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Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 14.

I think this drama was better off when they were in the past because at least they had some material to be covered, be it in a hideous way but still they managed to show us something, but ever since we’ve come to know about Arham’s so-called gunnah, we’re left with nothing & have come to a point where they are using Narmeen’s breakfast as a weapon against her to prove how EVIL she is.

Accha, Shahiq has this ‘umang’ in his heart that Narmeen must pay some attention to him like Areeba pays to Arham. Sad that Arham still has those fits of distress even after he has found a good wife. Nothing in this drama is making sense at this point. It’s ohkay to be stagnant but when there’s nothing, literally nothing to be shown, then they come up with such meaningless episodes. Last episode ended at a note where Narmeen misbehaves about her FIL (father-in-law) in front of Shahiq & Samina & it was made to shown that Shahiq won’t take that & will slap Narmeen about what she said but how this episode started was enough to show the unsystematic approach of the director.

It was good that at least Sarah could speak in front of Narmeen but what was the NASHTA fiasco all about? Matlab Narmeen’s breakfast was just so important that it had to be mentioned or covered again & again in almost 3 scenes. At least before they kept on hovering around the Gunnah but right now they’re taking it to the household chores. Nashta, late uthna, namaz, bahu se kaam na karwana? Seriously!?!?!?! & yes whenever they sight the mood, they take us to already-seen-present-flashbacks, applaud for such an amazing insight of the director & the editor.

Accha, I just don’t understand the pattern of Arham’s pagal-pan. At one moment he is walking hands in hands with Areeba who is counseling him regularly, on the other he is having a breakfast with everyone peacefully, he is also seen asking Shahiq about his problems & went for Namaz with him to usay daura kahan se parh jata hai? No one loves me, no one understands me, no one has forgiven me? I think everyone has walked out of that phase in life but it is Arham who needs to snap out of it.

They never once showed how Arham connected the puzzle of Narmeen’s game? Narmeen never ever told anyone except her mother that she liked Shahiq for which she has left Arham? But from the last 2 – 3 episodes Arham on his own is speaking about Narmeen’s marriage to Shahiq because she found him more attractive than Arham? If it was someone wise, he must’ve established some grounds for Arham to be finding out the ultimate secret but right now he is just so sure without any knowledge of Narmeen’s game-plan. Plus all he knew was that Shahiq was forced into marrying Narmeen because of her izzat to be protected but this particular detail should’ve been used as a shocker & something to be exposed in front of everyone or else if Arham has connected the dots, why ain’t he speaking of it in front of his family?

Lost interest in the drama & praying that it ends ASAP!

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

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