Mor Mahal – Episode 13!

Ohkay so, to be honest, this episode of Mor Mahal was pretty decent. May be I feel that way because I have made myself understand that things in Mor Mahal are going to revolve around the ladies, their lives & their politics only, so if we watch this drama with that perspective, we can watch it just for the sake of it but if we’re going to have some expectations, then that’s going to be our fault only.

Akhtari convinced Badshah Begum that Meher Bano & Banki were putting up an act & for that reason, Badshah Begum ended up questioning Banki & she easily confessed that she was carrying Asif Jahan’s child. Badshah Begum has made it quite evident that she will go to any lengths to defeat Farrukh Zaad & also, she will do everything in her might to prevent Taimur from becoming the ruler after Asif Jahan, that is why, just in a split of a second she accepted what Banki told her as she knew she had that child that Badshah Begum was waiting for quite eagerly.

I must say, everything can be forgiven but what can’t is the fact that the walls of Mor Mahal are made of cardboard because the way everyone can hear everything from the basement is actually quite amusing. Meher Bano being a resident of the basement knows everything that transpires at the top floor & so does Shahista & also, I must say Shahista’s timing is perfect, it’s like she has these sensors in her body that tell her to go to the basement because there she will get to listen to something highly confidential & important. Also, looks like some novice architect designed Mor Mahal because the way Shahista & Meher Bano eavesdrop on Asif Jahan & Badshah Begum makes it look like their rooms are side by side, which is actually quite amusing considering how it is a Mahal & how there should be separate portions for everyone. I fail to believe that Asif Jahan & Badshah Begum share a wall because the way their voices are heard from the basement makes it look exactly like that. Anyways, Meher Bano, through the cardboard wall heard that Badshah Begum planned on getting rid of Banki once she gave birth to the baby of Asif Jahan, therefore she decided to swoop in & save the day, which she actually couldn’t!!!

I think before the crowning ceremony, Asif Jahan should’ve done something about Jamshed but he seems to be in a hurry for all the wrong reasons. He wanted to crown Banki & that’s when he got to know that she wasn’t his wife. At least Meher Bano did try to save Banki because she knew about the evil intentions of Badshah Begum, I guess when Meher Bano found enough courage in her to confess everything, she should’ve taken Badshah Begum’s name in front of Asif Jahan as well to make things a bit more clear & add more weight to her confessions that she wasn’t lying. Well, looks like Banki underestimated Asif Jahan’s love for her & she chose to end her life. That scene was a bit emotional only because Banki ended up dying for no good reason & also because she was the one that Asif Jahan truly loved. Banki was innocent & she didn’t deserve to die like that but no idea what was running through her mind.

Meher Bano ended up getting arrested & looks like things are once again in going to turn in Farrukh Zaad’s favor because Asif Jahan has lost his new born Jamshed & the hope of having another baby has died with the death of Banki too. Farrukh Zaad will once again end up having an upper hand because only her son Taimur is alive & it is imperative that he is going to succeed Asif Jahan. I actually thought that Surraya was killed but I was surprised to see her alive, I guess Asif Jahan is quite inconsistent when it comes to love because out of his love for Surraya he made sure to win a bet for her sake, but ever since she came in Mor Mahal, Asif Jahan didn’t really bother much about her & even now he seemed indifferent to her condition & suffering because he was to busy mourning the death of Banki; his new found love, while completely forgetting about the promise he made to Surraya about Jamshed. Well, honestly speaking, I won’t be surprised if I see a new female character making an entry in Asif Jahan’s life & if I see Asif Jahan falling madly in love with her (for a couple of episodes). Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Mor Mahal.

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