Pakistan Idol Week 13 – Gala Round 04!

Another interesting episode with a lot of great performances to it. It was based on the songs that were related to the contestant’s memories. It’s good to know a lot more about the contestants & they all came across really honest in expressing them. Mostly the songs that we heard were slow but by all means melodious.

The commentary on the performances is as follows:

Waqas Ali Vicky (WV) of Mian Channu sang ‘Sapnon Se Bharay Naina’ from the Indian movie. At least he is trying to show his versatility by choosing different sort of songs every now & then & he was good though, but it did seem at times that he was struggling a bit. Hadiqa Kiyani said that the song had both the feels of rock & classic & he sang it well with great expressions. Bushra Ansari felt that his lower notes were weak but that was on a minor level. Ali Azmat felt that he didn’t project the notes with clarity & for that his lower notes had an issue but over all he got satisfactory remarks.

Zamad Baig (ZB) of Mandi Bahauddin sang Kailash Kher’s ‘Teri Deewani’. This was a song that suited his vocal tone the best & he chose it wisely, sang it great too because he can be perfect at these sort of songs. Ali Azmat also commented on his song selection & said he did it well. Bushra Ansari said he was flawless this time around. Hadiqa Kiyani also liked his performance a lot.

Shahmir Aziz Quidwai (SQ) of Islamabad sang Najam Shiraz’s ‘In Fizaon Se Aagay’. A great improvement I must say, the start was weak as usual but he sang it well considering the high notes the song had. Bushra Ansari mentioned the issues he always has at the lower notes & felt it was pretty audible in this performance too. Hadiqa Kiyani spoke about his low notes as well but said he has a very distinctive voice. Ali Azmat said this time had a lot of control on his notes meaning he has improved.

Sana Zulfikaar (SZ) of Lahore sang ‘Baabul’ from the Indian movie ‘Baabul’. I don’t know why but she sounds very boring to me, nothing in her performance every week which stands out & at times she gets inaudible as well. The judges most of the times use headphones for clarity & that’s why they have never mentioned how music always overlaps her voice. Bushra Ansari said technically speaking there were a little issues in her performance but over all it was good. Ali Azmat said it was an outstanding (???) performance. Hadiqa Kiyani said she sang it well over all but clearly had an issue at some places.

Abdul Rafay Khan (RK) of Karachi sang Lata Mangeshkar’s ‘Ma Mujhe Apne Anchal Mai Chuppa Le’. It was a very sweet performance & he sang it brilliantly. All the judges loved his performance & indeed it was a very emotional one as well.

Ali Asad Zaidi (AZ) of Karachi sang ‘Nadaan Parinday’ from the Indian movie ‘Rockstar’. I found this performance by him the best so far, it looked like he owned the song & sang it perfectly. Bushra Ansari said this was a difficult song which he sang with ease & he has a very strong voice. Hadiqa Kiyani said she exepcted something else from him but he chose a song wisely & he can be a real challenge for all the other contestants to overcome. Ali Azmat thought this performance of his was weak & something was missing, he thought nothing on the notes was questionable but over all he didn’t enjoy the performance (???).

Mohammad Shoaib (MS) of Peshawar sang ‘Albela Sajann’ from the Indian movie ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’. He has improved himself a lot & that is getting evident week by week. Bushra Ansari thought that the Pathan was totally impressive, she felt there were a little issues here & there but overall it was great & the Sargam was perfect too. Ali Azmat said he had a weak start but the Sargam was great. Hadiqa Kiyani said it was a difficult song & she didn’t like it at all, thought he was weak on the notes through out.

Asad Raza Sonu (RS) of Lahore sang Atif Aslam’s ‘Aadat’. He was good as usual & once again chose a different song to prove a point. Hadiqa Kiyani said he brought in the desi-ness in the song once again but she liked it. Bushra Ansari said he was flawless & she couldn’t pick any mistakes. Ali Azmat said he has done a complete justice to the song.

Rosemary (RM) of Karachi sang ‘Baba Ki Raani Hoon’ from the Indian movie ‘Appko Pehle Bhi Kahin Dekha Hai’. She sounded good too & it was a difficult song selection. Bushra Ansari felt she was good at expressions & feel of the song but there were a little issues of breathing like always. Ali Azmat didn’t like her performance at all & thought the ending notes were weak every single time. Hadiqa Kiyani said she sang it smoothly but yes there was an issue in the tail notes.

Kashif Ali (KA) of Lahore sang ‘Naina Thagg Lainge’ from the Indian movie ‘Omkara’. He was great & as always got the raving feedback from the judges.

So, this was it. Overall it was a good episode with a lot of flawless performances. I must say Abdul Rafay Khan came across as a very very sweet boy & his little dedication & performance was overwhelming. Shahmir Quidwai did improve but once again it goes to show that he knows what people are thinking about him but still he chooses to stick to the show. I am sure he will win the title by looking at the voting trend for him so it’s useless to expect him to be eliminated. Luckily for us Sana Zulfikar wasn’t unwell & even danced in the intro-performance.

I am kind of getting bored by Kashif Ali’s song selection. He should now choose songs from the different genre to show his versatility. Hadiqa Kiyani mentioned the same thing to Asad Raza Sonu that he should show how much diverse he can be so she should now suggest that to Kashif as well. I think Hadiqa Kiyani is being biased towards Mohammad Shoaib completely. It’s like every single time he comes to perform she’d seem least interested & then without paying much attention she will straight away say ‘maza nahi aya’. She does judge honestly but at times also doesn’t pinpoint the clear mistakes of all the other contestants but when it comes to Shoaib she has set certain prejudice & she sides with it always.

At this point I think Abdul Rafay Khan & Ali Asad Zaidi should be in the top 2 as they have been consistently performing well. Let’s see who gets eliminated this time around.

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