Noor ul Ain Episode 1 Review – Full On Love Story!

Ohkay so, the production of iDream Entertainment, writing of Edison Idrees Masih & the direction of Sarmad Sultan Khoosat; Noor ul Ain, a highly anticipated drama commenced tonight on ARY Digital. The first episode set the base for a full-on love story in a most quirky & amazing manner & I must say, I am impressed!

Noor (Sajal Ali) belongs to a middle class family where she has her father Qasim (Irfan Khoosat), mother (Tahira Iman), a sister Sofie. Noor’s paternal uncle Sajjad, his wife Ghazala (Iffat Omar) & their son Kashi also live with them but in a seperate portion. Khizar (Imran Abbas) comes from an affluent family & being the only son, his mother (Marina Khan) has high expectations from him, so much so that it has even strained their relationship but Khizar’s mother doesn’t believe in giving her son the edge to just be!

Noor ul Ain Episode 1 Review - Full On Love Story!

Noor happens to be a confident & a present minded girl, that is why she knows how to bring herself out of any situation. Even though Noor knew that it was due to her mistake that she & Khizar had an accident but she just didn’t show any signs of guilt to acknowledge her mistake. Khizar on the other hand may have left such an impression on Noor that he was easy to fool but in reality, he was just giving her the edge to feel like she had an upperhand, as he immediately understood that she was kind of tricking him into believing that he was at fault. I loved the very first interaction that Noor & Khizar had, it effortlessly showed that they were two very different people who came from different backgrounds & had different personalities!

I must say, I really liked Ghazala’s character. Since Noor’s mother is typically a skeptical parent who only voices her concerns about what could go wrong, that void in Noor’s life is filled by Ghazala who despite being her chachi is more like a friend to her & supports her no matter what. For a brief moment, it was suggested that Ghazala spoke against Qasim & how he was treating Khizar but then again, it didn’t seem odd. Since Ghazala has no life of her own due to her husband’s medical condition, Qasim & his family are the only set of people she has in her life so basically, they are the only people for whom she gets to display her good & her bad side both. Even though Ghazala smiles from the outside but she has a lot of struggles to deal with, so I kind of found her behavior realistic & it made her seem very human!

Noor ul Ain Episode 1 Review - Full On Love Story!

Khizar didn’t leave any stone unturned to leave a good impression on Noor’s family but more than anyone else, it was Noor who he wanted to know how he feels. Despite getting a chance to return her diary when Khizar visited Noor’s house, he chose not to give it to her because he decided to use it to land himself another chance of meeting her!

I felt just because Khizar’s mother is so strict & has such high expectations from him, it kind of hinders him from having a direction in life. As much as his mother wants him to obey her rules, he pushes himself in the other direction because he must feel suffocated living such a life where he is not allowed to make his own decisions. Khizar’s conversation with his friends was interesting too, Noor isn’t the first girl that he has liked but because he found her somewhat different & interesting, he couldn’t hold back!

The proposal was so unexpected & random but it was timed beautifully because it was exactly what Noor wasn’t looking forward to. The smile on Noor’s face spoke volumes of how despite being taken aback by Khizar’s sudden proposal, she kind of liked it. I also loved how the entire conversation was carried out, where Noor kept on sharing her disappointment in Khizar but he continued to make it seem as if he still had a chance, it was very cute!

Overall, the first episode was superb & I’m definitely going to recommend this drama to those who are on the fence about it. The direction & the editing were on point. I liked that the differences between Khizar & Noor were established so effortlessly, it’s like everything just flowed & no one tried really hard to make a point considering it was the introductory episode of the drama. Sajal Ali & Imran Abbas surely looked perfect as Noor & Khizar – their chemistry was subtle & I can’t wait to see their full fledged feelings for each other. Their acting like always was phenomenal & they have succeeded in building up the curiosity about what’s yet to come. The only thing that I am not a fan of is the OST & since I don’t see it growing on me ever, I feel it is going to be the only thing that I won’t enjoy about this drama. Iffat Omar was also the star of the episode, she just nailed the character of Ghazala & I can’t wait to see what role she will play in Noor’s life in the future. I am really impressed & enjoyed watching the first episode. The writer deserves a perfect score of a brilliantly written episode. Oh I must say, whoever is responsible for Sajal’s styling also deserves a special mention, it was so refreshing to see her in a new get up. I must say ARY Digital has surely upped their game in terms of dramas & it is so good to see them bringing such new & refreshing dramas to the table. Please share your thoughts about the very first & interesting episode of Noor ul Ain.

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