Mor Mahal – Episode 10!

Ohkay so, I wish I could say that as much thought was given to dialogues, was given to the script of Mor Mahal too because the story is falling flat as the episodes are passing by & there’s nothing much happening in the drama to keep our interest alive & keep the viewers looking out for more. I wish I could say that the story had the substance that the dialogues of Mor Mahal have & honestly speaking at times such complicated dialogues do not hit home because the content of their conversations lack substance to begin with.

Even though the war between the states of Shujat & Asif is giving the story a much needed twist but I wish the bone of contention between the two brothers was something else because I actually had a laugh thinking that just because Shujat couldn’t get the ‘kaneez’ he was head over heels in love with & just because Asif grew possessive about his ‘kaneez’ that he had no idea about, they both decided to wage war at each other. Shujat circulated his own currency over an unknown woman & Asif called his son to fight his brother over an unknown woman too. I am sure even Meher Bano doesn’t know that she is the ‘fasad ki jarh’ here & so much has happened only because both the brothers are trying to prove Meher Bano’s ownership to one & another.

So, Badshah Begum wants Asif to have the rule over the state that falls under the rule of Meher Bano’s brother, that is why she is so keen on Meher Bano’s son as she sees him as a ticket to the grabbing of one more state but to see her wishing death upon her own grandson Taimur was actually disturbing. Just because Badshah Begum doesn’t want Farrukh Zaad to have an upper hand on her, she didn’t hold back in wishing to see Taimur dead because she would love to sacrifice her grandson but not see the mother of that grandson have a moment of glory & then Badshah Begum’s fixation with Meher Bano’s son makes her look paranoid & clueless because she herself has never visited Meher Bano to know where she is, especially when she has such high expectations of her! I always thought that the ladies of the house will stay involved in defeating each other but never knew that their personal hostility will put a dent on the state & affect its matters too & then I heard Asif Jahan say that the women of his family are not allowed to have a say in the running of the government & its matters!

Farrukh Zaad wrote a letter to her brother just so that he could protect her son Taimur & Badshah Begum wrote a letter to Dilawar Khan to tell him that she wishes to see Taimur dead if he defeats Shujat. Looks like Farrukh Zaad’s brother will make an entry in the near future. Well, it was actually amusing to see Asif Jahan being engaged in lovey dovey conversations with Banki but not worrying sick about the kidnapping of his new born, it was like a forgotten ordeal that he wasn’t bothered about. He promised Surraiya that he won’t sit still till he finds their son but I guess he forgot about his promise the moment he walked out of her room & came in contact with another woman of his house, be it Shahista, Farrukh Zaad or Banki!

I am not sure why the director & the writer didn’t really think things through & why didn’t they try to make the situations more engaging & meaningful. Till date the main focus was on the ladies & now when the focus has started to shift away, the events that are taking place are not really making much sense & are not sparking an interest either. I know the story of the drama will be covered in a lot of episodes but I wish they had kept the episodes lesser & had focused more on the substance of the story in other words, more focus on the quality rather than the quantity! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Mor Mahal (if you watched it)!

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