Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 3 Story Review – The Insecurities

Beauty and The Bonga 

With Meray Pass Tum Ho ARY has started a new trend of not interrupting the drama with any commercial breaks which is definitely a good thing. The duration of each episode however remains the same and therefore these episodes end relatively earlier than the usual time. In this episode the writer yet again focused entirely on the main characters and I must say that Danish’s innocence (bholapan or bongapan?) was established even more in this episode. After watching this episode, I am convinced that Humayun Saeed has given this character the right treatment but I am having a really difficult time feeling for Danish. On the contrary, I find his bholapan/bongapan quite funny. The fact that everyone keeps on telling Mehwish that she could have done better makes Danish’s personality traits more relatable but it is difficult to believe that these two have been married for 7 years. How did someone like Mehwish stay with a man like him especially considering the fact that she had a really difficult time holding herself back when she was with Shahwar on the dance floor? Humayun Saeed’s dance moves were right on point – weird and incoherent – but his reaction, fears and insecurities were so exaggerated that I had to go back and watch those scenes again since I got the feeling that perhaps he had a ‘drink’ or two unknowingly!

The Insecurities

Danish decided he needed to go show his dance moves when Mehwish told him about the excuse she made for not dancing. What followed was extremely funny, while Danish was okay with dancing with his ‘behan’ – who he was judging for dancing with a na mehram – he completely lost it when he saw Mehwish dancing with Shahwar. We all know that ultimately Mehwish will somehow end up with Shahwar therefore this could be Danish’s intuition telling him to keep his wife away from this man. While it was completely understandable why a conservative man like Danish would not allow his wife to do something like that, the way he completely lost track of everything the next morning didn’t make any sense. That is when I started wondering if he was drunk the previous night but apparently not – thankfully! The early morning conversation on the breakfast table did not work for me at all, it was too filmy and not easy to connect to.

Meray Pass Tum Ho 2 1

The fact that Danish was not comfortable going to the wedding the next day and told Mehwish not to wear that blouse made perfect sense. Every scene tonight, just like the previous episode, showed how incompatible Danish and Mehwish were. Danish loves Mehwish madly and can do anything to make sure that she stays happy and also that she stays with him but Mehwish is clearly not happy. Mehwish also didn’t think she did anything wrong which once again showed her ‘open-mindedness’. Also, when men flirt with Mehwish, she tells them off in a certain manner but at the same time she recollects what these men say to her. The scene in which Mehwish decided to take a ride in Monty’s car was yet another one which made me wonder why there was such a communication gap between Mehwish and Danish. Danish clearly dislikes this man but somehow Mehwish thought they are really good friends! These two have been married for 7 years yet they know so little about each other. Danish wants to be rich quickly, he wants a car and anything else which makes Mehwish happy – he has gone from being responsible and honest to completely reckless and fearless. Ayeza Khan so far has translated her character on screen in such a manner that she keeps you wondering – you do wonder how she will ultimately fall for Shahwar.

The Necklace

Mehwish finally found the necklace and even though Danish is making easy money, the way both of them were okay with such an expensive necklace just lying around didn’t make a lot of sense. It all started with the necklace and now even though Danish’s boss warned him of the dangers, he has decided that he needs to get everything Mehwish wishes for and he wants to do it fast. The preview of the next episode showed Mehwish complaining about her son not being in school – sell the necklace please ;)

Meray Pass Tum Ho 5

Final Remarks

Danish’s innocence, his simplicity and his love for Mehwish hasn’t had the kind of impact yet which I was hoping it would have. He comes across as a foolish man who has made a lot of  irrational and impulsive decisions lately. This makes you wonder how he managed to stay this honest for all these years. Ayeza Khan has underplayed her character which is why Mehwish’s negative traits do not overshadow her overall personality. In my opinion, watching Mehwish’s journey will be interesting. The director Nadeem Baig has left no stone unturned to add variation and detail but the ads on the screen were extremely bothersome and distracting.

How many of you watched tonight’s episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • “Expensive necklace”… Kahan ma’am! Bonga is nouveau riche. Ajeeb qist thee.. Danish accident scene, then madly running away, reactions afterwards, everything was weird. Pata naheen kyun but Humayun ki acting ko dekh aisa lagta hai his typical style is mostly assumed for KRQ drama but no effective impact.

