Pakistan Idol – Week 3!

So, this week the judges covered Peshawar, Sukkhur & Islamabad. I liked the Islamabad auditions more but it was a bit of a disappointment to know that no one from Sukkhur made to the next round except ONE. Even the crowd there seemed less as compared to the other cities but the guy who qualified did have a nice voice.

One thing that I absolutely loved about Peshawar auditions was the Pushto songs that were sung & the typical Pukhtoon music that  was played in the background. It was an amazing feeling to know that the people of Peshawar loved their bit in the music & had originality when it comes to that too. It was like showing the essence of their vicinity through music. I wish that we could’ve seen the love of folk in the auditions of few other cities too, so for that Peshawar dwellers deserve an applause.

So the people who appeared in the Peshawar Auditions were Mohammad Ishaq Khan, Mohammad Shoaib, Asif Hussain, Moiz, Javeria Shoaib & Abdul Wasif. Of all these only Mohammad Shoaib, Asif Hussain & Javeria Shoaib got the golden tickets. Well I must say when Mohammad Ishaq Khan came & spoke about the compliment he got from Noor Jahan plus how he had been performing in his own city & abroad I thought we had found a star from Peshawar, but the moment he started singing I wasn’t sure if he was joking now or previously when he spoke of the compliments. It was sad to hear him sing that bad.

Moiz who came across as a fan of Justin Bieber through his sense of style sang a song from Indian movie ‘Kaminay’ & I really couldn’t understand why would he sing but at least he had the confidence, so it’s alright. Asif Hussain sang a classical piece so effortlessly that I hoped he got the golden ticket with 3 mutual yeses but it was kind of funny to see Bushra Ansari object on him because according to her he missed a lot of surs but what’s funniest was Ali Azmat saying the very next moment that his surs were perfect. I must say it takes sort sort of a practice on your own to pick up such intricacies in the vocals but Bushra Ansari forgot that she is an actor & not a singer at all. Mohammad Shoaib who sang Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s song ‘Kinna Sohna Tenu’ & Javeria Shoaib both did an amazing job & got the tickets right away.

Another one who came to try his luck in Peshawar Auditions was Abdul Wasif who looked like a model but sang really bad. He picked the song ‘Char Dino Da Pyaar O Rabba’ which Ali Azmat changed to ‘4 Rupay Da Naan O Rabba, 2 Rupay Di Roti Lawai’, what’s funny was that Abdul Wasif himself knew how bad he sang & he was pretty much prepared for the verdict so he said he came to have fun.

In Sukkhur auditions I was just not a fan of Hadiqa Kiyani’s hairdo but I thought the rest was good. Only three people made to the screen & they were Younten Masih who sang pretty well but it was kind of one dimensional singing & not appropriate for Pakistan Idol. Wajahat Ahmed Bhatti stated he disliked Ali Azmat but sad his singing was just as bad to make Ali Azmat laugh on his face, he sang ‘Pal Pal Pal’ where Bushra Ansari asked where he had lost his masculine voice. Ohkay, I know the judges might be getting nuts by listening to people left right & centre but to pass comments like these speak a lot more about them too. But it was funny on Wajahat’s part that when he came out from the judges room he said he got their blessings whereas all of them told him not to sing in the future. Niaz Mohammad Baloch was the only one who made it to the next round from Sukkhur & I am glad he did.

Islamabad Auditions focused a lot more on the people who qualified for the next round. There were also many girls who got the golden tickets but I just couldn’t understand Ali Azmat’s hesitation when it came to girls. Whenever Hadiqa Kiyani & Bushra Ansari liked any girl, Ali Azmat claimed they were being biased, he said it both in Peshawar & then Islamabad auditions. I am kind of confused at his mental state where he thought only guys were better but I think he needs to re-check what he says about girls. It looks like he only came to approve boys but whenever girls got a chance he seemed kind of skeptical. I hope he cuts down the discrimination because it is quite obvious & being a judge, he should’nt just side with the boys.

From Islamabad Zeeshan Ali, Tehmina Noor, Anzik Maajid, Reema Majeed, Bano Rehmat, Durr-e-Shahwaar, Asad Raza & Waqas Ali got the golden tickets. Zeeshan Ali was really confident & sang well too. Tehmina Noor was just 16 y/o & she had such a melodious voice, Waqas Ali came with his younger brother who also tried but he was far behind in singing as compared to his elder brother therefore he wasn’t qualified. I wasn’t too impressed with Anzik Maajid’s voice because it seemed that his voice in a transitional period where it would change & grow to be more mature but still he got the ticket as he sang both classical & some Indian song too.

Mohammad Murad claimed he could cover all genres in his singing but it looked like he was good at imitating & had no voice of his own. A guy named Abdul Haseeb Khan came all the way from Swabi & sang Ali Azmat’s songs but he totally lacked in vocals so I was wondering why did he put in so much of an effort? Syed Musa Kazim came as a fan of Kumar Sanu & tried to sing like him but like seriously?!?!?

Anyways, another week of Pakistan Idol got over & I must say that the judges are not coming across as humorous or funny rather at times they cross their lines & when I say them I am not speaking of Hadiqa Kiyani. Bushra Ansari & Ali Azmat are over-doing it. I wish they were actually funny in stead of being rude.

My favorites from this week’s auditions were Mohammad Shoaid, Asif Hussain from Peshawar & Zeeshan Ali from Islamabad. Let’s see what’s more left to be heard in Pakistan Idol.

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