Prem Gali Episode 12 Story Review – Heartwarming Episode

Ohkay so, this episode of Prem Gali didn’t really take the story forward but just showed the stance of almost all the characters who were directly or indirectly related to Joya & Hamza. This episode showed the significance of having empathetic & good neighbors who actually saw it as their responsibility to help the two families who were having a hard time making up their minds!

The Guarantee

Shireen has always been seen as a strict mother who really doesn’t pay much heed to the feelings & emotions of Joya but in this episode, it changed & clearly showed that no matter how strict or staunch a mother is, deep down, she only wants what’s best for her child, even if it means curbing her own emotions. It is interesting to note that this approach of Shireen has had no effect on Joya as such & she loves her mother just as much because this aspect was always taken care of by Rahat. In all those moments where Shireen was not there for Joya, Rahat did her best to make her feel loved & heard. Joya is a lot closer to her grandmother but the immense respect that she has for Shireen goes to show that she understands all the sacrifices her mother has made for her.

The highlight of this episode for me was the conversation that Joya & Shireen had. Joya got to tell her mother that she sees her as a strong & substantial woman who has proved that a woman can take whatever comes her way. Joya believed that she could live her life without Hamza but then all the things Shireen said to her left her speechless. