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Mohabbat Aag Si – Episode 32 & 33!

Ohkay so, as much as I do think that the story is interesting, I think they are now stretching it for no reason because I feel it’s about time that Rukhsana should get exposed & be sent to some place where she can be miserable after getting abandoned by everyone.

Honestly speaking, I actually thought that it was a coincidence that Mahnoor came across Wajahat but I was shocked to see that it was Rukhsana who was behind this. I honestly hope that these petty non-issues between Saba & Wajahat don’t cause such level of rift between them where Wajahat will start fancying Mahnoor over his expectant wife. I so wish they show us a couple that believes in dealing with all their problems with patience & also believes in sticking together because so far Saba has always stood by Wajahat’s side, even when he doubted her so Saba deserves that much of loyalty from Wajahat.

I really am not a fan of Mahnoor & I don’t think I will be right till the end. She has come to Karachi to study so I guess she should do that & in stead of being pally with Rukhsana, she should seek guidance from Fareeda because by the end of the day, she is Fareeda’s cousin & her father gave her responsibility to Fareeda. Yes, I do get the drill that Mahnoor dreams big & wants to stay in Karachi but I guess she should be mature enough to keep herself away from any trouble. Rukhsana obviously knows how to manipulate people but I think Mahnoor should be cautious enough to understand what’s right & what’s not. I really think her intelligence is being insulted by showing that she can fall prey to a trap because of a mobile phone. Yes, Rukhsana is helping her a lot & it was fine till that point but now when Mahnoor is being pushed to lie to & about Fareeda is getting a bit too much & I guess it should serve as a wake-up call to Mahnoor that she is being forced to do something that is completely wrong.

All of a sudden, I feel we’re watching a second season of Mohabbat Aag Si because the story & the plot has changed ever since Rukhsana has gotten married. I think Rukhsana is bored once again because she has gotten what she wanted all her life, which was Arshad, so now when that hope & yearning is done & dusted, she is trying to look for a new adventure, which includes telling lies to her husband. She had the audacity to lie to him that he can’t father a child which obviously made it a bit more clear that Rukhsana doesn’t love anyone except herself.

I feel the way they show some flashbacks revolving around the guilt pangs that Rukhsana feels, they are trying to turn her into a victim. I say that because of the repetitive dialogues between her & Bee jee regarding how bechari Rukhsana is & how tough life was on her are definitely directing us to feel bad for her which definitely is not possible because she was evil, she is evil & she will be evil! She crossed her limits 12 years ago with Arshad & that too on her own free-will, she put herself in such a situation where she had to put an end to her pregnancy & no one forced her to do that, she then started destroying her brother’s lives & she is also responsible for Shareefa’s death, so I guess that’s enough to understand that she is mentally deranged & deserves no sympathy whatsoever!!!

I so wish someone knocks some sense into Arshad, I mean he has spend 11 years with Fareeda & he himself knows every dirty little secret related to Rukhsana, so how come he is easily misjudging his wife of 11 years? The span on 11 years is enough for a husband to know & understand his wife, so I think it isn’t very intelligent of Arshad to allow Rukhsana to use him as a puppet & the way Arshad behaves makes me say it again that they are dragging the story now & for no good reason. I still don’t understand that after doing so much & landing into trouble so many times, Rukhsana still hasn’t learnt her lesson & is now confident than ever that she can get away with another trickery of manipulating circumstances against Fareeda? The whole Fareeda-got-Mahnoor-a-mobile situation was quite petty & what’s more petty was that Arshad easily agreed that Fareeda would lie to him & Rukhsana was being so generous to take a blame on herself to save Fareeda! I really think Arshad should stop being a puppet & start thinking things through because of all the people if there’s someone who deserves Arshad’s loyalty & sincerity is Fareeda.

Things are hard on Samia but it’s good to see her empowering herself & taking control over the situation. Seems like her new boss is a good person & she will finally be able to earn for her family without any hiccups. I really feel that the dynamics have been changed where every active character has taken a back seat & those who weren’t in such a limelight are now grabbing the attention. I wanted to see more of Arshad Jr. because it looked like he wanted to tell something to Saba about Rukhsana but he’s MIA! I so wish that Wajahat stops being Mahnoor’s personal chauffeur & starts worrying about his baby on the way. He definitely is my least favorite character & he has always been because he has done everything that is unreasonable. He lacks sensibility, bickers over petty issues, has trust issues & now he is allowing an irritating girl to steer the course of his life. He definitely is having some thoughts about her & if he was so honest & clear about his equation with Mahnoor, he would’ve shared it with Saba right away but he didn’t which means that this meaningless relation definitely means something to him. I really hope that they would start packing things up because that’s more than enough actually & now it’s a high time for Rukhsana to get exposed & thrown away from everyone’s life because it’s seriously getting repetitive & boring to see her planning & plotting. Please share your thoughts & let us know if you also feel that the drama should end now?

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