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Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 15

Ohkay so it’s official (not that it wasn’t before) that this serial is an epitome of imperfection. I think when the logic ended this drama came into materialization. Whoever the writer & the director are, they deserve a standing ovation for pulling this piece of crap & actually succeeding in annoying us. Spare me for I’m furious about the time of mine that has been wasted, phew!

The pattern of each of the episodes is similar where Arham is happy at one moment & the very next he wants to die & go to hell ASAP (which I wish he would). Areeba pulls off this constipated face every time & succeeds in irritating us to limits. Samina Begum knows Narmeen’s ill-mannered but everytime she becomes a saas & wants to pass a statement to correct Narmeen & later she regrets speaking to her. Sarah’s just a filler to fill the not-so-happy family picture. Shahiq is a pain…pain to watch, pain to listen to & a pain to tolerate. Shakeel sahab runs this high-end business but in my opinion lacks basic knowledge or a know-how of how an elder should be. He is as unreasonable as one CAN’T be!

I just don’t understand the sequence of this drama & why was this even perceived or why didn’t the actors who are so-called so much experienced in this industry pointed out to the director that he was committing such huge & petty mistakes. I just don’t get why was the drama even made? It’s such a huge disappointment or we can say that it’s like a black mark on their careers. Arham’s fits are just out of control & for this reason I believe he needs to visit a shrink ASAP, because his predicament is now getting funnier & unreasonable, as he seems pretty fine being a stay-at-home man so why does he want to move out of his parents’ house?

I thought Narmeen was never coming back after getting slapped because she ran with a speed of light but the very next moment she was seen sitting on a bed bickering with Shahiq as usual. I just don’t get why every dialogue of Narmeen has to begin with ‘tum mujh pe taunt maar rahay ho?‘ I mean obviously everyone IS targeting you so why do you confirm every time? Just understand it, deal with it like you do animally & shut it Narmeen. Narmeen clearly wore some beige churridaar when she was in her saas sasur’s room but the very next moment when she came back to her room she had a change of bottoms in black trousers. I wonder her walk-in closet was in between the rooms of her sasur & her own. I just hate when she yells unnecessarily to make a mount of a molehill.

Of all the people I thought only Shakeel was impaired from re-calling the past but this time he burst my bubble pretty well by remembering something old which never made any sense. Shahiq hit Narmeen but in response to that Shakeel uncle went to fetch a petty detail from the past. Everyone knows she’s an evil of a kind still they don’t want to do anything about it. & oh at a mention of evil, I would want to thank the director for not showing Narmeen’s mother in this particular episode. She’s another evil on the loose.

I have never ever seen such a hideous drama where nothing makes sense. Accha, all this while when the drama began we never saw any lady of the house working ever but lately they want to show us k baray ghar ki auntiyaan bhi kaam karti hain so that’s why each one of them is chamach-phairing in a pan to show how mehanti they are. I hope any person in-charge from Hum Tv reads the review & the comments of every viewer & quit this show ASAP because it’s nothing but a waste of prime-time slot on every Tuesday. This show must END.

Zahra Mirza.