Pakistan Idol Week 07 – Results!

Oh my, these were the most shocking results. This episode was nothing less than a roller coaster ride because all the selections & eliminations were totally unexpected.

It is definitely nice to see that the contestants are showing sportsman spirit & they are encouraging each other too. I am glad they have not gone out of the way to dig up the dirt & project any sorts of politics these contestants might be experiencing within. Over all they have provided with a decent entertainment & I hope it stays the same. Glad this time around Hadiqa Kiyani’s hairstyle was figurable, she didn’t opt for out-of-the-world – alien like hairstyle & for that reason she looked nice. Bushra Ansari has worked really hard on her appearance & thankfully her ensemble today wasn’t over the top too.

Well, speaking about the results, I am sure no one would be expecting to see such twists & turns but for sure this lot was the most difficult one to deal with. There were 6 great performances but only 3 had to be selected based on the votes. I am not sure what the judges were thinking  because at one point they praised someone & on the other they rejected them too.

The very first duo that came to face the results was of Mehwish Maqsood & Yasir Khan. In these two I thought Mehwish for sure shot qualified but to actually see them both getting lesser votes from the public was a shocker. I still knew Mehwish had a chance with the judges but was glad that Yasir Khan didn’t pass through this round because no doubt his performance was weak.

The second duo was of Sana Zulfikaar & Ali Rizwan that had to face the results. It was totally clear in this duo that Sana must’ve qualified so for that reason her announcement didn’t come as a surprise. No doubt she sang well but I am not a fan, not of her & neither of her singing. I think she sounds really shrill & has a typical playback singer sort of a voice. Didn’t even catch Hadiqa Kiyani’s reaction because I think others have performed better than her in the previous lot but Hadiqa Kiyani never showed such support to anyone else.

The third duo to face the fate was of Abdul Rafay Khan & Zeeshan Ali. Again based on the performance of the Friday night, Abdul Rafay Khan actually deserved to be selected & I am glad he did. He sang flawlessly whereas Zeeshan being a great singer couldn’t perform that well.

The fourth duo that came for their results was of Kashif Ali & Mohammad Shoaib. By this point I was pretty sure that Kashif Ali would be selected making Mehwish & Shoaib perform once again to fight for the 4th place but this selection came as a shocker. I am extremely glad that based on the voting Mohammad Shoaib got through but Kashif Ali deserved to be in the top 4 tonight as well.

Leaving us with top 3, judges had to give chance to two contestants for their last battle & they selected Mehwish which was justified because she is a good singer & even her performance on the Friday night was great too but I think her choice of song didn’t help her completely. The 2nd person who should’ve gotten a chance was Kashif Ali because Hadiqa did mention fighting for him as he is good but seems like Ali Azmat & Bushra Ansari won over & they gave the chance to Zeeshan Ali. It was rather a disappointing choice made by the judges because Kashif Ali is more refined as a singer than Zeeshan.

Mehwish Maqsood sang Abida Parveen’s song ‘Tere Ishq Nachaya’ which suits her voice & it surely showed how conveniently she sticked to the genre she is good at. Her performance wasn’t that impressive because just like Ali Azmat said, it looked like she sang under pressure & fell flat so many times. Zeeshan Ali sang ‘Meri Bheegi Bheegi Si’ from the old Hindi movie ‘Anamika’. In comparison to Mehwish he sang really really well. He had a control over the song but sounded a little off-beat, but I still believe she was better than Mehwish.

Results came in & Mehwish Maqsood got selected which was again a shocker because the contestants are made to sing again in this round so that the judges base their opinions on this particular performance but Ali Azmat came up with an excuse of looking at the previous performances too & hence, she got selected over Zeeshan which I think isn’t justified because looking at tonight’s performance Zeeshan was definitely better. Really sad that Kashif Ali didn’t get selected & neither did he get the chance. I would’ve been happier if Sana Zulfikaar wasn’t selected & her place was given to Kashif Ali.

The lot of last 8 contestants who will perform this week are Ali Asad, Umer Aftab, Faiza Rashid, Asad Raza Sonu, Shahmir, Seemab, Ghazal Ali & Zamad Baig. After the last 4 will be selected, making the count of 12, judges will then again decide & give a chance to the eliminated contestants & will select only one of them making the total of 13 contestants to compete in the Gala round for the title of Pakistan Idol. I think there are many deserving people left out but let’s see who will win that last chance.

I am looking forward to see how Ghazal, Umer & Zamad will perform from the last lot only as they are really good. If we look at it, the public has till now voted for those who were good in their song selections, singing matters no doubt but the contestants should pick the song that suits their voice & which they can convey easily. I think the contestants shouldn’t have only taken the songs that they like, they must broaden their choices & choose those songs which do make an impact when sung with their vocals.

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