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Numm – Episode 13

Numm finally seems to be getting better, this latest installment was engaging enough. The performances by some of the actors still remain unimpressive and the drama does not qualify as extraordinary but tonight’s episode along with the past two were far better than the previous few episodes. Everything that transpired in the past three episodes should have been shown after the 5th episode, that way the viewers would’ve had less to complaint about.

Bare Sahab clearly spelled out the way he wants to see Wali as a person. Haqeeqat pasandi in his eyes is a virtue, which in other words would mean having no mercy for anyone who stands in the way of your vested interests. Wali in Bare Sahab’s opinion has a long way to go since he is incapable of putting his own self above everyone else. Bare Sahab knows that he and those after him can only keep on exercising unlimited powers if the system continues to function the way it has been functioning for centuries. His thinking reflects the typical thinking of a feudal.



Wali apparently knows about Qasim but is clearly very disturbed when Mahjabeen tells him that she wants to talk about Qasim for obvious reasons. Neelam and Mahjabeen’s conversation was actually quite amusing! Mahjabeen tries to convince Neelam that she has suffered enough and Neelam tried her best to find out who that “boy” was….the “boy” bit made me laugh, it definitely sounded strange. Neelam looked like a little girl who had just discovered someone’s dirty secret and was out to make the most of it. I have to say though that the way Neelam thought things through before talking to Wali about Qasim was not in line with her character at all.

Wali and Neelam’s coversation in the hospital about whether he knew what Neelam was about to tell him or not was hilarious, I felt like I was watching a comic scene from Bulbulay where the confusion was meant to make people laugh. Fawad Khan looked bored and disinterested. In fact there was nothing impressive about his acting in this episode. Maybe because, he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do. He did seem confused more than anything else.


Mahjabeen did not budge an inch after Bare Sahab ordered her to leave for Bakht house immediately. Her conversation with Bare Sahab had to be the only meaningful conversation in this episode. Mahjabeen and Qasim’s meetings in the house are getting more frequent and the preview of the next episode seemed alarming.

One of the primary reasons why Numm has failed to hit a home run with me is that the characters have not impressed me at all. How can you possibly enjoy a play without falling in love with the characters. I have not been able to relate to the trials and tribulations of Mahjabeen. There are times when I feel for Neelam but that is only because she comes across as a child who is stuck in a very complicated situation. There are times when I find myself so busy trying to figure out where Kanza Wyne is going wrong with her acting that I cannot concentrate on anything else. There isn’t anything that one can possibly like about Wali’s character. The play could have been better if the scenes were much shorter.

Did you watch this latest installment or have you given up on Numm? Do share your views.

Fatima Awan