Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode 6 Story Review – The Temptation

The story is gradually shaping up and even though the pace of this drama is still slow, the characters are easier to connect to now than they were before. Danish in particular is showing some signs of wisdom and some of his reactions tonight were actually quite interesting. The story is predictable and the characters are not new but Nadeem Baig’s direction has definitely been the highlight of every episode. The dialogues and the situations in this episode were interesting to watch. The complete focus on Mehwish and Danish though can make the situations repetitive at times. I must say however that I am definitely more interested now in finding out how these characters deal with the ‘changes’ in their lives in the upcoming episodes.

The Reactions

This episode opened with Mehwish holding on to the necklace box while Danish expressed his discomfort with this entire situation without any reservations. The dialogues were quiet bold but they fit into the situations that were being shown because clearly Danish was utterly disturbed by Mehwish’s attitude more than  anything else. He found it hard to believe that his wife was ‘okay’ with the way Shahwar was around her. It is good to see that Danish is wise enough to know what was going on and what Shahwar’s intentions were. Danish and Mehwish’s state of mind and the circumstances were translated faultlessly on screen. The only aspect of this entire track which is difficult to connect to is that it took Mehwish this long to get attracted to someone especially given the fact that she has a rich friend who takes her to all these high-end places. We have to therefore suppose that no one ever fell for Mehwish in this way before therefore this is the first time that someone rich and ‘charismatic’ has shown interest in Mehwish.

Meray Pass Tum Ho2 2

Danish did not sugarcoat anything tonight and he knew what was going on in Mehwish’s mind. He also questioned himself for not giving her enough and perhaps felt that in a way she was justified for wanting more. Even though he asked Mehwish to change her thinking but he obviously knows her well enough to know just how much material things mean to her. Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan both acted brilliantly tonight. Danish tried to be ‘open-minded’ hoping Mehwish will surprise him by her reaction but seeing Mehwish getting more involved made him change his perspective. The daily life of this couple has been shown quite realistically as well, the scenes at the dinner table and the night time discussions show their communication and interactions pragmatically.

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The Temptation

Mehwish was already in awe of Shahwar’s personality and wealth, now that he has also made an offer which Mehwish could not even dream of, she is more tempted than ever. Shahwar is a clever man who knows how to make a woman like Mehwish change her mind. When Danish compliments Mehwish, she usually ignores him but when Shahwar says all those nice things to her, she enjoys listening to him. This basically shows that his words have more meaning because he is the kind of man Mehwish idealizes. Mehwish is technically already cheating on Danish but she thinks there is nothing wrong with that because that’s just who Shahwar is and he doesn’t have any bad intentions. That is how Mehwish has been justifying her conversations with Shahwar but Danish spelled it out for her tonight. Even then she tried to justify the job and Shahwar’s behaviour. These developments definitely gave me Khasara vibes.

Meray Pass Tum Ho 2

Mehwish and Danish’s conflict was shown superbly in this episode. Both of them are facing a brand new situation and while Danish can see where all this will lead, Mehwish is choosing not to see things for what they are. Mehwish and Danish both thought about the things which Shahwar said but their reactions were very different.

Final Remarks

The opening episodes of this drama were the worst since the introduction to the characters didn’t make a lot of sense but it is getting better for sure. The way different situations are being covered will probably give some people out there something to reflect upon. Few of Danish’s reactions tonight were pleasantly surprising because unlike before they were so realistic. I also feel that unlike other such dramas covering similar storyline, this one doesn’t have a very commercial approach. The overall theme and the storyline however is definitely inspired from Mere Khawab Reza Reza and Khasara. I absolutely loved the background score tonight and Nadeem Baig deserves all the credit for a job well done.

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Fatima Awan

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  • I watched it on YouTube and i really enjoyed it tonight. Was eagerly waiting for your review sister. You have covered every bit of the episode. I m glad that i had not followed khasara and mere khuwab reza reza, so it’s new story for me. The way screenplay is written and nadeem baig directed makes it fine drama. I think next episode offers a lot of drama when Danish visits shehwar to return his gifts then he may open up with Danish that he talks with mehwish and she is not happy with danish. Let’s see. Spot on review sister

    • Then truly you must be liking it a lot. Mere Khawab Reza Reza was a really good play and that was an original story. Yes, looking forward to that. Thanks a ton for liking the review bro. Keep reading and commenting.

  • After ‘yeh bacha kis ka hai?’ & ‘ghar se bhag ke shadi’ new trend being normalized and somewhat justified in Pakistani dramas is married women having extra marital affairs and that too in a nice, subtle way like Khaas and now this drama.
    Allah rehm kere pakistan pe!

    • You forgot the dusri biwi, a ‘popular trend’ which ruled our television screens for the longest time. I haven’t watched Khaas but yes whatever clicks with the viewers, the producers recycle those scripts. And the worst part in most cases is that while women are always punished, the men who cheat most often do not get the punishment they deserve.

