Pakistan Idol Week 14 – Gala Round 05!

It was a great episode with an amazing theme of Party songs & with some fun-filled performances. The guest judge was also one of my favourites & I am sure everyone loves his song ‘Dekha Na Tha’.

I was surprised to see his performance in tonight’s episode because his energy was reciprocal of his age. It was so good to see Alamgir come to Pakistan Idol & give pointers to the contestants & also to the judges too. :)

I am not sure what’s going on but seems like Hadiqa Kiyani was on a justification spree tonight. She seemed too explanatory as if she herself is now getting conscious of public’s opinion about her judgement.

The list of performances of tonight’s episode is as follows:

Asad Raza Sonu (RS) of Lahore sang ‘Dil Mai Baji Guitar’ from the Indian movie ‘Apna Sapna Money Money’. He was good at it & glad that he chose a different song. I think as the weeks are passing by he is proving himself to be versatile, which is great. Alamgir said that without getting into the details he found his performance really good. Bushra said Sonu is one of her favourites & he did complete justice to the mood of the song. Hadiqa said he had a clear voice, clear notes & clear expressions in this performance. Ali liked his performance as well.

Rosemary (RM) of Karachi sang ‘Pardah’ from the Indian movie ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’. She was amazing this time around, the start was perfect but yes she struggled a bit in the middle of the song, otherwise on the whole her performance was amazing. Alamgir said he was surprised to see such a young girl having a mature voice. Hadiqa said her energy was amazing & this was a difficult song which she sang with perfect notes. Ali said she chose a scale out of her range but otherwise he liked her performance & Bushra once again felt that she had the breathing issue but overall she liked her singing as well.

Waqas Ali Vicky (WV) of Mian Channu sang ‘Jeene Ke Hain Char Din’ from the Indian movie ‘Mujhse Shadi Karogi’. I enjoyed his performance, I think he pushed himself hard & he nailed it but the comments that he got were shocking. Ali didn’t like his song choice & said he didn’t think the song matched the theme of the episode. Hadiqa agreed to Ali & felt that the energy was missing & his voice wasn’t syncing well with the song. Bushra wasn’t happy either & Alamgir said that he wasn’t clear on the notes.

Kashif Ali (KA) of Lahore sang ‘Mai Tere Agal Bagal’ from the Indian move ‘Phatta Poster, Nikla Hero’. No doubt he sang it well but very conveniently he picked a slower song again. Ali liked the fact that he chose a song that doesn’t match his personality but thought he sang it well. Bushra whistled for him & said he made us enjoy his song. Alamgir thought he was a complete package & he is a God gifted singer who already sounds professional. Hadiqa started justifying herself as to why she can’t pick any mistakes of Kashif & as always thought he was great.

Mohammad Shoaib (MS) of Peshawar sang Daler Mehandi’s ‘Na Na Na Na Re’. I loved his performance & totally enjoyed it, it was good to see the judges say so many good things about him & fortunately his performance was appreciated too. Bushra said she enjoyed his singing a lot & he has proved his versatility. Ali said that he was happy because Shoaib chose a pop song, no doubt he has sung difficult songs but this time around Ali suggested him to become a pop idol instead of picking the songs that were too mature for his age. Alamgir said he was fantastic & he conveyed the Bhangra feel of the song perfectly. Hadiqa found him improving & liked his performance.

Abdul Rafay Khan (RK) of Karachi sang Sonu Nigham’s ‘Bijuriya’. Not sure why he chose that song because he wasn’t impressive at all. Bushra felt that he got carried away with the excitement that he forgot to take care of his notes. Hadiqa said he has not been consistent & felt his performance was weak right from the start till the end. Ali said his energy was good but he missed the details in his singing tonight. Alamgir felt that he concentrated on the performance & the energy more in stead of the notes.

Shahmir Aziz Quidwai (SQ) of Islamabad sang ‘Dhan Te Nan’ from the Indian movie ‘Kaminay’. He came, he screamed, he left. Ali said he has improved but he fell flat at times too. Bushra said his low notes were weak once again. Alamgir said something is missing because of which each performance of his becomes average (lol). Hadiqa thought that his tonal changes were impressive & a difficult thing to achieve while performing but he kept on missing the notes.

Zamad Baig (ZB) of Mandi Bahauddin sang ‘Mai Tera Hero’ from the Indian movie ‘Desi Boys’. He was good but I felt that he made the song a bit more Punjabi than it was required, I felt that he changed the feel of the song & for that I didn’t enjoy it much. Bushra said that the start was weak & he missed the performance in bits & bobs. Alamgir praised the husk of his voice & said he likes it. Ali said the first impression is the last & his start was weak but he was still good. Hadiqa liked the performance & felt it was soulful.

Ali Asad Zaidi (AZ) of Karachi sang ‘Batameez Dil’ from the Indian movie ‘Ye Jawani Hai Deewani’. He owned the song & sang it perfectly, I think he forgot the lyrics by the end of his performance, still he covered it brilliantly. Bushra said she enjoyed it a lot & he was almost flawless. Hadiqa was amazed as to how he memorized such a difficult song, she thought he hadn’t forgotten the lyrics which he actually did. She felt that the energy could’ve been more & he could’ve been better with the notes because he committed some obvious mistakes but overall he was good. Alamgir said he wisely chose a song which was technically easy to perform & commended him for his selection. Ali said he was good in the beginning but clearly missed some notes.

So, this was all about the performances. Instead of a party episode it turned out to be more of a Bollywood tribute because all the songs that were performed were from the Indian movies or Indian singers.

Is it just me or I think Hadiqa Kiyani was being biased again? She found it just so hard to praise Mohammad Shoaib & just very half-heartedly admitted that he is showing some improvement whereas she kept on praising Shahmir which she shouldn’t have because Shoaib is definitely better than him & he deserves more appreciation than Shahmir. Hadiqa also didn’t point out any of Zamad’s mistakes which Bushra & Ali did & very safely she said she liked his performance. I am not sure what’s happening with her?

I was also shocked to hear the judgements on Waqas Ali Vicky’s performance because I felt he chose just the right song for the theme & IF his song wasn’t suitable, the team who helps the contestants with the song choices wouldn’t have approved of his selection if it wasn’t according to the party theme of the episode. In fact I found Kashif’s selection quiet odd because there wasn’t anything party-like in it. Very very conveniently he chose a slow song & wasn’t told off by any of the judges. We clearly have heard he can sing Mika/Kailash Kher type of songs appropriately but now he needs to show his versatility (IF ONLY Hadiqa reminds him of that).

Anyways, the performances I enjoyed the most today were of Rosemary, Mohammad Shoaib & Ali Asad Zaidi. I wasn’t sure about Zamad’s performance & Abdul Rafay Khan was weak this time around. Share about your favourite & the least favourite performances & also what do you think about the judges’ comments?

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