Moray Saiyaan Episode 12 Review – Repetitive & Boring!

Ohkay so, this episode of Moray Saiyaan was once again quite slow & to be honest, this was the first time when I tried to cut short most of the scenes & conversations by forwarding them because everything was way too repetitive & boring. I think the worst mistake the director has done so far is slowing down the pace of this drama because it doesn’t have much happening in it in the first place, so in dramas like these, the best way to keep the interest of the viewers alive is to maintain the pace but it has slowed down so much that nothing is looking interesting at this stage. All the tracks have become way too one-dimensional & there isn’t much happening!

I liked Nimra’s approach, at first, seeing her forlorn face did put me off but she redeemed herself when she announced that she will be going abroad to pursue her sports career. Nimra is the only one who is acts like a sane & normal person in this family of paranoid & egoistic people. She is going through a heart break & she knew that she had to do something in order to overcome everything. At least Nimra knows, that if she will continue to live in a toxic company of her mother, she will never be able to deal with her pain. I have no idea how long it will take Zakia to understand that Nimra made the right decision & she was entitled to do that. Zakia thinks Nimra has disappointed her by not getting married, but it is so good to see that Nimra had & has a life apart from marriage & now she is ready to work on it. Zakia is someone who herself has had a disastrous married life, so not sure what makes her think that getting married to a guy like Ghaziyan who didn’t love Nimra would’ve guaranteed her a lifelong happiness.

To be honest, I am getting tired of seeing everyone being so paranoid & egoistic in this drama. Zakia, Kabeer, Waris, to some extent Zubaria, Zubaria’s Bhabhi, Anas & now Jamshed? When I started watching this drama, I was promised by the writer that this was going to be a ‘light-hearted entertainment’ but sorry, as the episodes are passing by, everyone is looking like an angry bird to me. Jamshed’s concerns are right but when he has already has a conversation about how things unfolded on the day of Zubaria’s Nikkah, then there is no need for him to make weird faces inspired by his wife, every time he sees Ghaziyan or Zubaria.

Yes, I agree, the track & the characters of Ghaziyan & Zubaria are the main reason why I tune to this drama but sadly, nothing’s happening in their lives too, also sadly they both get such limited screen-time, most of which is filled with Zubaria throwing tantrums at Ghaziyan & Ghaziyan trying to prove his love & himself to his wife, which once again is getting a little tedious & repetitive to watch. In the beginning, when I saw Zubaria smiling at Ghaziyan’s phone call, I thought we’d see some meaningful conversations happening between them but once again, first half of their dialogues were filled with how Zubaria was tired of Ghaziyan’s immaturity & the second half was filled with how she was getting late & how she needed a taxi. Can we move on please?

I find it funny that the writer & the director took 12 episodes to reveal that Altamash is a free-bird, whereas he seemed like a very mature & groomed person, who was quite responsible, but hearing Kabeer say that he doesn’t value his relationships was a shocker. All this while, I thought he was attending some medical conference outside Pakistan & would be returning but to hear Kabeer say all these things made no sense & actually made me laugh. It is actually quite amusing that 99.99% of the characters are fillers in this drama & sadly, they consume 99.99% of the screen time which is making it a little boring to tune to. I am sure the way Anas didn’t contribute much to the story, Altamash doesn’t have a pandora box of contribution either, so at this stage, I am not even looking forward to what his character has to offer!

I really think ARY should give Moray Saiyaan an App Ke Liye treatment & they should start airing it twice a week because that would help with the pace & move the story forward quickly. Hope Anas is having a time of his life at his honeymoon, lol, so much of curiosity was built over nothing. Kabeer-Gul Zeb, Waris-Zakia, Zakia-Nimra, Ghaziyan-Zubaria – all these conversations were just so repetitive like it made me feel that I could watch this episode on mute & would still understand what they would be talking about because they have nothing else or new to talk about. Yes, the dialogue about Altamash was something new but definitely not good! The preview of the next episode didn’t entice me enough because seems like Zubaria is going to put the ball in Zakia’s court & will pledge to spend her entire life on Zakia’s mercy. Zakia is someone who gave up on her husband & till date spews venom against him, so I guess we all should congratulate Zubaria for dropping kulhaari on her feet & also for winning herself a life-long-distance relationship with Ghaziyan. Please share your thoughts about this slowest episode of Moray Saiyaan!

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