      • As I said, it’s been done in a subtle way so that viewers sympathize with Saba. Ammar is at fault 100% but that doesn’t justify Saba being ‘friends’ with his friend.
        The message being conveyed here is that if your husband is cheating on you you’re justified in cheating on him with his friend in the name of ‘friendship’.

        • And I suppose if Faakhir was Saba’s Friend originally and she would have done the same thing – talk to him in distress – you wouldn’t have called it cheating? Saba is not cheating on Ammar. they don’t have lovey-dovey laughing talks like Ammar did with Salma. If anything it was Saba who did everything to make the marriage work. She stopped talking to Faakhir but When you have no one who listens to you, you want to turn to someone who listens to you and guides you. It’s called HUMAN. Not every interaction between a man and a woman – married or unmarried- is an affair.

  • So I watched this week after skipping for the last few because of your review. I found Danish much less irksome today too. The man has a point as far as Shehwar is concerned and his silly wife gets him reasons to have concerns.

    Like you, again, I wondered how Mehwish hasn’t already left Danish before now. Maybe someone rich and glamorous hasn’t given her any importance yet. I also thought it was very interesting how she’s downplaying their relationship with Shehwar to Anoushey. Probably Anoushey would call her out frankly about this.

    I don’t know if this is the place to speculate, but what do we think, Mehwish is going to regret her relationship with Shehwar, right? This is a game to him, and he’s not madly in love with her, is he?

    • Mehwish is still ‘pretending’ as if she is not cheating. Yes Maya I am pretty sure Mehwish will suffer like all other women in such dramas did and Hira Mani will be the savior, who will give Danish the kind of love he deserves.

      • I agree with you. I think I’m a little fatigued from the dramas where at the end we all throw metaphorical rocks at the ‘bad’ woman.

        On an unrelated note, I noticed you didn’t review Anaa after it ended as you’d planned. And I was curious. Personally, I kind of lost interest in the last couple of episodes (didn’t even watch them, lol, because it started to drag), so I was wondering if it was a similar situation for you?

        • Hena or women go ahead and forgive men, don’t like that either.

          Maya, we are only allowed to review two dramas per week so that was one reason and yes yes yes lost interest completely, too much of a khichri and didn’t really like the ending. Didn’t even watch the ending properly, they dragged it so much.

  • Do you hate Humayun Saeed? Because despite him giving great performance in this drama you still criticize him like saying his expressions were not realistic in early episodes. You did the same thing in your reviews of Bin Roye episodes

      • Thank you Hira. Even in this review, I praised him. And honestly speaking, acting aside, Humayun Saeed is a wonderful person who never gets offended by criticism. I have a lot of respect for him but if I feel that his acting is not up to the mark in a certain scene or episode, I will say that.

      • You should read the review of dil lagi’s first episode fatima criticized Humayun in that review

        • Like I said, yes I do criticize him if I feel his acting is not up to the mark and I respect him a lot for always taking criticism so well. He is a wonderful human being and he has done really well in many plays and films. If you’re a fan please follow his footsteps especially when it comes to accepting criticism with grace.

    • Did you read this review, I praised his performance. I don’t ‘hate’ or ‘love’ any actors, I either like or don’t like performances. Also, please read my reviews of Dillagi and Punjab Nahi Jaungi. The excerpts from my PNJG reviews regarding Humayun Saeed were shared by producers even across the border who are his fans so yes, I don’t believe in hating anyone – that would be unfair.

          • Agar mehwish ko shehwaar se pyaar nahi hai to wo usse itni khushi khushi batay kyon karti hai? Aur kya waqai Mehwish ko nahi pata kay shehwaar usse pyaar karta hai

  • That casual dressing of shahwar-a billionair giving weird impression if really that richie is he . No dinner suit ;walking every where on casual dressing is hard to swallow think something wrong with the screen playwrite do you agree Fatima bahenji.

    • MR ji I think he doesn’t need to dress up in a suit, he is such a big shot who can wear whatever he wants and I actually feel that his boyish dressing goes with his frame of mind as well – trying to look and feel young LOL!!

  • When Mehwish tells Danish to talk to Shehwar about her job…..he says something like …” agar mein baat karoonga tau lagay ga ______” What was that blank? Thanks.

  • thanks for the review. I always like your reviews because they show professionalism, it doesn’t matter who is the actor,director or writer. ur review is always spot on. showing no inclination makes critic, a real critic.
    coming to MPTH, the story is old and did not offer something new at the moment. but I am sure it will be a different play at the end of the day.