    • Well, expensive enough to get admission in a decent school, better than keeping the poor kid home. They have the money now, waiting to see why Mehwish is still complaining. The character itself has been written in such a manner, a sucha ashiq with no akal. I think HS has done justice to the role, did whatever it required but the character itself is not the least bit appealing.

  • The fact that you said Danish is foolish is one of the reasons Mehwish will leave him. Infact this part is something which we see developing in Danish. I was watching something haute’s weekly review and in that video she also complained that Danish is too shareef and now you said him foolish makes me think that women don’t find too nice men loveable. Personally i don’t find him foolish because apparently he knows what shahwar’s intentions and Mehwish is not really telling him off. I know one thing that if i invite my friend to my home and my wife meets him even then she shouldn’t just hop in his car when i am not with her. He clearly told her in the last episode that he doesn’t have any friends so why the hell she believed that guy? You know she’s greedy and you can’t fill her appetite and i think here Danish is in a denial. He knows something bad is about to happen and Mehwish will leave him. The scene where Danish ran away from shahwar told us a story. I felt emotional and when i saw fear on his face i remembered a dialogue from Zara yaad kar, ‘Mard bus itna sa khuda ha k bv k shirk se darr kar mard b ni rehta’.
    I agree on the breakfast scene. I actually understand where writer is coming from but that was too much to take. You have to realllllyyyyy connect with the story to believe it. I actually loved how Danish have taken notice of little things. ‘8 inch kamar nazar aati ha’ was too good. He is conservative but he threw a question that why women wear sleeveless shirts and show parts of their body when men are there wearing full clothes? I don’t know why Anoushay started dancing with Danish? Why she helped shahwar? Maybe she hates Danish as well.
    Anyways actually this episode i liked the most. Really a brilliant drama and outstanding review

    • I know right!! Lots of things which didn’t quite fit in but I am glad you enjoyed this episode Ahsan. It made me laugh, actually had to go back and watch all the opening scenes again but then realized Danish was not intoxicated. Anoushey was making those faces and she is constantly saying things about Danish to Mehwish too, she doesn’t like Danish but she didn’t mind dancing with him!

      Thank you so much Ahsan. I enjoyed reading your comment too. Keep reading and commenting.

    • “Women don’t find too nice men loveable”

      Yeah, no. There’s a difference between being a nice and affectionate person and being clingy and obsessed to the point where you don’t realize that your wife is greedy and changing you into a person you never wanted to be. Neediness tends to push people away because they constantly need validation and lack of confidence is never attractive.

      Mehwish is in the wrong here for drifting towards the other man and her behavior with him in general, but if I had a husband like Danish, I’d tell him to tone it down a bit too. Being around a person like that is exhausting with constantly having to give them assurances and validations.

      • I think no one will disagree that Mehwish is absolutely wrong in most of these contentious situations. But the way Danish ‘loves’ her makes me feel uncomfortable and suffocated. And I’m not even married to him! There’s an undercurrent of something very unhealthy in the way Danish has wrapped his entire existence around Mehwish to the point where he’s lost the ability to tell the difference between wrong and right, haram and halal.

        I think the thing that Fatima brings up about them not having any family or social circle beyond Anoushey (and that’s a weird relationship itself) adds to the claustrophobia and isolation of the family.

        I’ve been trying to think of dramas with similar relationship dynamics, and Junaid’s character in Khasara (the obvious comparison) and Yasir Nawaz in Dil Mom ka Diya, were nice and very indulgent husbands who let their wives run circles around them but they were still likeable men and characters.

        • I feel like Danish is the writer’s version of what he thinks is a woman’s ideal man.

          You’re right, the relationship comes off as so suffocating and uncomfortable- Imagine actually marrying someone like that. Placing someone on a pedestal and just isolating yourself from the world isn’t a healthy relationship.

          I guess this is why its so hard to feel so bad for Danish? Almost feels like he’d benefit mentally and emotionally if he realizes that there’s more to life than pleasing your wife.

