Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai Episode 3 Review – Interesting Family Ties

First things first, After watching this episode, I watched the previous episode again in an attempt to figure out how all these characters are related and here is what I think, correct me if you think I am wrong.

Dastoor Ahmed – Ami Begum’s son
Mehrunissa- Dastoor’s wife
Ali – Dastoor’s son
Ami begum lives with Dastoor Ahmed.
Neelam and Gulrez – Brother and sister – also the children of ami’s begum’s daughter who died in an accident?
Waqar – Ami Begum’s son’s son, who died in the same accident.
Maheen and Waqar are cousins. Maheen’s mother is Waqar’s phupo.
Fajr and Maheen are sisters
Waqar and Wali are brothers? (same surname but then Wali was calling Mehrunissa mami in the previous episode which could mean he is Maheen’s brother. Why is his surname Ahmed then? Helppppp!!)
Maheen’s mother is ami begum’s daughter.

Although, usually I don’t mind when the promos give the story away a little and even if the actors who are part of the drama share details about different characters and their feelings but after watching this episode in particular, I was missing more than ever those times when we had no clue which turn the story was likely to take in the upcoming episodes. The reason for this is that right now Gulrez and Maheen do not come across as a possible match at all and it seems impossible that Maheen will even consider this proposal seriously. Also, Wali’s dialogue today about all the tragedies in the family and what might happen if Maheen refused to accept this proposal, Neelam’s reaction when she saw Waqar in the first episode and the way she stood in front of Gulrez’s photograph kind of reveals which way the story is headed. Having said that, I am eagerly waiting to find out what turn these relationships take.

This episode gave the viewers an insight into the leading characters in particular except for Waqar, I still feel like I don’t know him well enough yet. Gulrez is kanjoos, he is bhola and he is also very sensitive. In the previous episode the viewers got the impression that Neelam and Ama Begum wanted Maheen to get married to Gulrez and he was as unaware of these developments as Maheen was but in this episode the viewers found out that Gulrez loves Maheen but he never had the courage to say it to her because of obvious reasons! Gulrez’s character is interesting, you can’t help but like him. Shehzad sheikh fits the role perfectly, I like his acting and overall look too.

Waqar Ahmed returned to Pakistan after 4 years and he met Jia on the way. Jia is also Maheen’s friend therefore she already knows a lot about Waqar’s family. I really wanted to see how everyone welcomed Waqar and perhaps more of a continuation of the last scene of the previous episode. It felt strange watching everyone following Maheen back home, I felt like there were a lot of gaps which needed to be filled there. So, the birthday party came to an end after Maheen walked out? The explanation Maheen gave to her mother went to show that she was impulsive and adventurous but she would never hurt her mother or anyone else on purpose.

I must say that the one scene in which Maheen and Waqar were together was electrifying. There is an undeniable chemistry between Ayeza Khan and Imran Abbas which makes their scenes a treat to watch. You can totally see that they are a far more compatible couple, even with all their “hatred” for each other, than Gulrez and Maheen. Waqar’s behavior towards Maheen completely changed after Fajr told him that Maheen cried a lot because of what Waqar did. I am surprised that this whole thappar issue is being mentioned so casually by everyone considering the fact that Maheen is such a ladli.

Right now the one thing which makes Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai different from other plays is the way the family ties have been shown. I feel like I am watching a drama from another era because it has been a long time since we watched relationships like these which are genuine and there is no backbiting, plotting and planning. All these people care about each other in some way whether they are young or old. Wali goes out of his way to help Gulrez out even though he is also sick of his obsession with his foxy. Neelam and Gulrez’s conversation showed how Neelam looks out for him. The older people are not seen lecturing the younger lot but they are part of the “gang”! The carefree timelessness of the younger lot has been captured brilliantly especially because we saw in the first episode how much these characters will change in a few years.

It was a decent episode which definitely gave me a reason to tune into this drama next week. The characters are appealing, their stories right now are simple yet engaging and the most important aspect is the way these characters have been translated on screen. Ami Begum’s character is already my favorite.The way she loves being part of the gang and the manner in which she covered up for Maheen was adorable. Saba Faisal is absolutely remarkable as ami begum. I just hope that the foxy is getting so much “screen time” for a good reason!

How many of you watched this episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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