Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 17.

Statutory Warning: This episode was solely for those viewers who had missed Episode 07 of this drama serial, therefore, it only had the flashbacks along with certain insensible details which may force you to smote yourself, so aggar appne appko maaar maar k tabiyat ziyada kharab ho gai ho to Doctor se rujooh karain!

Arham apparently claimed in front of his roti surat wife that he finds it REALLY hard to recall & speak about what has happened in the past & for that reason I am wondering if it was THIS difficult for him, he is still whinging about it constantly SO IF it was easier, how much would’ve he spoken about it. Is it just me who feels like smacking Sarah every single time she opens her mouth? She goes around saying Areeba should ask Arham what had happened that night, as if she was on a holiday & was not present in the house for which she can’t give details to Areeba about it & Areeba who’s blessed with a 0 IQ agrees & still asks Arham about it as if he has NEVER ever spoken about it with her before.

Areeba was annoying, is annoying & will be annoying & that’s for sure. When she came to this house, she was a curious cow & even after Arham has told her every single deet, she is still curious. I am wondering what will satisfy her curiosity. I think is ghar mai rooms k darwazay band karne ka riwaaj nahi hai, therefore, every single person can hear what the others are talking about.

I think I’ve fallen in love with this drama SO MUCH that even before the conversations begin, I know what they are going to be talking about. If Arham & Narmeen are in the picture, it would start off with Arham’s shaving techniques followed by a conversation about Arham being guilty about making Shakeel uncle completely insane. If Arham & Areeba are discussing something, it would ONLY be focusing on Arham’s whinging & crying & whining making him look like a little baby who needs a NAPPY change. If Narmeen is speaking to her evil-mama it would be about miyan ko kabu karne k 101 tareeqay & if Narmeen is in a conversation with Shaiq…it would most likely make you yawn because of Shaiq’s awazar shakal.

I thought they had revealed every thing about the Gunnah night but wow, they caught me off-guard when they poured in some more details thinking we’d be interested by now!?!?!?! But no matter what I am in love with their Naukrani & her wawela, she looked so cute while panting that I wanted to hug her & tell her that you’re the ONLY one in this show who’s doing things right!

Nightmare Narmeen is actually having nightmares herself & while she was having nightmares in a middle of a night, Areeba & Arham had a conversation in a bright daylight about what happened previously, Sarah & Areeba had a conversation too to fix the tension, their Pupho died & Shaiq went & came back from the airport, Shaiq’s Ammi got the ticket as well (just like the kaam-wali got medical reports & NGO workers at Fajr time), yes all this happened while Narmeen was asleep. I am wondering was her night equal to a light-year or what? She dreaded someone was choking her to death, which I wish someone would!

Preview of the next episode doesn’t disappoint us because it is still going to be as unreasonable as the previous episodes have been, so phew! that’s a relief man. Even after Shaiq has heard about Narmeen being guilty & confessing in front of her evil-mama, he’s still telling Arham to stay away from his wife. Shaiq you need to make up your mind on who do you support dude or else please continue to be like a ‘din ka chimgadarh’ as mentioned by you, about yourself in Shehr-e-Zaat.

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Zahra Mirza.

ps: Bas sabr rakhain behan bhaiyon, kuch dino ki baat hai!

Zahra Mirza

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