Noor ul Ain Episode 9 Review – Yawn Booster!

I legit yawned the moment this episode ended & I have also lost count how many times I yawned throughout this boring episode. Copying a story is one thing but executing it is another. I think they should have put more effort into making this drama interesting because we have seen that even if simple stories are executed well, they make a good watch. It is too obvious that they relied heavily on the star power & assumed that people will be jumping with joy despite a boring story but that’s not the case anymore. Noor ul Ain is not only a simple story, the overall drama is quite boring to tune to & doesn’t give you any reason to look forward to it.

I must say, Noor made it sound like her Chachi told her to buy 10 chewing gums whereas her parents had only allowed her 1, so because they were upset, she wanted Chachi to do the explanation, I mean seriously? Please don’t tell me that they wanted us to buy Noor’s bholapan that because she trusted Ghazala so much, she went ahead with this marriage? Even if Ghazala assured Noor that she will take care of everything later, did she really didn’t do any thinking on her part? Never once thought of her parents? Wasn’t that her duty as a daughter to be mindful of her parent’s reaction to this entire scenario? Once again, they tried really hard to make Ghazala a villain but I am not buying that! Mehnat kar ke writer ne khud se 1 hi track add kiya Ghazala ka…wo bhi itna betukka!

Noor’s expressions & tone when she called Khizar to inform that Qasim wants to meet him were so annoying. Noor was like she made a mistake not because of herself like by getting Nikkaofied to Khizar behind her parents’ back, but because she trusted Ghazala? Is she still not taking the blame? Not owning her decision? It was funny that at first she called her marriage a mistake & then the next moment she called her mistake of a husband to inform him that he should come. I think because Sajal over performed in O Rangreza, by the time she started working for Noor ul Ain, she had lost her stamina to act & I think she did the right thing by choosing such a drama because she definitely needed some break from acting & now it can be clearly seen that she is herself bored, tired & unable to act. I think the writer did a huge favor to Sajal by writing a character like Noor who is so expressionless, emotionless & bland & probably so easy for an actress like Sajal to perform!

The entire episode went in Qasim’s murmuring & crying. I must say Noor’s mother bounced back from such a big blow quite well & also started convincing Qasim that he has to accept this marriage now. I am sure she must be lowkey happy & doing bhangra in her heart ke chalo bachi ne bholaypan mai hi sahi, shadi to ameeeeeer larke se hi ki hai na otherwise in such circumstances, it is the mother who slaps, taunts & creates some noise over daughter’s head but Noor’s mother seemed pretty calm after the storm!?!?!?! Hmmmmmm! 

Sofie’s fiancé tried to be the voice of reason but I hope this track is different than the one shown in the movie where Dina’s fiancé succumbs to his parent’s pressures & calls his engagement off with her. I hope Sofie’s sasuralis don’t bother much about Noor but let’s see!

Abba jee ka thappar was quite funny. I mean when he knew that he had to accept this marriage & tell Khizar to bring his mother home, becharay ko awain hi maar diya. Oh, sorry awain hi nahi mara, because Suhani’s father slaps Aadi in Saathiya, how could our copywriter oh I mean writer omit that? LOL! Anways, please share your thoughts & tell me how many times you guys yawned while watching this episode? Oh man, it is going to be a task viewing & reviewing this drama. Such a disappointment!

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