Review: Shakk Episode 5

Since my last review I had decided to do a self court martial this time round. So ladies and gentlemen let’s start.

I kid a lot/bohat bongiyan marta hoon mein

Oxford Dictionary does not provide a definition of bongi or bongiyan so you’d have to rely on my definition (Ok I am not exactly an Englishman but no harm in trying) a bongi is something containing nonsense which annoys people and has no real meaning or substance. Phew! So much English in one go, let me breath! Sorry, bongi once again. You know I cannot do away with these bongis (bolay baghair raha na jaye!) But on a serious note, I just try to spice up the goings by adding a little humour only to make my readers smile and enjoy my review. It’s also part of my efforts to make people see the lighter side of things what with so much seriousness already being showcased on our TV Screens. And it might be new for you people but nowhere did I read that a review has to be dead-serious only. We joke and laugh about plays we love as well.

My reviews are superficial/lack depth (kitnay meters yeh kisi ne naheen bataya!)

It could very well be true. I admit I am a thick headed person aur dimagh pe zor deney ke liye sir pe weights bhee naheen rakhta mein,to kiya karoon! I present to you my analysis as an ordinary viewer. There could be viewers who understand or analyze the play more than me, I excuse myself from them. Just consider me a less mortal than you. But I can make a humble effort on character analysis which I am presenting here.

Ali: A person who has a rough exterior but a soft side inside, this we saw today when he punished his son first then went on to say sorry when the kid was sleeping and didn’t want to mention it to Sania. He’s also one who cannot take pressure. When under pressure, he starts blaming others around him including his wife. He is totally devoted to his mother, maybe she raised him single handedly or it’s due to other reasons but as of now we don’t know the real reason.

Sania: Sania is a lively fun loving person but life doesn’t give her enough opportunities to enjoy or show her capabilities. Is this Sania’s nature to be docile or maybe it’s her background. As of know we don’t even know the circumstances which made her marry Ali after her engagement with Ehtesham was called off. Maybe her mother-in-law knows this and might use it at some later time but we do not know. She is also caring for the feelings of others and can stand up for her son.

Sania’s mother-in-law: She is an attention seeker and cannot bear to have attention drawn from her on any instance. Whenever she sees even the remotest chance of this happening, she creates a scene and mostly she uses her son without knowing that. Maybe she is not happy so she cannot see others happy either and in the process she doesn’t even spare her grandson.

Sehrish: Sehrish is a sweet person, she gets attached to others easily and can go to any length for them. She can behave like a child at times and is a bahu and wife anyone would wish for. She is also possessive about her husband and keeps track of him, that showed when she got up immediately when she saw Ehtesham going out of the room to call someone. It could come to play once she starts suspecting him later in the play.

Ehtesham: He is totally devoted towards his wife Sehrish, he loves her more than she loves him and can fight with the world for her. He is also a simpleton and cannot see through people.

Hope it satisfies you people,ub bhee naheen hue ap satisfy to paisay wapis kar deta hoon J This is my humble character analysis which could very well be wrong. Again, the characters keep on evolving so too much character analysis or guessing is not good (again my opinion).

I don’t love the play/find faults with it

Lagta hai ap logon kee amee ne ap ko kabhee naheen kaha ‘yeh shirt change karo, achee naheen lag rahee’ or ‘Jaa k bal katwao ta k insan lago’. It doesn’t mean your mother doesn’t love you, on the contrary we want our loved ones to be flawless. That’s why we keep on pointing their flaws to them, same is the case with me. I love this drama that’s why I took up reviewing it. I like it, find it realistic and relatable and cute on so many levels. Ub mein electricity pole pe charh k to prove karnay se raha that I love this play and the minor glitches I point out stem out of my love and attention for this play. Phir bhee kisi ko shakk hai to koi bat naheen, dramay ka nam bhee shakk hee hai. Let’s follow the spirit of the play J

Ok, enough court martial. We can now discuss today’s episode a bit along with my quite less of my characteristic bongiyan that you people are fed up with.

Today’s episode was again fast paced like Fast & Furious. It showed that Ehtesham’s sister Zara wants her mother to come back and take care of her special child. Although Ehtesham and more than Ehtesham, Sehrish does not want her to go, she still decides to go but not without lecturing Ehtesham about taking good care of Sehrish during her pregnancy. Here we also get a clue about a future event when Sehrish says what if something happens to her in the absence of her mother-in-law and she admonishes her on saying such things. Ali is also settling in, he is having a meeting with some place regarding set up of his business at his house (of all the places!) and in the middle his mother throws a tantrum that she’s not been fed her fruits, Ali calls up Sania to give fruits to his mother, she goes and during this time, Roomi messes up Ali’s papers (pakka nishana hai bachchay ka). Ali punishes him by making him stand outside the door, Roomi runs to his favourite spot, Sehrish’s house. Sehrish and Ehtesham are away to drop Ehtesham’s mother to airport so Roomi forces his way inside. His parents are worried and in his worry and tense state Ali is even on the verge of picking up a fight with Roomi. Later on, Roomi is found dancing in Sehrish’s bedroom and is taken away. Ali says sorry to Roomi while he is sleeping and even tries to talk to Ehtesham on which the episode ends.

The good thing about this episode was that we didn’t get to see the most irritating couple on earth Maham & Atif. Looks like Allah Mian listened to us and enslaved them in a cave on top of Mount Everest (just hope us cave ka darwaza koi na khol de warna merey sir mein jitney bal reh gaye hain who khenchnay se gaye!). The kid’s dancing scene was also cute (aww as the girls say!). The only glitch was that it was very easy to get into Sehrish’s house. This house must be a heaven for thieves! Let’s see where do we go from here. Do comment on the review, is se rating achee atee hai (as the TV channels people say!) And don’t worry I will make up for less bongiyan in this week’s review in next week’s one. Aj mein zara senti ho gaya tha!




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