Noor ul Ain Episode 14 Review – Boring!

Ohkay so, another week, another boring episode of Noor ul Ain. I think next episode of this drama will be the last that I will review as I haven’t formed any connection with the characters, nor have I warmed upto them. They look like lifeless caricatures performing some characters on my screen that I don’t enjoy watching!

Matlab Sofie ne aisi kya maths ki problem solve karni thi jiss ki tution usay personally hi ja ke leni thi? What was so important that she couldn’t talk to her fiancé on the phone about that she had to meet him personally? Seeing her having a hearty meal looked like a justified reason for which she went to see him because may be ghar ka khana kha kha ke bore ho jati hogi bechari isi liye bahir nikli thi. Then, Sofie ran into Noor, which actually was a set up for their meeting. Besides it being a diasaster, another reason I just can’t continue reviewing this drama anymore is because I get tired of rolling my eyes hard. So, back to my point, I rolled my eyes so hard when I heard Noor complaining that no one in the family contacts her. In stead of knowing how things are at home, she only makes it all about herself. Also, it is amusing that at one hand, Noor tells Khizar that he is the best thing that has happened to him but everytime she sees her family member, she poses to be a bechari who has made a big mistake by getting married!

Noor’s mother has forgiven her & she wants Qasim to forgive her too. Ghazala & Kashi’s scenes are just fillers. The fact has been established that she is a negative character so I don’t feel there’s much left to say about her even though they are pushing the agenda of her negativity more & more.

So, Khizar decided to do something but he ran out of patience real quick. It is funny that the guy who makes such big promises hasn’t even started from anywhere & still has no patience or perserverance. Also, another eye rolling moment of this episode was that without even discussing it with Khizar, Noor decided to resign from her job & this was right after she told him that she trusts him more than anything. Itna trust ke us se baat tak karna zaroori nahi samjha? Also, being someone who has stepped in a professional life already, it was totally bizarre that even before Khizar actually got a job, Noor decided to leave hers because she assumed that his job was a done deal? For someone who has been working & supporting herself & her husband, such a childish decision was hard to digest!

Another eye rolling moment is seeing Sofie’s sis in law’s activities. I am pretty sure she is involved with a guy & going out with him while her mother talks against Noor’s character. I am sure this aspect has been added to prove Noor even more innocent that she is not the only one who fell in love & those who opposed her are going to fall in a pit themselves. Sofie’s MIL will be left with regrets for judging Noor when she will find out that her ladli has been doing the same because the writer wants to justify Noor’s character & her decision. Kashi is also turning out to be a result of bad parenting because the writer is showing this is how Ghazala is going to pay for pushing Noor down the wrong path as well. I am pretty much done with this drama. I laughed out loud when Noor’s friend said ‘itni bari khushi ke baad bhi tumhare muh pe bara bajay hue hain’ which made me think ke uske muh pe bara kab nahi bajay hote.

First we got to see how they do their grocery shopping, then how Khizar brushes his teeth & now how Noor fills up a bucket of water & burns the chai just when Khizar is having a bath? Ridiculous! Anyways, please share your thoughts.

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