Naml – Episode 14

I have to say this: this episode belonged to Faris Ghazi. He outshone even Zumar, Saadi and Hashim in this one. The episode was part two of Man Khisht ba Malika daad and had the theme of queens and diamonds as number 13. Once again Naml entranced us into itself.

                                                               ****SPOILER ALERT****


I wouldn’t go into details but here are the highlights. Faris shows Zumar what he has in the basement: he had been planning to take revenge from each and every one who was involved in sending him to jail and keeping him there (except Zumar ofcourse).  We get to learn that he is not that much ‘angry young man’ as he pretends to be, rather he just appears to be volatile in order to fool others. On the other hand, Saadi realises that Maya was playing the role of ‘good cop’ so that he would share his escape plans with her. Later on, he telephones Hashim and asks to face him if he has the courage to do so. Apparently, Saadi has his own plans to escape but pretends that he does not own his family anymore. We also meet Dr. Huma Bukhari (wife of Dr. Touqeer Bukhari) who has been Faris’s psychologist and has given false testament against him in the court. Both the Bukharis had been planning to inaugurate their own hospital (developed by corrupt means), which Faris single-handedly burns to ashes. He and Zumar also blackmail Dr. Huma into telling a few truths. Meanwhile, Zumar secretly listens to the recordings of Faris’s sessions with Dr. Huma and finds nothing to support her allegations against him. Ahmer on the other hand, investigates for Zumar and reports that it cannot be Faris who shot her. Hashim gets food poisoning and hallucinates about a girl who turns out to be Aabdar Obaid, a hypnotherapist and daughter of Haroon Obaid. Hanna and Zumar share their secrets with each other. Zumar comes to know about the secret chatting between Hanna and Hashim and gets infuriated about. They plan to notify Hashim that this conversation is not that secret and he shouldn’t dare use it against Hanna in any case. At the end of the episode, Zumar and Hanna come to know that Haleema is the secretary of Hashim and are stunned by this news.

Points to Ponder

I have several little issues to notify about this episode:

  • Who is Abdar in reality? Is she really the cute ‘red riding hood’ as portrayed in her first appearance? Or is she someone to watch out for? I seriously doubt that Hashim saw a dream of her; I think she did all this by tele-hypnosis. Also, why does Hashim get sad thinking about her? She got Sheru beaten up by her fiancé, meaning she was engaged about 5 years ago so why is she still unmarried till now? Is she the one meant for our Saadi? Although I am not usually interested in match-making but they would make a cute couple.
  • Faris turns out to be another genius in the family. He makes his own plans, executes them alone and even fools his close relations. Even Zumar is impressed by her husband’s witty ways. In the earlier episodes, we have been told time and again that Faris and Sheru are alike a lot; does this mean that Sheru will do something extra-ordinary too? I mean other than being an extra-ordinary looser at everything he does :-P
  • Hashim and Sheru discuss that Haneen is the only heir of Saadi that can claim his blood. If she dies, her husband will get the right of pardoning the murderer. I sense that this will plant a seed in Sheru’s mind to woo Haneen into liking him (Ha! Good luck with that Sheru). Or else, Hashim might try this himself, which I frankly think is not possible now.
  • One important thing is that Zumar now possesses Saadi’s keychain and pen. Hanna has Waris’s files and they both know now that Saadi went to meet Hashim on his last day with them. It is just a matter of time that these genius ladies put all this together to form Hashim’s picture. I really look forward to the day they all frame Hashim for all that he has done.
  • Ahmer started noticing Hanna. For those of us who had been hoping for this, thumbs up  She is an evil genius and he is a con, their pair would be something to watch.
  • Maryangio seems to soften up to Saadi and this might be the beginning of a comradeship between them. We all know that Saadi and Mary are the two having a clue each about Aurangzeb Kardaar’s murderer. So it was a relief for us, as together they can unmask Javahirat.
  • I totally agree with Zumar about the OCP issue. When I read that episode, it was kind of hard for me to swallow to that such an honest officer would give away something so important succumbing to a blackmailing teeanager?? May be we do not know the whole story yet, or Hanna altered some truths.
  • Oh my God, is Shehreen interested in Faris?? Lady, do something else with your life except hovering over your ex’s family. On a different note, I read in previous episodes and noticed that Shehreen already knew that Sheru likes her. Why then did she pretend to be hurt when he openly confessed? Has she been using Sheru too? Was she planning a revenge on Saadi for some reason? We can only wait and watch.
  • The way Saadi defined a Moulvi’s position was the voice of my heart. I have been wanting to raise this issue lately. In our society, we put the dumbest and most incapable child in Maddarsa, he studies in close-minded environment and then lives an under-privileged life everafter. How do we expect to have open-minded, understanding and soft-hearted Moulanas then? We need to set a lot of things right, starting with this idea of confining Islam to a particular creed called Moulvi/ Moulana. Islam is not a profession. If we are given the privilege of higher education, we should also put our efforts in spreading the Message in every way we can. I know I got carried away, but I personally think that is the reason many of the younger ones are running away from the true message and mocking Islamic values these days.

Quality Rating

The episode was fast paced as always. Character development was brilliant again, as we saw another dimension of Faris Ghazi’s crude manners.  Every episode of Naml gives you more reasons to love it. I would give an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 to episode 14.

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Eagerly waiting for the next installment.



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