Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 17!

Ohkay so, this episode of Zara Yaad Kar was slow & didn’t offer much except a few conversations that were written really well. I think it’s time to move the story forward as it’s been stagnant for quite a while now. We have seen & we understand everyone’s sufferings too but it’s time to move towards the conclusion because the slow pace is not helping the situation in anyway.

Haadi has decided to move out & he understands that this is what Mahnoor wants & this is what Uzma wants too. Mahnoor’s relaxation goes to show how comfortable she is with what she has done because she knows that she’s not the one picking up the pieces, it is Haadi who’s being forced to do that on her behalf. “Pata nahi tum ghalti kisay keh rahi ho, mohabbat ko yan bewafai ko”, Haadi is feeling quite burdened by Mahnoor’s display of indifference to this situation because he is unable to wrap his head around the fact that someone can be so incourteous. Mahnoor is a spoiled brat & Haadi should understand that by now because the way she is not taking a responsibility of the mess that she has created really calls for some serious conversation with her. Haadi’s subtle hints aren’t a slap enough on her face & she knows that Haadi being a softie will never bring their past up & the moment he tries, Mahnoor silences him up. “Bewafai kalank hoti hai, jo karta hai uske liye bhi aur jiss ke saath hoti hai uske liye bhi”, Haadi did try to make Mahnoor understand that her attitude was annoying Haadi but if only she’d understand.

Aneesa lost hope in Mahnoor & gave up on her long time ago but Haadi’s submissiveness is what has made her aloof to this entire situation completely because she never expected him to surrender so easily in front of Mahnoor. Aneesa believes that Haadi is blind that he is once again falling into this trap with his eyes & brains shut, that’s why she decided to help Mahnoor out as she wants to get over with this ordeal as soon as possible. “Larkiyon ki keemat unki haya hoti hai beta, behaya to koriyon mai hi bikti hain”, Aneesa said it all one more time. It is sad that she knows that her daughter has ruined her entire life, that’s why every step, every move that she will make from now on will only mean that she’s digging a deeper hole for herself, that’s why Aneesa has strengthened herself & has brought herself to a point where she is not concerned with how Mahnoor’s life will turn out to be.

Mahnoor’s boss finally made the move & proposed to her. I must say the way Halala was discussed so casually throughout this episode was quite disturbing. Well, the way Mahnoor was caught off-guard was quite amusing, she should know that now she’s open to such sort of advances & such treatment too, so her boss’s shameless proposal shouldn’t concern her as she’s the one who chose this for herself. I wish as the time goes by & as her life unfolds, she understands how stupid she was & realizes her mistakes!!!

The conversation between Haadi & Uzma was quite nice & was probably the best bit of the episode for me. Haadi doesn’t want to go but since he is so indecisive, he wants Uzma to stop him once & make that decision for him. Haadi already has a lot on his plate & moving out of his comfort zone means he’ll lose just everything & will have to start from scratch, which he isn’t looking forward to. That aspect & those feelings were conveyed through the acting, expressions, dialogues perfectly. Uzma wants to distance herself & that’s why she has taken a firm stand but Haadi is trying to convince her, which made me feel for him.

Well, the preview of the next episode suggested that Mahnoor will accept her boss’s proposal & will tell Haadi to do something about it too, not sure if she was challenging him or was trying to make him strong since she knows it will be hard on Haadi. I enjoyed seeing the karma’s spin on Waqar. Gaiti’s brother is back & he took a stand for his sister but I am sure Gaiti will side by Waqar since she’s so much in love with him. Anyways, this episode was quite slow. I hope the pace picks up as I’m already looking forward to the ending. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Zara Yaad Kar.

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