Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai Episode 14 Review – Feminism Gone Wrong

This episode of Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai failed to make a mark. The story is paused and there is nothing significant about the characters they we got to know, except maybe Amber.

In Naheed’s household, things are the same. The girls are climbing up the ladder of success. While Iqra and Anum are quite good human beings, the most competitive of them all, Amber is turning out to be quite an unlikeable personality. Iqra is a homebody but Anum is a medical student and while being grounded and practical, is respectful to other people. Mehwish Qureshi and Mariam Ansari are settling well into the roles and their actings are also improving with every episode.

Saboor Ali, however, is another story. Her character Amber is quite over the top and her acting is making it even more so. She is a prime example of when people never snub their kids in order to make them confident, but it backfires and those kids then become narcissists. Maybe the writer is showing her to be feminist but there is a difference between being obnoxious and being feminist. No man or woman should treat other human beings like trash, no matter what the gender. The way she insulted and threw the old man out of her office goes to show that Naheed has lagged behind in the ethical sense of upbringing. Amber should have had the sense to know that just because her father did not prove to be a good father, she cannot punish other people for it. Her behaviour in front of the ladies that came to see Iqra was also unnecessarily rude and defensive. I agree with her point that everything should be straight forward and crystal clear before marriage proposals, but this amount of rudeness was simply not needed. For once, I felt for Shehzad and found Naheed to be obstinate in defending her daughters even when they were clearly in the wrong. If mothers don’t teach their kids of either gender to be respectful to elders, who else is going to do that?

In Sadiq’s household, he deservedly is not getting any moral or financial support from his step sons which he wrongly assumed comes with having male offsprings. Anila’a cunningness has now created two monsters who refuse to pay any heed to what Sadiq or even Anila expects out of them.

Stay tuned to see if the next episode is able to move the story forward ..

Mehwish Mansoor