Preet Na Kariyo Koi – Episode 06!

Ohkay so, I know I’d be sounding monotonous by now but each & every episode of Preet Na Kariyo Koi keeps me engaged right till the end & the way the story is unfolding is absolutely interesting. I think it has been written & directed so intelligently that going by what has happened so far, we know that there’s so much more to come & even though we look forward to what’s in store for us, we do get to enjoy the moment we’re in at this stage of the drama. I am thoroughly enjoying the journey of Preet Na Kariyo Koi & can’t wait to see more.

I feel this has to be the most anokhi shadi that anyone has ever seen, in terms of the lies & deceit both Shams & Goshi planned on their own & also in terms of how they both got away with everything so effortlessly by fooling a whole bunch of people. Goshi still hasn’t stopped using ‘Ilyas-hurt-me’ card & I am sure she won’t give up on it anytime soon because she knows that it is working in her favor & this is something that compels her father to grant every wish of hers, as he is too guilt stricken for getting Goshi engaged to Ilyas who wasn’t sincere to her. I really thought that Fiaz understands his daughter but going by how easily he allows her to fool him makes me feel the opposite. Fiaz doesn’t know what Goshi is capable of or he is too naive to even conceive of the fact that Goshi can trick her father, the one who loves her the most & the one who blindly trusts her. I so wish Fiaz would’ve questioned Goshi at least once but he falls prey to every tactic that she opts for, which I feel is a bit too much because in the beginning we were given an impression that he could even read the thoughts that used to cross Goshi’s mind but looks like now he is unable to do that.

Ilyas found out about Shams after getting robbed by him but even though he got to know about his reality just in the nick of time, his whole family showed up quite late & couldn’t save the day but I am sure even if they had arrived at the right time, Goshi would’ve still turned things against them by coming up with one lie after another as they all are quite slow in her comparison & can’t really compete with Goshi. Fiaz could already sense that something was odd about Shams but I so wish he had sensed Goshi’s eagerness too & he had understood that it was Goshi herself who wanted to get married to Shams. Fiaz still believes that Goshi decided to get married to Shams because she wanted to prove something to Ilyas but I am not too sure why a father who is a businessman & deals with so many people in his daily life, is unable to decipher what’s running through his daughter’s mind.

It is actually amusing that Shams uses the love word in front of his friends to conceal the fact that his marriage to Goshi is just a well-thought move in his career. He did slip a word or two in front of his friend that Suleri has done enough thinking on his part but just when he was questioned, he changed the subject & made it look like he is getting married to her because he loves her. Shams is still a very mysterious character who believes in saving himself in the current day without thinking much about the past or the future as he knows that he as a mastermind behind him who is doing all the thinking on his behalf. The way Shams robbed Mariam & Ilyas went to show that he is so comfortable in what he does, but the moment he found out that Goshi is related to his victims, he did skip a beat which shows that he wants to keep Goshi in the dark too, which obviously isn’t a good sign!

Goshi really is a fool to believe that she knows everything about Shams but the way Shams lied to her & left her in the lurch goes to show that he isn’t even sincere to her as well. Sadly for Shams, Goshi is just an order given by Suleri Sahab that he fulfilled & there’s nothing more to that relation. I am sure more than Shams, Suleri will be the one who’ll use Goshi for politics as he is farsighted enough to see that she will prove to be beneficial for him & his party. I am sure during the times that Goshi has met Suleri, he has evaluated her worth & he knows that he can use both Shams & Goshi when needed.

It was good to see Ilyas & Mariam together but I so wish they do show us how their relationship is evolving & how they both are developing an understanding for each other. Every single time, the respect that I have for Ilyas increases because no matter how much Goshi pushes him, he never lets go of the secret that it wasn’t him who betrayed Goshi & in reality, she was the one who planned everything for her own good. There’s something very sweet about how Ilyas still wants to protect her as he actually respected her & despite getting betrayed, he hasn’t let go of the soft corner he had for her. Ilyas knows how to keep secrets & that is why, even after he knew that Goshi was equally interested in Shams, he put the blame on him that it was Shams who fooled Goshi just so clear off her name in front of Fiaz. Ilyas is proving to be a son that Fiaz never had & never could’ve imagined. Ilyas may be slow & naive, but he sure is wise enough to know the importance of the family ties & relations that is why he is trying really hard to keep everything intact & doing what it takes to prevent everything from falling apart.

Zareena really wants Shams’s attention but I am sure her life will become more miserable after she will find out that Shams has re-married & his second wife isn’t going to be easy on her. Goshi is ready to fight everything & everyone that’ll come in her way because she thinks she has found everything that she wanted because Shams is on her side but I am sure soon enough her bubble will burst & she will be forced to face the consequences of betraying her family especially her father in no time. I think Goshi pretty much understood that Shams lied about the bangles & that is why she was trying to put a lid on it but she is being unreasonable here where she thinks these sort of lies & incidents are supposed to be ignored. Goshi is well aware of the fact that Shams Syal isn’t a an honest person but she would be living in a fool’s paradise if she believes that he will never betray her.

Overall it was again a very engaging episode with so much going on & the preview was equally enticing where Shams & Goshi will go to Gujranwala & face new set of challenges. Hira & Irfan Khoosat once again outdid themselves. I loved how minute expressions of Goshi depicted the guilt she was feeling while lying to her father but continued with it as she knew that this was exactly what was working for her. It is interesting to see that she still has some softness in her heart but doesn’t let that overpower the drive that she has to get what she wants despite being well aware of the fact that what she is doing is hurting the people who have loved her the most. I am thoroughly enjoying each & every detail that has been covered in Preet Na Kariyo Koi & it is only because of this attention to detail that this drama has become such a perfect treat to watch. Please share your thoughts about this amazing episode of Preet Na Kariyo Koi! :)

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