Mohabbat Aag Si – Episode 34 & 35! *thumbs down*

Ohkay so, honestly speaking I really had a hard time watching the first episode of the week. As I watched the uploaded video, I literally took 2 hours to complete one single episode as it really didn’t grab attention & didn’t seem interesting at all. I had a hard time because looks like the story has become stagnant & is failing to move forward.

I am glad that Mahnoor did what Rukhsana asked her to do, the reason being that it serves Wajahat right. He lied to Saba, didn’t tell her such basic things that he should have & he landed himself in trouble. Not that I haven’t mentioned it before, but I feel like saying it again, he is the worst character of the lot because he has no brains of his own whatsoever. He allowed a teenager to trap him & he agreed. I guess he is taking that Sharafat after Sharafat. The way he has gone into silent mode makes me feel that he is not going to come up with a proof of his innocence anytime soon, so it means we’re stuck in a rut when it comes to his track.

I really like watching Samia’s scenes especially when she confronts Rukhsana & doesn’t leave an opportunity to get back at her. I guess it’s a high time someone showed Rukhsana her right place, not that it casts any affect on her but still, she should know that all the things that she has done aren’t forgivable. The second episode of the week was still better because I sensed things were going against Rukhsana’s plans especially in regards to Arshad because looks like he has started to decipher her mentality & he can foresee the lengths she can go to in order to achieve what she wants.

I was relieved to see that Arshad played a mind game with Rukhsana too & he didn’t send Fareeda away. In fact he chose to believe Fareeda’s version over Rukhsana’s because he can clearly see the difference between their personalities, their temperaments & their characters. At first, I was ticked off that Arshad was unable to understand & he followed Rukhsana to her brother’s place but then I guess he himself had a plan & thought that it was a better idea to keep Fareeda & Rukhsana away from each other, although it doesn’t suit him that he agreed to live at Sharafat & Wajahat’s house because he himself said he wanted to maintain a balance between his two wives, so to see him completely ignoring Fareeda & following Rukhsana’s lead made me question his credibility. However, I am glad that he has started to read between the lines & he can see the rage & anger that Rukhsana is capable of. The way Arshad mend ties with Fareeda & chose to believe her showed clearly that he is well aware of the fact that Rukhsana has a problem with every single woman around her, so how can she leave Fareeda alone?

Mahnoor did what she was asked to but seems like she is feeling guilty as well but still, nothing that she’ll say will make her innocent because she is wise enough to have a faintest idea about what’s right & what’s not, so even if she followed the orders, she is just as much of a culprit as Rukhsana. Rukhsana is doing everything to carry out her plans just the way she wants but in all honesty, it is getting boring to watch her succeed again & again. I really didn’t get the purpose behind Rukhsana’s stay at Sharafat & Wajahat’s home. She is married & she should stay wherever Arshad lives, but then I guess the writer wants to prolong the drama that’s why the story is being shifted from petty to pettiest things & the solution is nowhere to be seen in the near future.

It’s good to see that Samia has stepped up & she is doing everything she can to help her husband. Saba is shattered emotionally because she never had imagined that Wajahat could do something like that. I think this time around as well, Wajahat wouldn’t have to do anything himself because may be Mahnoor will swoop in & testify that Wajahat’s not guilty because other than that I don’t see it happening any other way. Also, I liked the way all the family members didn’t pay extra attention to Rukhsana & treated her a nobody because yes, she isn’t welcomed in that house anymore & it was the right of them to get that message across loud & clear.

I actually feel a lot for Fareeda because she didn’t deserve such harsh circumstances where the only person she loves & respects the most questions her loyalty towards him that too only because of a person like Rukhsana. I have a feeling that she will fall pregnant & that will serve as an eye-opener for Arshad where he will get rid of Rukhsana because one, he will realize that Fareeda was right because she prayed in front him for never becoming a mother if she was wrong or at fault & second, he will also understand that Rukhsana even lied to him about his medical reports. Somehow Arshad has started to see that Rukhsana still isn’t that trust-worthy & I think that’s exactly what we need at this stage of the drama.

The preview of the next episode didn’t seem too enticing because looks like nothing special would happen that will take the story forward, also the new character of maid that was introduced seemed totally unnecessary. Honestly speaking, just before Shareefa’s death, I feel someone else wrote Mohabbat Aag Si because till that part the story was interesting & different but after that, looks like some other writer has taken over & has made the story quite typical where the typical dusri biwi scenario was introduced, things have gotten messier & the story has been confined to the day-to-day household affairs & scenarios since then. I so wish this drama ends in next 4 episodes & has a decent ending where Rukhsana sows what she has reaped. Share your thoughts about these 2 episodes of Mohabbat Aag Si.

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