Mere Humrahi Episode 17 – The Accusations!

This was one fast paced episode, all the twists and turns came one after the other and kept everyone at the edge of their seats. I knew that Ahad will announce that he and Haaniyah were still together, but I really did not expect him to put such disgusting accusations on her in this way.

Ahad had used cheap tactics since the beginning so I did not expect much for him, but the most disappointing character for me was Ahmed. I was so disappointed to see him doubting Haaniyah when he checked her phone and saw that Ahad had called her. The seed of doubt was planted which made him restless, and he remembered all the past scenes where he had seen both of them together. He had never doubted her before, even in the initial days of their marriage when he saw Ahad calling Haaniyah. He trusted her at that time, then how could he doubt her now? Especially when she had changed so much, and their family was about to be complete.

‘Main Ap Se Bohat Pyaar Karti Hoon, Itna Ke Mein Apko Bata Bhi Nahi Sakhti’


‘Apko Koi Shaq Hai?’

Ahmed needed the assurance that Haaniyah still loved him, and once he got to hear this from her, he tried to forget about whatever he was thinking before. Once again, I loved all their adorable scenes in the episode. The way he complimented her, when she got dressed for the small gathering that had been arranged for her, brought a huge smile to my face. Watching Ahmed chose the earrings for her and then also putting it on her was just like a cherry on top for me! So folks, this was the end of their romantic track for the time being because after the accusations that Ahad had put on her, we would not get to see Ahmed and Haaniyah together for a long time.

Ahad put the accusations on Haaniyah, and EVERYBODY in his family believed him and not Haaniyah. Her mother-in-law has always sided with Ahad, and it did not take much time to start blaming Haaniyah too. Zehra also did not side with Haaniyah who was Haaniyah’s last hope since she was the only one who knew the truth about Ahad. Oh, and of course Samina had to open her big mouth to add fuel to the fire. Ahmed already had doubts in his mind and he quickly believed his family and blamed Haaniyah too.

‘Mujhe Pata Tha Ke Koi Mujh Per Yaqeen Kare Ya Na Kare, Ap Mujh Per Yaqeen Zarur Karenge’

Haaniyah had such high hopes from Ahmed and she did not care about the accusations as long as Ahmed believed her, but he disappointed her by believing Ahad and his family. But what really shattered her were the harsh words that came out of Ahmed’s mouth after this.

‘Meine Ehsaan Kiya Tha Tum Per, Aur Tumhare Poore Khandaan Per Tum Se Shaadi Karke’

This was the last straw for Haaniyah and she completely broke down after hearing this. Ahmed spoke these words only in anger; he had never thought that he had done a huge favor on Haaniyah and her family, but Haaniyah was hurt by her words and left immediately with her parents.

I do not get one thing, if Ahmed and his parents thought that Haaniyah had been cheating everyone all this time, then wasn’t it the same case with Ahad? He had also betrayed his family and especially his brother if everyone believed what he was saying was true. Nobody was blaming or accusing him of anything! Why? Ahad’s father was the only person who blamed him for what he had done and that too in the end.

The preview of the next episode looks pretty interesting. Ahad had the guts to ask his mother to get him and Haaniyah married! Doesn’t he understand that Haaniyah would never marry him?

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Mariam Shafiq


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