Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai Episode 12 Review – Thappars Galore!

All of those viewers who have watched Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s dramas in the past would know that his characters often react to confrontational situations by hitting the person who offended them. Women most often are the ones who think a classic thappar is their ultimate weapon. I still remember the way Shano’s mother used to hit her and I also remember how those thappars were received – as if it was perfectly normal for her mother to react in such a manner. Tonight when Maheen hit Waqar and he stood there like a “mard ka bacha” as Gulrez put it but quite frankly I would say dheet ka bacha! I was reminded of those thappars but I had no idea that this would not be the only thappar we will be witnessing in this episode. The phrase dheet ka bacha is more apt not only because even after all that Maheen did to him, he was quick to run to Maheen’s house and ask for forgiveness but also because he is after all Ami begum’s grandson therefore he is just as dheet as ami begum herself! Jokes aside, Waqar is the only person I truly feel for in this drama. The way he is referred to as London Ka Londa, loffer, awara and what not makes it sound like London is not a city in a foreign country but the name of a different planet and Waqar Ahmed is an alien who was thrown on earth via spaceship therefore his only identity is the planet he belongs to! I also feel for Imran Abbas because his make-up artist has completely ruined his look. All you see on his face is a lot of highlighter and that too in places which did not need highlighting!

Tonight the topic of discussion was Maheen’s outburst and the fact that Waqar Ahmed did not move an inch while she was hitting him and accusing him of being too influenced by London – a reference which is fast becoming a joke. The viewers never really saw in detail just how abusive Ms. crazy two shoes was but like always we heard the exaggerated version from every character possible. Even Maheen’s mother who acted equally crazy when Waqar came with those flowers and the gift was alarmed by her daughter’s reaction. There are a lot of characters in this drama who need serious anger management classes!

Fajr is the only person who speaks our minds and that thappar was like a slap on the face of all those intelligent viewers who are just as agitated by the entire situation in this drama as Fajr was today! Nautanki was the perfect word for explaining everyone’s reactions to the recent developments! Indeed we feel the same way too! I am wondering how Mehrunissa found out about Gulrez’s khawab since it isn’t common knowledge! She gave Gulrez a long lecture on the difference between dreams and reality as if she knew exactly what he saw in his dream!

I have to say that watching Waqar tell Ami begum off like that was the highlight of this episode and music to my ears! The entire scenario however was hilarious! Dastoor Ahmed and Mehrunissa stood there and listened like they were completely helpless and it gave the impression as if just like all of us they also thought ami begum deserved just that! Even though this play has plenty of annoying characters, it has the most batameez heroine, the most wicked grandmother and the most useless son but the most annoying and useless character is that of Jia. I cannot stand to watch her scenes and I couldn’t be less interested in her story!

Maheen’s guilt pangs made absolutely no sense since anyone who even felt an ounce of sympathy for someone would never do what she did with Waqar. I have to say that I have never disliked Ayeza Khan more in any other character because no matter how simple or complicated her characters are she somehow manages to make them likeable but this character is impossible to like! Ami begum’s dialogues about how she held Waqar so dear to her when she was talking to Maheen’s mother made me dislike her character even more.

When I started watching tonight’s episode I thought “Aik Inch Nahi Hila” would be the perfect title, then as the story progressed I was sure there couldn’t be a better title than “Mard Ka Bacha” but after the thappars’ hat trick I just knew that the title should give these thappars the attention they rightfully deserved! 3 thappars and counting!

How many of you watched this episode? Do share your thoughts about it.


Eid Mubarak to all those wonderful readers who are celebrating it tomorrow. Wish you all an Eid filled with happiness.

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