Mol – Episode 15

This was quite an ajeeb si episode, with ajeeb say dialogues and to echo Emaan’s mumsy – Emaan ka ajeeb sa rawaya.

Jis rishtay ki bunyaad – yaani aulaad hi beech mein na ho, uss rishtay mein kia reh jata hai? Yeh tou ek khokla rishta hota hai. I seriously don’t like the way this drama is dealing with a couple’s inability to have a child. I understand that only childless couples know how difficult it is to live with this sense of deprivation, but the thing is, I have seen childless couples that don’t wallow in misery. Instead, they choose to connect with each other and find happiness in the lighter, happier things in life. This is how sensible, real life couples deal with this blow. This is by no means easy but it’s not impossible either. Had Emaan faced her problem this way, I would have called her a ‘strong’ woman in the true sense. But, demanding a divorce on no strong grounds – definitely not what I expect from a strong woman. All this talk about making a decision and staying true to it would’ve made a whole lot more sense if Sheheryaar had been an awful husband. Nothing about Emaan today – her dialogues, body language, tone or expressions – could remind me of the Emaan I used to enjoy watching on my screen. All through this episode, Sheheryaar tou Sheheryaar, she stayed aloof from her mother, too!

This episode alone testifies to the fact that Faisal Qureshi is a fabulous actor! For Sheheryaar, here comes the dawning realization that call it love or commitment, it is Emaan who completes his life. All through this episode, Sheheryaar wasn’t his usual, calm and composed self. Sheheryaar fears the looming collapse of his marriage, and the scene where he is lost in thought and his maid comes to remind him about his morning tea was done very well. I don’t feel the need to say it, but I really feel for Sheheryaar. This is not what Sheheryaar Hassan deserves for being a supportive and understanding husband. Putting up with all of this just because he couldn’t utter three overrated words? Not fair!

Rohail is not comfortable with Shahnaam-Emaan bonding and makes no secret of it, but I would actually say that Emaan is very dheet! I think she can clearly sense that Rohail is giving off cold vibes and yet, she simply barges into his house like it’s her own! I really didn’t want to say this, but Emaan’s obsession with Shaanu is starting to feel creepy. I can’t seem to understand Emaan’s ‘plans’ for her future. She wants Sheheryaar to divorce her so that she can be with Shahnaam, but if she marries Rohail, I wonder how awkward it would be for Emaan to be Sheheryaar’s neighbor+ex-wife! Yikes!

Sajal, Sajal, Sajal – now where do I begin? That smile alone was enough to tell me that Sajal is beginning to think about becoming Sheheryaar’s dusri biwi. Why put on the mein-kabhi-Sheheryaar-say-shadi-nahe-karun-gi show when all this while, all you actually wanted, in your hearts of hearts, was to be his dulhan (pehli ya dusri, that’s another debate)? Clearing the store to find Sheheryaar’s childhood pics and keeping broken bangles in the drawer, bohat sambhaal kay, just because they were associated with an eye contact with Sheheryaar (that lasted for a few seconds, just so you know)– ten years from now, when this gal will look back on her life, I bet she’ll ask herself: mein nay apni puri zindagi akhir kia kia?? On a serious note, I would really appreciate it if they just make up their mind about how Sajal’s character is supposed to shape up because this is the second time Sajal has contradicted herself.

There is not much to say about Humayun’s visit to Sukkur because it just went to show that Humayun is a despicable human being and Imtiaz Sahab, being a ghairatmand and concerned father, is appalled at how Humayun can stoop so low. Kuch naya batao! Coming to the ladies squad, I hereby declare that I won’t be watching any drama featuring the actress playing Zareena!

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Maryam Mehdi

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