Preet Na Kariyo Koi – Episode 14!

Ohkay so, this episode was quite interesting & eventful. Also, I find it really nice how they are now shifting the focus of the story on Roomi & Noori. Shagufta has a lot more to take care of but right now, she is only concerned about Zareena & Shams.

Honestly speaking, I actually thought that Shams finally came up with a plan & he set a direction for himself as he now knew what he wanted & he also had a motive he wants to achieve but I was actually taken aback by seeing that nothing of that sort happened because once again, Shams proved that he is very gullible & can’t do the brainstorming for himself. The way he showed up at Mushtaq’s place & the way he demanded the control over his property made me believe that he won’t trust his brother again but Shams being Shams completely forgot what Mushtaq put him through & that is why, just a simple suggestion & a few bucks convinced Shams that Mushtaq & his wife were on his side. Honestly, Shams really needs to pull his head together because he is someone who has gone through a lot, so it is definitely important for him to put his mind to good use. Shams is taking one irrational decision after another thinking that his family is his well-wisher while completely ignoring the one who actually stood by his side through thick & thin.

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Mushtaq suggested that Shams should contest as an independent candidate just because he will get enough votes & support from Zareena’s family & just because Shams thought it was a great idea, he didn’t really think about the pros & cons. If Zareena really had that family support, they wouldn’t have left her on Mushtaq’s mercy just like that for 17 years while being completely aware of the fact that Shams was in jail serving his time. When Shams agreed to bring Zareena with him to Lahore & the way he took a stand for her in front of Shagufta, I really thought may be Shams was trying to maintain a healthy balance between his wives but no, he proved me wrong. He didn’t only have an ulterior motive of using Zareena, he shared his plan with Shagufta too. Shams is totally turning into a mindless person because once again, he only followed that Mushtaq ordered. I find it amusing that someone like Shams who has been deceived by his brother chose to trust him again. When Suleri ordered, he got married to Shagufta & now when Mushtaq ordered, he agreed to treat Zareena as his wife. Shagufta understands Mushtaq & his planning the most but she isn’t putting her mind into understanding Shams better because if she will do that, she will stop trying to hold onto him because Shams never loved her in the first place & didn’t really want to get married to her too.

Shagufta took her resignation back which I believe was a realistic move as she knew that she had to take care of her household & it is important that Shagufta keeps herself financially sufficient so that she doesn’t have to depend on Shams who is completely clueless & unpredictable. Even now, Shams thought that the money Mushtaq gave him were his but he didn’t really understand that Mushtaq gave him that much money to keep his mind away from the actual wealth Shams is entitled to. Shams himself is now dependent on Mushtaq financially so it was good to see Shagufta not leaving her job. Yes, Shams has the right to follow his dreams & chase after them but he needs to understand that where few things are meant to be, a lot of them aren’t. He really lacks what it takes to become a politician & the way he is putting everything on the line isn’t a smart move too.

Like I sussed before, Roomi & Noori are related to each other. Roomi’s mother happens to be Ilyas’s first cousin & as they showed, she doesn’t have a high opinion about Shagufta, which is why I am sure she will judge Noori in the same light too. I really really like how Noori & Roomi’s relation is evolving. First they became friends, then Noori started depending on him because she is going through such a tough time & she got a free hand to make the decisions because Shagufta’s attention has diverted from her, which is why she is unable to keep a check & have a conversation with Noori about what is happening in her life. Roomi met Noori at such a time when she was longing from a companion & a partner & they both couldn’t resist falling for each other because they understand each other too. I so hope for Noori’s sake, Shagufta shows some consideration & understanding because Shagufta has been through it all, so she knows exactly what a girl is capable of if she falls in love with a guy. I so hope things don’t turn against Roomi & Noori & the circumstances don’t force them to take a step that later their parents will regret because the things Roomi’s mother said, hinted about that sort of possibility too. I must say, I really liked the way Noori was welcomed in Roomi’s home, it was good to see her experiencing a bonding between a close-knit family, which is totally opposite to her family background, considering how she is being forced to accept her father’s first wife as her second mother too.

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Shagufta is furious & can’t stand Zareena. She really doesn’t think much about Shams’s plan because she knows it is also a trap set by Mushtaq to keep Shams’s mind diverted, that is why she is not ready to accept Zareena. It is surprising that Shagufta depends on Suleri Sahab more than she depends on Shams even after he has come out of jail, because Shagufta knows that Shams is being unreasonable & just some false hope of getting into politics will keep Shams calm. Shagufta has understood that Shams doesn’t have a chance in the politics but she wants him to live in a denial as it will at least guarantee that he will stay by her side.

The preview of the next episode was very interesting. The focus would be on Roomi & Noori. I am so looking forward to Noori’s meeting with Shagufta’s Chachi. May be when Shagufta will find out that Roomi is related to her family, she will accept him as it will put an end to the estrangement that was initiated from her family’s side. Noori has a lot to discover about her mother & I think she will turn against her mother too after finding what she put her family through for the sake of Shams. I so hope of all the people, at least Noori stays by her mother’s side right till the end. I must say, Ahsan Khan looked very graceful in this episode. Hira & Saman Ansari have done their job well. Noor Khan is a perfect choice as Noori & so is the actor playing the character of Roomi. Each & every actor has given their 100% & the director should take a bow for directing such a beautiful script with so much of perfection. Last but definitely not the least, I will thank the writer Amna Mufti for coming up with such a brilliant piece of writing & for giving us something so interesting & different to watch. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Preet Na Kariyo Koi!

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