Pakistan Idol Week 06 – Results!

Oh my, what a nerve wrecking episode of Pakistan Idol. I wasn’t expecting myself to be so much involved in Pakistan Idol ever since it began, but I must confess I am definitely feeling the otherwise. I am absolutely enjoying how they have divided the contestants in groups & then their results are declared with a perfect format too. 3 of the contestants are selected by the public voting whereas judges get to choose 1 out of the four to qualify for the next round.

I must say that the way they have made the contestants sing once again to avail that last chance is a well thought process. Fortunately, they didn’t base their judgements on the previous perfomances & made them sing again to rest their final verdict forward. We have discussed everything about Pakistan Idol but I must say that the stage & the whole studio along with the Idol lounge is beyond words impressive. I am glad that they lived upto the name & the image of Pakistan Idol. Considering the fact that this is the very first season of Pakistan Idol, they for sure made it larger than life & I absolutely love the signature theme music of Pakistan Idol, it just gets you into the mood. The band is great too & by all means they are adding the wow factor to the performances.

I really don’t know if this is a coincidence or what but I couldn’t help noticing Hadiqa Kiyani’s freemasonic ‘All Seeing Eye’ earrings. I think they themselves are in the media & are close to understand the conspiracies that the media is getting involved into but to actually see her wearing a ‘Pyramid with an all-seeing eye’ earring, it was a shocker. It may be coincidence & if it is not, it speaks volumes about what their priorities are.

Well, now coming to the results, the very first duo that came up for results was of Waqas Ali & Midhat Hidayat. By all means it was evident that in comparison to Midhat, Waqas would be qualified & I am glad he did because no doubt his performance was flawless & all the three judges were impressed.

The second duo that came in for the results was of my two favorite contestants Waqas Ali Vicky & Rosemary. It was heart breaking to see Waqas Ali Vicky not being able to make it in the very first go. Even though I was glad for Rosemary but was equally sad for Waqas Ali Vicky.

The third duo was of Abdul Ahad & Waqar Ehsin. & based on their performances, it was an intelligent choice by the public to have not voted for them extraordinarily because their singing was definitely weak in comparison to the other contestants.

The fourth duo was of Sajid Abbas & Fizza Javed. I think it was one of the most neutral duo that surfaced because even though Sajid Abbas got selected & if in his place Fizza was qualified, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference because they both were good but definitely Fizza’s performance had a weak start but ended brilliantly.

The ending of the results round was absolutely amazing. Both the contestants selected by judges had to perform once again. Waqas Ali Vicky once again sang a slow melodious punjabi song ‘Kaddi Aa Mil Saajan/Savan (not sure)’ & Midhat tried to show her versatility by attempting a different genre & she sang a Hindi movie song ‘Mahiya Mahiya’. Even though Midhat tried her best & had a great start but definitely her flat singing was quite audible. At some moments it looked like a novice was singing a song on such a big stage so for that I am glad Waqas Ali Vicky got selected. PHEW, because he is definitely good.

& by this I feel I’ve become an ‘antar yaami’ (forture-teller) lol because the four contestants who got selected are the ones I picked in my Friday show review. LOL! But I am glad that both Waqas Ali Vicky & Rosemary got selected along with Waqas Ali & Sajid Abbas. 

The 8 contestants who will perform this week are Kashif Ali, Mohammad Yasir Khan, Mehwish Maqsood, Mohammad Shoaib, Ali Rizwan, Zeeshan Ali, Sana Zulfikaar & Abdul Rafay Khan. That is another interesting line-up & among these I am looking forward to the performances of Mehwish Maqsood, Mohammad Shoaib & Zeeshan Ali. I hope these three qualify too because I’m blessing them with my magic wand. :D

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