Pakistan Idol Week 10 – First Elimination!

So, this was finally the very first elimination of Pakistan Idol. I guess it was completely justified but yes to see some of the contestants being in the safe zone did come as a surprise.

In the beginning Mohib asked the judges about who did they like the most in the Friday night performances, I am glad the chosen contestants were actually the ones who deserved the recognition. Hadiqa Kiyani picked Waqas Ali, Waqas Ali Vicky & Kashif Ali. Ali Azmat said he liked Asad Raza Sonu, Waqas Ali & Kashif Ali. According to Bushra Ansari the best performances came from Waqas Ali, Waqas Ali Vicky & Kashif Ali. I am sure these three will go a long way in this journey of Pakistan Idol & I wish more power to them but I also hope that they choose the songs wisely & especially such sort of songs which get clicked with the audience as well.

So, the very first three contestants who came for the results were Waqas Ali, Sana Zulfikaar & Asad Raza Sonu. I thought that may be Asad Raza Sonu would be one of the bottom 3 among this lot but sadly & shockingly the result was unexpected. Waqas Ali was unsafe from the lot whereas he is the most in-form singer of the lot.

After them Zamad Baig & Kashif Ali came to face the results. I was hopeful & almost sure that both of them would be safe & especially for Kashif’s fans, fortunately he was safe. Hadiqa Kiyani also stated that she would leave her judge’s spot IF Kashif wasn’t safe & she meant it. I am sure she will extend all sorts of support to Kashif because he deserves it.

Next to face the results were Abdul Rafay Khan, Rosemary & Syed Sajid Abbas. All three of them were safe & I am really happy because no doubt their performances were amazing.

After them it was the turn of Mohammad Shoaib & Waqas Ali Vicky to face the results. I think it would’ve been unfair IF in comparison to Waqas Ali Vicky, Shoaib had gotten selected. So, at this point when it was announced that Shoaib was unsafe, I thought it was a right decision because Waqas Ali Vicky had all the reasons to be in the safe zone.

The last three contestants to face the results were Mehwish Maqsood, Ali Asad Zaidi & Shahmir Aziz Quidwai. At this point I thought any one of them except Ali Asad Zaidi really deserved to be in the bottom three because we clearly had some weak performances from those two & yes as expected Ali Asad Zaidi was safe, Mehwish went to the danger zone, which was justified.

In the end when Mohib asked the judges about who they think should make it to the top 12, their clear picks were Waqas Ali & Mehwish Maqsood. None of them thought Mohammad Shoaib should be given a chance once again but luckily for him, he was safe along with Waqas Ali. So, this came to our very first elimination of Pakistan Idol & it was of Mehwish Maqsood. The judges were teary, Ali Azmat & Bushra Ansari both declared all of the contestants & Mehwish Maqsood the winner. I am sure this is what we will hear by the end of every single elimination. Mehwish no doubt seemed promising during her audition & I thought she had a long way to go but sadly, her graph declined from there onwards.

So, yes I am not so disappointed at her elimination & I wish her good luck for the future.
What do you guys think, her elimination was expected & justified?

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