Noor ul Ain Episode 7 Review – Saathiya Remake!

Ohkay so, I am not sure what made the writer think that the viewers would choose to invest 20+ weeks in a drama when they’d be having an option of watching the same story in a span of a 2 & a half hours, yes I am talking about Saathiya. It is unfortunate that such a dream team came together to give the viewers a good drama but the writer couldn’t create or let’s say be original enough to write something magical which could blow the viewers away!

At least in Saathiya, Suhani’s character got away for being the way she was because in a film, no one cares for the depth but when you are watching a weekly drama, you really want the characters to have a personality. At first I thought that Khizar didn’t have any personality, he was just a rich kid with no direction in life, trying to break free from his mother’s golden cage but as the episodes passed, despite a strong first impression, Noor’s character has fallen flat on its face. Honestly speaking, Noor is not only plain & flat she is downright annoying because of her cluelessness. I remember when the drama began, Noor actually had a personality & we all could see why the drama was based on her character but as the episodes have passed, she has zero personality. I am sure if the stylists had tied 2 high ponytails for Noor, made her wear a frock, had given a lollipop in 1 hand & a teddy bear in another, no one would’ve bat an eyelid because that entire image would’ve gone perfectly with the clueless character that is sporting – a girl who has absolutely no idea what is happening in her life & most importantly why!

To be honest, when this episode began, I decided to catch up with my sisters & best friend on Whatsapp because at the back of my mind, I knew where the story was headed as I have seen Saathiya plenty of times to remember the story. To be honest, I was blown away by writer’s originality when he threw in that scenario where Sofie’s Devar showed his interest in getting married to Noor. How original yaar because Saathiya mai to aisa hua nahi tha!

Well, to be honest, after watching this episode, I could totally see why Ghazala was added in this story as a negative character. Usually in our dramas it is really hard for the writers to make the female leads look negative, therefore they add such characters who can take the blame & justify the wrongdoings of the heroines & this is exactly what the role of Ghazala is but you know what? I don’t find her negative at all, despite such a hard try from the writer, I will not hold her responsible for Noor’s meesna-pan. Noor is responsible for every single decision that she is taking. At least in Saathiya, Suhani owned her decision of going against her parents & getting married to Aadi but here, Noor is shown like that clueless toddler standing in the confectionary aisle unable to make up her mind as to which toffee she should pick but then again, I totally see Noor as the culprit & not Ghazala. Ghazala is just helping her but in reality, this is what Noor herself wants. Noor has decided to get married to Khizar by ignoring her parents’ wishes but the writer just wants Ghazala to take the blame for her. Ghazala might be persuading Noor but this is what she wants too. I found Noor annoying again that she has closed all the doors on her when it comes to communicating with her parents. Ever since Khizar’s mom visited her place, she has cooked khichri with Ghazala but has not even bothered talking to her parents about how she feels. Whatever she is doing especially with her parents is wrong because yes, they trusted her & there she is, shattering it just like that, why? Because she is clueless. It was funny how the writer tried to make her look all naik parveen where she was like ‘mera dil nahi maan raha, Ammi Abbu mere pe trust karte hain’ haan to dheet boring larki, ghar jao aur so jao, Nikkah na karo!

Anyways, I am sure those who will see this drama for what it is won’t have a hard time watching it, but while watching this episode especially, I couldn’t help comparing it to Saathiya, oh I think comparing is not the right word here, I was just reminded of the original story while watching this copy. Anyways, I will try that I don’t see Saathiya in Noor ul Ain next week but I am sure it won’t be easy. To be honest, I am not a fan of Noor’s character at this stage of the drama, hope that might change in the future when she will take charge of her life after getting married to a directionless, lost person like Khizar but right now, sorry not sorry, I ain’t a fan. Please share your thoughts!

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