  • This episode was really good. Actually all 3 main characters have depth. For the first time i kinda understand Mehwish’s pov, but as you said she is technically cheating on her husband. Danish was already wise. He is just trying to be open minded for his wife which won’t be successful as we saw in the yesterday’s episode. After all he is a man and he knows what men like Shahwar does. Shahwar doesn’t love Mehwish. Mohabbat Aurat k chehry se ni balky uski personality se hoti ha. Mard dil behlany k leye a6a chehra dhoondty hain lekin mohabbat karny k leye chehra secondary hota ha. Shahwar ye ni kehta k mujy aap k baat karny ka tareeka a6a lagta ha balky wo kehta ha k mujy aapki awaz a6i lagti ha. At the end i must commend Humayun and Nadeem baig especially for the look of Danish’s character. His rugged face and not so stylish hair are contributing to the story and narrative that he is not so handsome and his performance is on top notch. He really is a great actor.
    Absolutely brilliant review Fatima g

    • Thank you so much Ahsan for liking the review and for sharing the views here. Yes totally! Shahwar is incapable of loving any woman since to him women are objects. Beautiful dialogues, all of them.

  • Nice review. I hugely disappointed by the drama till now, but looking forward to the next episode as the confrontation scene between Danish and shehwar will be interesting and I hope that with the entry of hiran Mani, things will be better, but even in that case we know what to expect , there is no surprise factor as Hira Mani already mentioned that her scenes will be mostly with the kid, so she will be like a guardian after mehwish leaves.
    Performance wise everyone is gr8, but Humayun is too old for this role, everytime I feel this, someone like Bilal Abbas would have been apt. And I feel they should have spent atleast 2 to 3 episodes showing as the relationship the couple shares and not just in words how Danish has not been able to fulfil his wife’s expectations and how much disappointed or frustrated she is in life. Mehwish’s character has become such an evil , she is clearly cheating on her husband, and seriously you feel that Danish doesn’t deserve such a pathetic person. Such a character was acceptable if it was not the main lead, and some other actress was the main lead, but her going by the tiltle and theme, it seems that at the end she will come back to Danish, but in my opinion , without any fault of Danish, the way Mehwish is selfishly cheating on him and going towards shehwar, she doesn’t deserve to be even accepted agin.
    Maybe Im going too far, but just feel the gr8 team coming together for something that really is way below the mark.

    • Thank you so much Tiger. Oh no! Not Bilal Abbas – he would have been a complete misfit in this role. Remember Danish is constantly being judged for being married to a beautiful woman like Mehwish, not because he has no money but also because he doesn’t have that aura about him. I think Humayun Saeed is doing well now, he overdid the becharapan in the first few episodes but like him now as Danish. Having said that I do understand where you’re coming from.

      • Ok, I understand Bilal would be misfit due to his looks, I was just thinking as per his age. I didn’t understand your comment, “I do understand where you coming from” lol, can you explain.

        The main reason for watching this serial is humayun saeed for me as I m his big fan and his performance is perfect, just that the overall setting doesn’t fit all the actors.

  • I do agree with you that it’s a bit surprising that Mehwish didn’t stray from her marriage vows before and I can now say with Shahwar, ‘itnay Saal iss tat-poonjiye k sath kesay guzar Diye?’ Or something like it. I also think that this drama is similar in theme to both Khasara and Mere Khwab Reza Reza…but it’s definitely different in treatment. You’re (again) absolutely right about the non-commercial feel of the drama…to me that’s it’s key attraction. Frankly I don’t think that this drama would ever be a big hit…but Humayun’s brilliant portrayal of a knowingly and at times even willingly bechara shohar has had a gripping effect on me (at least). I like that though he’s ready to give in a lot of times… he’s also not shy of speaking his mind at other times. I wish the makers would go back in time a bit to show us why Ayeza married him? I mean she has a rich friend so I suppose she’s not from too humble a background…so why did she end up marrying Danish…did she see possibilities in him, was she alone in this world or did she really fall for him? Because even though she seemed a bit dissatisfied with her life…it never felt like she was unhappy or hopeless or not in love with Danish prior to Shahwar’s entry. On a side note though Shahwar is super-irritating…if he were my husband…I would spend most of my time roaming the world too. He’s being so obvious… like…calm down for a sec…and grab a dictionary to look for the word subtlety. Not his fault though *ahem* director *ahem* Who’s playing his wife…do you know?

    • Glad we agree N. Interesting insights, enjoyed reading your comment. I have also criticized the fact that these characters don’t have a proper history or background and no relatives, definitely ajeeb and keeps you wondering about a lot of things.

    • Agree with your points, the history of their love and marriage and background of Mehwish is very important to be able to connect to the characters and to understand Mehwish’s behaviour

  • I only watch this drama to hear Danish’s comments to Mehwish wish were the best this week, I don’t know why she bothers lying because Danish knows exactly what she is doing & why she is saying half of the things that she says to him

  • Hi Fatima, the review is rightly justified for the episode. I like the dialogue from Danish, “maine uski nazar dekhibhai aur uske pehle duniya dekhi hai.” The surprise for Danish is the way Mehwosh behaves, its more casual for her which is more worrisome for Danish. I think slowly he will divert to bribery field to keep Mehwish close by.

  • Very interesting review for a wonderfull drama. I love Khalil’s dialogues they are meaningfull and deep.

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