          • Yes the writer deliberately made him like that and when she will leave him he will rectify this because he then will think that nobody deserves or needs this much love and attention

        • I agree about your point about Danish here, he is suffocating and very unsecured and just having beautiful wife makes him like that?? He is married for 7 years and lives under such insecurity. He never understood his wife?

          • I actually wondered why she hadn’t left him already by now, because she’s been shown as a flighty sort of character. Maybe it’s because she’s not had anywhere else to go before or anyone else to take care of her?

            There’s a weird disconnect between the couple. We’re constantly told of the great love between these people but they’re not having the minimum amount of communication you’d expect them to have, living together. The sari conversation was so bizarre- he thought the blouse was too small. But it had always been that way. Why didn’t he argue about it when she had it made? It’s not like she was going to wear the sari at home.

      • That’s the part left for character development. I think question will be is Danish is that exhausting that Mehwish left him? He never asked for assurances but after seeing that his wife doesn’t really tell off men made him insecure. I think any man will be insecure seeing this. He loves you and respects you but she finds it exhausting like you said. I think Danish’s decisions of doing corruption tells you how much he loves her and she is the one who pushed him by indirectly saying do it

        • By assurances, I was more referring to the bit where he was feeling super guilty for not being to afford an expensive necklace and his wife was assuring him that it was fine. A ploy to guilt-trip him into getting it, one could even argue, which really doesn’t seem all that healthy. I don’t think she particularly finds his gushing over her exhausting but she’ll get tired of him and use it as an excuse after getting tempted by Shahwar’s wealth.

          The whole doing corruption because of Mehwish’s indirect encouragement is a huge part of what’s making the relationship toxic. Even if you’re in a marriage, you should still be your own person and not have to change your ethics and values just to please another person.

        • I wish he had some aqal of his own, his character is too plain like he has no mind of his own, no personality, the only aspect of his character which has been over emphasized is his love for Mehwish. Showing he had some friends or some relatives he was communicating with was so important IMO.

  • It’s been a while since I’ve watched a drama where everyone was so unlikable. Mehwish is kind of awful in an obvious way, but Danish seems like an exhausting, codependent person to live with too. I don’t know if I’m misinterpreting his character but there’s something not right with him. It’s beyond him being bhola and simple.

    I also cringe at some of the scenes that happen in front of Rumi. That poor kid, they’re not sending him to school and he has to watch his ridiculous parents fighting for bizarre reasons, and he has to listen to the other conversations Mehwish has about her husband (i.e. the ones with Monty and Anoushey).

    There was a mention of Mehwish having a younger sister today, which reminded me even more that it’s kind of weird that Mehwish and Danish seem to have no backgrounds/families beyond the fact that they knew each other when they were younger/at university (which. okay, fine, I’ll suspend disbelief).

    • Yes that is something I discussed in the previous episode’s review, they never talk to or about their family except for the Aba, it is almost as if they are dunya mei akele.

    • The poor kid spends the whole day around such weird people that I’m surprised he’s so well-behaved.

  • Mehwish complaining about no money for Rumi’s school because of careless spending as if she wasn’t the one taking absurd loans for necklaces or insisting she get new clothes for her friend’s brother’s wedding 🙄 .

    I’m planning to just watch previews and follow along with your reviews lol. This show just ruins my mood with its weird and negative characters.

  • Superb review
    Danish behavior is really confusing. That whole scene on breakfast table was so irrelevant and difficult to digest.

  • Nice review Fatima, this drama seems to be strongly inspired by an old Bollywood movie Suhagan. I think that Hira mani could be the younger sister and might end up marrying HS after AK leaves him. If thats true, then this script is a copy of Suhagan.

    I also agree that the running and the breakfast table scenes were weird. Humayun is looking too old infront of AK and she is not even looking pretty enough to make everyone crazy in first sight..
    In koi chand rakh, she was supposed to be the ugly duckling, but her overall makeover was no less than a gorgeous model. but here she is wearing a darker foundation shade and her overall look is not too appealing as they are try to show.

    • Thank you so much Hira. Really? I really hope not – would hate to another good sisters vs selfish one plot, so terribly done-to-death.

      You’re right about AK’s make up but I am actually glad that she doesn’t look too white in this play.

      • Yeah she looked too white in koi chand rakh but in this one, she is looking too tan, in both dramas, she didn’t wear the right foundation.

