Moray Saiyaan Episode 11 Review – Interesting Turn of Events!

Ohkay so, this episode of Moray Saiyaan was quite interesting & even though everything that happened was quite unexpected, but it was done convincingly & appropriately. I really hope that the drama-makers don’t drag the drama from this stage & end it in a decent number of episodes because the pace of the drama is somewhat slow already, so slowing it down further won’t help actually. I think a chunk of every single episode is dedicated to the family issues which haven’t been explained till date, so it would be better to omit those conversations, or elaborate those issues which they keep on discussing repeatedly, on the loop, continuously, without any pauses!

So, Nimra decided to call it quits as she knew that Ghaziyan wasn’t happy with everything that was happening, but Nimra not only said no, she also made sure that Ghaziyan gets what he wants. Nimra already knew that if she & her father won’t make it happen this day, then Ghaziyan will have to suffer a lot more as Zakia wouldn’t allow what he wants. It was good to see that Nimra not only convinced her father, but also requested him to speak to Zubaria’s father about her Nikkah with Ghaziyan. Even though everything that Zubaria’s father heard caught him off-guard but he gave in because he has met Ghaziyan a few times & in those meetings, Ghaziyan left such a good impression on Zubaria’s father that he had no reason to say no. The more I think of it, the more I feel it was such a blessing in disguise that Zakia wasn’t attending this family function, lol!

Finally, Ghaziyan & Zubaria officially got married, they became a couple & I actually had a good time seeing Ghaziyan’s excitement & Zubaria’s act of not being happy, whereas she was subtly smiling to herself because of everything that was happening in their favor. Even though Zubaria ended up agreeing to the promise that her father made & the decision he took for her, but I really like the fact that she is so dignified where she is still standing by her stand. Even though, from this day onward, Zubaria has no reason to be stern but she doesn’t want to give Ghaziyan an edge to believe that he can treat her as his wife & expect her to treat him as her husband. Everything that has been happening & has happened in the past is already too hard for Zubaria to cope up with, therefore it seems understandable that she is taking her time & is still thinking things through. Yes, Ghaziyan has gotten what he wanted, he has got the love of his life, but Zubaria is definitely going to make him realize that he still has to win her over.

Even though Nimra spoke on behalf of Zubaria & Ghaziyan but I wonder why didn’t she honestly tell her mother that she decided to call everything quits & convinced Zubaria’s father to accept Ghaziyan as his son in law. Anyways, as expected from a negative soul like Zakia, she created a havoc after getting to know that her daughter didn’t get married. I find it actually quite funny how while standing in Ghaziyan’s home, Zakia tells him to go away & leave this place? For the first time, it looked like even Waris knew his sister quite well & he knew that she has zero sensibility when it comes to understanding & respecting the relationships that she has but I feel he is the only one who is responsible for Zakia’s inflated ego. Waris has given his sister Zakia so much of freedom & so much of an edge that now she has directed her entire hatred & negative energy towards Waris’s only son Ghaziyan, still he is unable to take the matters in his hand & tell Zakia off. The way Waris has allowed Zakia to rule his place & his small family will only push him away from his son because Ghaziyan seems a lot rebellious & I won’t be surprised if he will leave this place again because of Zakia.

I found Jamshed’s concerns realistic where he was feeling bad that his father didn’t bother telling him about Zubaria’s Nikkah. Also, another loophole was that Jamshed’s wife spoke to her father in law regarding Nimra’s Nikkah function that she wanted to attend & it was suggested that she & her father in law will attend it together, so why was it that while everything was happening, she was nowhere to be seen?

It was good to see that Anas & Nimra decided to have a conversation with their mother about how she shouldn’t be so rigid because by the end of the day, they all were living in Waris’s house. Zakia has gotten used to the idea of literally exploiting her brother’s trust that she can’t think beyond her selfish approach & feels that everything that she is doing is perfectly alright. I think both Ghaziyan & Waris have given her so much of importance in their lives that she thinks she is entitled to pass verdicts on what Ghaziyan should & shouldn’t do. I found it actually quite amusing how Zakia informed Ghaziyan that she would never want Zubaria to come to this place? Like duh!

Anyways, I had a great time watching this episode. I must say I like Ghaziyan’s character for the fact that in a drama where everyone has furrowed brows & extremely tensed & depressed faces, he adds a touch of humor with his child-like behavior especially when he speaks with Zubaria or is dealing with any matters concerning her. I have now started to feel that they all need to at least lighten up because I don’t remember a single scene where I saw them all sharing a hearty laugh with each other. Everyone is just so serious, depressed & tensed as if they don’t experience any other emotion & are deprived of happiness. Yes, even these sad emotions are believable since they all are in such a situation but c’mon, lighten up please. The preview of the next episode made me laugh where Anas was only concerned about his ‘honeymoon’ & here we all were wondering about how important his role would be & how he will contribute to the story only to find out after 10 episodes that he is just as desperate & selfish like Zakia is…I think it runs in the blood. Ghaziyan & Zubaria looked absolutely adorable together but now I’d like to see Zubaria throwing some friendly smiles at her husband too because c’mon he deserves it. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Moray Saiyaan.

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