Mushk Episode 20 Story Review – New Beginnings

Tonight’s episode of Mushk marked a new beginning for Guddi and Adam. Adam is finally falling in love with Guddi and the writer Imran Ashraf deserves credit for taking this track forward in the most convincing manner. The old school romance between these two made me forget that we are living in an age where most of the communication is done through mobile phones! Most of us were waiting for Adam to fall for Guddi and we were also wondering how it will eventually happen. Gradually, Adam started to see beyond Guddi’s tough exterior and fell in love with that side of her personality that is hidden from the world. Other than their track, Zulekha’s husband’s track is getting interesting. Has Guddi unleashed a monster? Hassan Ahmed was especially impressive tonight since his demeanor was such that there was reason to be scared of him. Zulekha was perhaps saving everyone around him by making sure that he did not have the strength to cause more harm. For the first time, I felt that she wasn’t so wrong after all and perhaps she was doing everyone a favor! Mehak and Shayan’s track continues to be a snooze-fest; even with all their helplessness and bechargi, I find it impossible to feel for them!

The Outcome

Tonight’s episode for the most part covered the outcome of the journey which was supposed to be the beginning of a new life for Mehak. However, it ended up being an eye-opener for Adam. Adam has always been shown as a sensitive and loving individual therefore he immediately reconsidered his opinion about Guddi after watching how her mother treated her. For the first time, he saw how helpless Guddi was even though she looked like she was completely in control of her life. Since Adam is a wise person, he instantly realized his mistake. He started sharing how he felt about Guddi right after her meeting with her mother. This trip, therefore, played a vital role in bringing Adam and Guddi closer together. Guddi’s love for Adam was defined and explained so well in all of the conversations these two characters had. For a change, there is someone in Adam’s life who wants to make him happy the way he had tried all his life to make Mehak happy. The fact that Guddi is really honest about who she is and her feelings for Adam makes her character more likable. She judges herself just as neutrally as she does others around her. Her understanding of who she is has been crucial in making the viewers understand her character.

Mushk Episode 20 Story Review – New Beginnings

Imran Ashraf and Urwa Hocane’s performances and their on-screen chemistry made their scenes a treat to watch. Both these characters deserved to be loved since they have spent their entire life trying to please others therefore all of us have a reason to root for them. Adam’s honest apology and the surprising expressions on his face every time he looked into Guddi’s eyes suggested that he was indeed falling for her. For a change, Adam and Guddi were not talking about Mehak even though she was going through the most difficult phase of her life. They were both more eager to find out more about each other and share how they felt. There was a certain degree of shyness and a lot of reluctance but at the same time a definite attraction between Adam and Guddi.

Monster Unleashed

Zulekha’s husband set out to look for Guddi the minute he was on his feet. He decided not to kill his wife since that would have been an easy death for her. His negative side was unleashed in such a way in this episode that it was almost impossible to believe that this was the same helpless person who was laying on the bed begging for every little thing a few days back. Will Guddi regret her decision? Will she turn to the doctor yet again for help?

Mushk Episode 20 Story Review – New Beginnings

Mehak and Shayyan

Mehak had faith in Shayyan for all these years but after witnessing his nikkah, she has given up on him altogether. Her conversation with Muna was heart-warming but Sami Khan was not too comfortable delivering those heavy-duty dialogues. Mehak’s track has been more or less the same right from the beginning and Momal Sheikh’s performance leaves a lot to be desired. Shayyan questioned himself yet again but just like always he failed to do anything substantial to change things. I have a feeling that this track might end with Muqaddar Khan getting a stroke because Shayyan does not have the guts or the brains to do anything about the situation. This track continues to be the least interesting track in the story so far.

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode belonged to Imran Ashraf and Urwa Hocane; Guddi and Adam’s love story has finally started. I am however still wondering why Guddi still hasn’t found out what actually happened with Roshni and she did not even try to get in touch with Saqib. All of us wanted to see her reaction when she found out the details but so far she is more focused on Adam and the doctor. Guddi and Adam’s characters are the main attraction in the drama. I also really appreciate the way Imran Ashraf has added spiritual element to this drama intelligently. Every episode has at least one or two dialogues that make you self-reflect. Tonight, Shayyan questioning himself was one such scene that highlighted the importance of having faith in God.

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Fatima Awan

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  • Fatima Ji,
    You said it…. New Beginnings and a Monster Unleashed…..

    According to sources, the drama is left with 4 or 5 episodes and not more….
    Raja Haider ( An amazing actor and a powerhouse in terms of talent, do watch his amazing journey as an actor, disclosed in an interview with Mr. Hassan Choudhary…… Something Haute) and Momal Sheikh have indicated that the remaining episodes will be gripping and explosive……
    The reasons why Ms. Momal Sheikh’s performance leaves a lot to be desired is also clarified in the interview with Mr. Hasan….

    A big shout out to the brilliant performances by the support cast of Mushk…… their contribution is immense.

    Hoorain, as Masooma… she has acted so well as the child bride and also in her interactions with Shayaan.

    Natasha Ali as her mother, being helpless, hopeless and disappointed has been depicted so well by her.

    Sami Khan as Munna….. he has acted so well as the sounding board of every other character in the drama.

    Raja Haider as the Doctor, possessed when it comes to the matters of the heart and desires….. brilliant performance indeed….

    Sehar Khan as Roshni, to have loved and lost and in hoping to find love again……
    her expressions do convey the despair and pain…. she is lucky to emote some of the best lines as dialogues….

    Raza Talish as Sakib…. In his Angst for revenge, he probably lost Roshni forever…. he has portrayed his guilt and angst so well….

    And ofcourse….

    then there is Qavi Khan…. a well balanced performance conveying the right and the wrong and living one’s life in hope…. Wikipedia has listed him as playing the character of a railway station ghost in Mushk….
    (I am amazed, shocked and disappointed) is he really the ghost in Mushk?
    I am keen on knowing the group’s view on the wikipedia note…..

    Thank You so much for a brilliant review Fatima Ji.
    Can’t wait to watch the remaining episodes of Mushk….


    • Hello Ketan, Loved reading your comments about all the actors and totally agree with everything you said. Oh really! That is interesting. If that really is the case then Wiki shouldn’t have revealed it LOL!! I loved all his scenes, beautiful dialogues and his energy was amazing.

      You’re most welcome. I look forward to your feedback, you always add something interesting to these discussions.

  • Im following mushk since it started. Love this drama. Sadly its underrated like other critically good dramas. I’m assuming whats tge future of our drama industry. The dramas which gave us recognition are now turning into disaster.

    I’m watching Ghisi piti muhabbat, mushk and ReB and enjoying a lot. I didn’t like dunk’s first episode much.

    Adm-guddi made a great onscreen couple. Chemistry was awesome.
    Rooting for this one.

    Apt review FA.

    • I know right! It is really unfortunate. Oh yes! Love their scenes. I am glad Urwa decided to make a comeback with this character and drama.

      Thank you AH, good to have you back.

  • Good review Fatima, I just watch the drama in parts, as the supp cast is new for me, and even tho they are good actors, m not enjoying their tracks plus I dont like Ahson Talish after ye dil mera. The only thing abt the drama that i liked is Imran and urwa, their performance , their scenes, and the chemistry they shared in yesterday’s episode was excellent. This is the first performance of Urwa that I have seen, she is so good , she must do more dramas.

  • Everyone was rooting for Aulaad in previous thread, but actually its a copy of another Aplus hit GT Road, which was more rooted, was much more cultural. And yes if its copied, Mohammad Ahmad will die in the end too :D

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