  • Saw the episode, and Danish being possessive is understandable. But wasn’t he as well wrong? Just by stating that Anoushey is like sister doesn’t justify his act, he can dance touching another lady, who is someone’s wife or going to be someone’s wife, but another person cannot dance with his wife! Somehow I m not convinced with Danish’s character, Humayun is acting perfect, but not fit for his age

  • I can’t help but wonder whether Danish is showing early signs of dementia 🤔 I mean nothing else really makes sense about that whole HS getting hit by a car/running away/ not recalling the entire episode bit! And though Humayun Saeed’s portrayal of Danish is flawless, so far MPTH is failing to make an impact. Unfortunately yet again expectations are really high with the combination of HS, Nadeem Baig and KRQ but as we have seen not too far back in the past with Aangan, high expectations don’t necessarily translate into quality products!

  • What to say sabney tou sab kuch kehe diya hai 3rd episode key baarey mein. By the way good review sister.

  • I hate to say but I don’t think Danish is all there he behaves so odd, when he counts his blessings he only counts his wife not his child, which is not right for a normal simple man like Danish not to mention his sweet child. I can’t for the life of me think what the reason was that made Mehwish marry Danish because I find it hard to believe that she loved a man that can not buy her material things
    i’m sure Mehwish won’t mind having 2 expensive necklace sets even if they are the same, greedy women are never pleased

  • Thanks fatima for the nice reveiw though I do not agree as to HS refĺexes that you call bongapan in fact if you have something precious you are always afraid of its deprivation. Danish too has this precious jewel in shape of mahwishs’ innocence charm and her beauty that he is trying to protect and really afraid of losing it by a snatcher like shahwar through his tons of gold bars specially when he knows her wife can easily be captivàted with.

    • You’re most welcome MR. I respect your opinion and I understand why he was so scared, that’s not the reason why I think he is a bonga – I think he is a bonga because I find his character unappealing. Too much focus on making him look like a victim, not working for me.

  • خلیل صاحب یہاں تھوڑا سا کچھ بھول گے ھیں کہ اگر دانش کو نیں پسند کے اس کی مہوش کو کوئ دیکھے یا اس کے ساتھ کوئ ڈانس کرے تو ایسے ماحول میں اسے آنا ہی نیں چایۓ تھا رہ گی بات اس بلڈنگ والے لڑکے کومارنے کی تو اسے مارنے سے اچھا ھے اپنی بیوی کو نقاب اور نامحرم مردوں سے دور رہنے اور بات نہ کرنے کی تلقین کرے اصل میں خلیل صاحب اسلام کے کچھ پہلوں کو ڈالنے کی کوشیش کر رہے ھیں ہلاکہ ان کو یہ نظر نیں آتا ھے کہ اگر وہ کوئ تحریر لکھ رہے ھوتے ھیں تو ان کو یہ خیال بھی کرنا چائے کہ وہ ڈرامے اور فلم کے لیے لکھ رھے ھوتے ھیں ظاہر سی بات ھے ان چیزوں میں تو لڑکیوں لڑکوں دونوں کاسٹ کیا جاتا ھے تب یاد نیں آتا ھے وہ لڑکیاں بھی تو کسی کی ماں بہن ھو تی ھیں
    ڈرامے لکھ رھے ھو تو اس کو آس پاس سے بھی اسلام کے پہلوں کو نا لے کہ آوں کیوں کام یہ صیح تو نیں ھے نا کسی کو بھی بات بری لگے اس کے لیے معزرت خواہ ھو

  • میں ان کو پسند کرتا تھا بہت خلیل صاحب کو پر جب انھوں نے ذرا یاد کر میں حلالہ کے بارے کچھ کہا وہ برا لگا ھے ان کو چاۓ کہ اس شوبز زندگی کو اسلام سے دور رکھے ڈرامے فلم گانے لکھنے ھے لکھوں پر اسلام کو کبھی نیں استعمال کرنا چایۓ

  • I was watching Dhuaan drama few days back and amazed about the script, plot, execution and all.
    I mean at that time the level of writer’s thought process compared to the recent one’s.
    What we see now a days is all about stupid home politics, love triangles, extra marital affairs, flock of girls chasing for eligible bachelor n vice versa….huhhh!!!
    If anyone has watched hassad drama ended today on ary, why i mean for what reason they made it. Same is bhool , why showing these kinds of drama.
    As far as this drama is concered, bhai ye 3000 m kaha mil raha shadi m pehnnay ka suit n forum m neclace n jhumkay pehn k kon jata.

