O Rangreza Episode 13 Review – What’s Next?

Ohkay so, it was a decent episode of O Rangreza. Now that we have gotten a detailed introduction to all the characters, after this episode I am left with a feeling of wanting to know what more is left in the story? Even though two new characters have been introduced but they failed to grab my attention & for that reason I don’t really see how they will be changing the dynamics in the future episodes. As much as I love watching O Rangreza & wait for its episodes, for the first time I am forced to ask, what’s next?

So, looks like Tipu has a past & he & Khayyam share a history, that is why Khayyam wasn’t really over the moon when he saw Tipu & even Tipu isn’t much bothered about his father. Sonia Jahan’s disappearance has caused a lot of problems for Khayyam because now his name has made it to the public & Wajih Kamal is making sure to talk about him more & more so that Khayyam feels the pressure, so that he understands what is it like to be related to a public figure. Even though whatever Khayyam has done till date is wrong, but I must commend him for the love he has for Sonia because he is literally putting everything at stake for her. Khayyam was always so conscious about his name & his pride but the fact that he is not even worried about anything anymore does prove a point that he loves Sonia a lot, I know that too on his own conditions but chalo, he does love her!

Khayyam who always kept his family hidden & himself low-profile not only made it to the news but the ladies of his house made it to the police station as well. The expression that Khayyam had on his face when he heard that Mumtaz & Sassi came to bail him out was priceless, he has not only lost his dignity but has put his family under such circumstances which he never imagined & all this is happening because of Sonia. Well, Khayyam for the first time felt ashamed that he became a laughing stock in front of his own children, for the first time he owned his mistakes, for the first time he didn’t blame Mumtaz but the question is, is he really going to change or he is just thinking straight for the first time because Sonia is missing & he isn’t distracted by her beauty & his love/infatuation for her? I am sure the moment Sonia Jahan will come back, he will go back to her because he can’t think rationally when she is around him!

So, Tipu introduced his ‘friend’ to his family – Meena, a Hindu girl who is in a relationship with him. I know Tipu is a true depiction of those Pakistanis who become a bit too Gora when they return from abroad & in all honesty I myself have seen people like him but I am not sure if it is because of the actor or the character that I am not too keen on him, like I find him annoying. I know may be he is supposed to be like that, which means it is a win for an actor to portray a character so realistically that he is evoking the right kind of emotion in a viewer but again, I am not too keen on what he will be bringing to the table.

Honestly speaking, as much as I respect the feelings Qasim has for Sassi, I am so not happy that he decided to forsake his scholarship just because Sassi told him to come back? I so wanted Qasim to be away from that environment, live his life on his own & come back as such a strong personality that even a tough cookie like Sassi crumbles in front of him but I was disappointed that he couldn’t keep his word & came back & sadly, after coming back, he thought he shouldn’t have come? I understand Qasim’s character, his nature too but I wish to see him a bit strong emotionally where he at least has the courage to lead a girl like Sassi. I know the writer has balanced out their relationship like that where a boisterous Sassi will be best complemented by a soft spoken, calm & composed Qasim but still to see him act like a pushover in front of Sassi is something that if changed would be great!

Overall, this episode was good, I liked seeing the ‘temporary’ change in Khayyam Sani & I am sure this would last till the moment Sonia Jahan would come back in the picture. Kareeman & Meena’s scenes were amusing, the actress playing the role of Kareeman did the best she could to portray how usually people get awkward when they don’t know how to communicate with someone in language that they don’t know. Interested to see what more do they have in store for us. Please share your thoughts about this episode of O Rangreza.

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