Moray Saiyaan Episode 17 Review – The End!

Ohkay so, this episode of Moray Saiyaan was the last episode that I saw & will review. Do I have an issue with any hero in any drama dying? NO! Then what must be the reason that I am going to stop tuning to this play? It is because this drama wasn’t what I was promised it to be. I tuned to this drama because I wanted some refreshing & light-hearted entertainment but as the episodes progressed by it started becoming bothersome & burdensome to tune to it because of the snail pace & the way the story was going around in circles. I don’t remember the last time I saw any progress in this story which is filled with a bunch of overly egoistic & dramatic people who don’t know what the art of forgiving is. The only good thing rather ‘light’ thing about this drama was the character of Ghaziyan so with his character not being a part of the drama anymore leaves no reason for me to tune to it!

So, everyone in this episode was seen shedding tears over Ghaziyan’s accident & they were praying for his recovery. To be honest, I knew all the scenes were going to be so heavy-hearted & boring that I forwarded most of them because there was neither anything ‘new’ about the reactions of the characters nor the situation that the characters were facing.

Dr. Farah had a lot of faith in her husband but he tried his level best. I think Dr. Farah’s character was kept in the drama aimlessly & just when the producers thought that they were paying her for hovering around the set for no good reason, they decided to put her to good use by making her the reason behind Ghaziyan meeting an accident. Farah’s guilt was understandable but ummm, at this stage of the drama, I am not interested!

Zubaria got the last chance to share her feelings with Ghaziyan & just then & there, he passed away. After that, it was impossible for the episode to grab my attention so I once again forwarded most of the scenes. It was ridiculous how in such a situation, Zakia once again found a chance to spew venom against Zubaria. I know Zakia hates Zubaria & she used this opportunity to once again make it clear to her what Zakia thinks of her but I really think the writers need to be a little more careful in writing the dialogues in these kind of situations because this is something that our society highly & staunchly believes in that if something bad happens, it is because of a girl/wive’s kismat? I think we can expect our writers of this day & age to write something better & sensible because hearing these dialogues again & again & again makes no sense & rather reinforces the concept that a girl is the reason of anyyyy problem that the guy faces, which definitely is NOT the case. Also, with the writer being a female herself, I most certainly expected better from her.

Anyways, I am done with this play because I am sick of seeing Zubaria’s roni shakal. I am wondering that when this girl had ALL the reasons to smile & be happy, she was so stone faced & depressed, so I can’t even begin to imagine now that she has lost her husband, how she will be in the rest of the drama. The preview was ridiculous where they showed that Zubaria’s going to find out that she is expecting & Zakia will get all the more reasons to taunt & torture so I think ye boring characters aur boring story wala drama writer ko hi mubarik ho because I am done. Uzair Jaswal & Neha Rajpoot have a bright future in the industry ahead but they definitely should work a lot harder on their acting. In a drama like Moray Saiyaan where the rest of the lot was filled with expressionless, boring, negative & lifeless characters, Uzair & Neha’s mediocre, rather below average acting didn’t stick out like a sore thumb but I think if they get to sign a good story based drama with a substantial character in the future, then this level of acting would only ruin the drama for the viewers so they should definitely work harder. The only actor who really stood out the most was Kinza Hashmi, she is really good. Anyways, please share your thoughts about the last episode of Moray Saiyaan!

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ps: Phew! I am feeling so good to know that I’ll be having Torture-Free Tuesdays from now on! Yuppiiieeee!!!

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