  • I think it’s too early to say that Danish’s character has been written too crassly. Certainly, we can’t say that now when shows get a minimum run of 20-something episodes.
    I leave out the possibility of further backstory being revealed in the episodes to come, but I guess their relationship continued rather calmly with the occasional tumult for 7 years. Monsieur Shehwar will, no doubt, prove to be the biggest wedge that will drive them apart, and Monty will just complicate things.
    What I liked about the episode was that both Mehwish and Danish are greys: She’s too open-minded and – considering Monty – trusting, so much that she can’t even see what is a palpable threat, while he is over-possessive and certainly overbearing and domineering, but can see right through the likes of both Monty and M. Shehwar.
    Fingers crossed for interesting dynamics between the duo. After all, Mehwish could’ve just fallen in line with Monty and told Danish that she was riding a rickshaw OR was with Anoushay, but she chose to tell him the truth. (This is partly why I attribute it to being too trusting rather than flightly)
    Right now, I don’t think any character has been sketched sympathetically and ideally. One or more may change to become one, but it’s certainly not the case. Each character has his or her idiosyncrasies, virtues, and flaws.
    And yes, I agree with “Sell the necklace, please ;)” but I wonder whatever made Mehwish worry about her son’s fees. Maybe Danish is so blinded in love that he cannot think beyond the luxury car?

  • Nice review ma’am.
    Ary is doing the no interruptions thing due to cut throat competition in prime time drama these days. It has been doing he same with initial episodes of Gul o Gulzar; it is ending the double episodes of other dramas within 90 minutes. A lot of it has to be credited to lower ads this season (Muharram) and the fact that this drama isn’t as popular as other dramas yet (Hassad, Yaariyan).
    So basically there is also a fear that viewer wont tune after the ad break (sales team is aware of the content).

  • Hi Fatima, only last night i watched this episode. Every scene make sense to me as it all shows the insecurities of a man with a beautiful wife and insecurity of a wife not to leave behind in the race of fame & wealth. The man tries everything to overcome his insecurity by taking bribes, getting dominant on wife, fighting with others. And the wife to overcome her insecurity, does keep on wishing, compares her status with others, tries herself to bridge the gap between these statuses and for sure lending ears to everyone who says something good about beauty and relating their comments to her current status and this increases her insecurity more. The problem is that both the man & wife don’t trust each other. The man shows, he loves to his wife very much, but really does not trust her and the wife does her duty as a wife only, far from love & trust. What i don’t digest here is the acting skills of both these lead characters are not convincing. Can’t attached to Humayun Saeed for Danish, and definitely not to Ayeza khan for Mehwish. I never liked Ayeza khan’s acting anywhere. The same typecast and no emotions to relate fo rthe character she plays. Adnan Siddiqui is ok, but his dance moves were very little & worse whereas Danish dances beautifully with full energy.

  • Beauty and the Bonga sums it up perfectly! Like seriously, what is wrong with Danish??? The scenes of him dancing looked like he got accidentally drunk. He was acting out of character for a simpleton. Mehwish and Danish are totally incompatible and it makes you wonder what kept them together this long? Why was no money put aside for their son’s admission once the money started rolling in. The characters are so isolated from the rest of the world it seems unreal. Mehwish seems to be rather popular with men but has never been shown to come across any women in her neighbourhood? Or talk to her sister over the phone… poor Mehwish will once again fall for an old man!!!

  • OMG. What a loose character that woman has. She has nothing else to do but just changing one necklace after the other. The writer particularly has a very vague ideology about women which may belong to theatrical or mythological world. How she asked her husband to change one weirdo necklace to another in front of a totally absurd talking man, played by Adnan Siddiqui. OMG. That actor never looks cultured/ handsome or rich anyways. Adnan Siddiqui should be given characters like a rickshaw driver or a motor mechanic etc.

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