and hope Mateen saab helps him through this stage of his life.

    Hats off to cast and crew for this exceptional play.

    • Good catch for lot of chawal and breaking kabab in anger. Really no person does that after living seven years together.

  • Fantastic review Fatima ,it’s really tough to write review after such an emotional episode.This episode was totally on Danish .The hit dialogue was Doo TAkay ki larki .I loved the way Danish expressed his feelings ,once again humayun proved that he is a great actor .Its not easy to perform such challenging roles but all the actors are doing their best .Now I am want to see how Adnan sadiqqui will treat mehwish , waiting for the next episode.

    • Thank you so much Roma. After the fantastic sir dialogue, this word has a new meaning hahaha!! Yes truly, Humayun Saeed has a definite screen presence and his expressions were outstanding tonight, extremely poignant.

      Yes, same here, waiting to see how their journeys are covered from here on.

  • guys mujh palay Humayun Saeed bikul b pasand ni tha par jab sy mny is ka ya darama dekha hai phir pata chala hai k actors hain pakistan may b achi acting hai yar maza aa gaya mehwish toh wsy he itni payari hai shawar sab ap k mazay ho gy hai

  • This episode was phenomenal! (your review was too!)
    For all those viewers who think Danish is weak, it’s important to remember that everyone processes grief and anger in different ways. He was never shown to have a temper, he was always patient and sentimental, so even in his pain he has those qualities. It was quite clear to me that while Mehvish may no longer have a soft spot for her husband, Shahwar was clearly impressed and moved by Danish’s reaction. Why else did he indulge him by having tea and listening to Danish’s comments? Not once did her respond or retort… deep down he knows Danish is a better man than him. Mehvish will deserve all she gets now. I have never watched Humayun Saeed in any drama before but he is now my favorite. His expressions change right before your eyes. The dialogues were hard hitting and perfect for the situation, and the characters. I just loved it. I cannot wait to see what’ s in store for everyone, including little Rumi. Best review ever, Fatima!

    • Aww thanks a ton Mari, that is really sweet of you. So true Mari, Shahwar it seems is in a way fascinated by Danish’s deewanapan. Absolutely! analyzing and the 2 takay dialogue fit the situation perfectly well. Same here, waiting to find out what happens next since Shahwar’s character is still a mystery, we have no idea how he will treat Mehwish.

      Thank you once again, enjoyed reading your insights.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • The basic theme of this drama has been derived from the 1993 Hollywood movie “Indecent Proposal”. In which a billionaire offers one million dollars to a young married couple for one night with the wife. Starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore.

    • I don’t know if that’s true. In that movie, the husband was a willing participant in the deal- the husband and wife agreed to it together, they both did it for money. The attraction to Robert Redford’s character came AFTER the deal.

  • This drama made me watch dramas after a long time And I loved it . Humayun saeed and Ayeza r fully justifying with their roles 👍

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