Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai Episode 13 Review – Payback Has Started


So here we are with episode 12 of this drama. This episode introduced us to the characters as they have aged. Naheed’s daughter have all grown up now. We have Mehwish Qureshi as Iqra, Mariam Ansari as Anum and Saboor Ali as Amber, and so far none of the three have impressed with their impersonation of the younger girls. Maybe this will change as time passes and story moves ahead but currently, their casting has not clicked.

As the time has passed, Naheed has grown more confident and more sure of her decision to leave Sadiq’s house. She has raised able, confident and competent daughters who are sharing her financial and household burdens from a very young age. The way Naheed is shown celebrating their successes and remembering all that she had heard on giving birth to all daughters was very impressive. It gives a very powerful message that a woman can and should raise her kids alone if she is faced with the circumstances that Naheed saw in her husband’s home. Saima Noor has grown more graceful and wise and she is an absolute natural in the role. However, the mother daughter chemistry that she had with her little girls has yet to develop with the older ones. I hope it does get to that level again because it had given a very original feel to the drama.

Shehzad is very impressed by her sister’s efforts to raise her daughters and he has praised that a lot of times. Some things however, have not changed, like Fariha’s disdain and jealousy from Naheed, and Shehzad’s loss of reason and ability to think for his own self when faced with Fariha’s manipulation. They had come to congratulate on Amber’s grand success and Fariha managed to create a rift between brother and sister by mentioning that Naheed does not pay any heed to the proposals they have brought for Iqra over the years.

Iqra, it seems has not been able to study in order to shoulder some of the responsibilities that her mother had. Anum is shown doing MBBS and Amber is starting college in full scholarship and wants to work in an NGO along with that. Naheed’s conversation with Iqra was a very good reminder of that fact that fathers like Sadiq not only harm their kids’ childhood, but also scar them for life. Who can blame Iqra for never wanting to marry in her life after she had seen Naheed suffer needlessly at the hands of her husband. Anum is shown quite level headed and normal, whereas Amber harbours extreme bitterness, to the extent that she places cake and flowers outside her father’s home every month, with the icing saying Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai. So Naheed was able to give them everything except erase the scars that they had borne in the early years of their lives when their own father had treated them so badly. The writer has made a very good point of it. Both parents are very important in balanced upbringing of kids, otherwise they are certain to develop some eccentric traits.

In Sadiq’s and Anila’s household, things are going as predicted. Anila is reaping the rewards for being so proud on birthing sons, when those very sons are bringing nothing but disgrace to the family. Sadiq is reaping rewards for leaving his own flesh and blood for a blind obsession with male offsprings. It is very good that he is now left with two parasites in the form of stepsons, who cannot even manage their own responsibilities, let alone share Sadiq’s burden. He is very deservedly left all alone in his duties which he was so desperate for a son to share with that he shunned his own daughters. Only one son was shown in this episode and he was every bit as useless as he should be to serve Anila right for thinking that bearing sons should be enough to keep her head held high in pride.

Hope the next episode picks pace, now that characters are well introduced.

Mehwish Mansoor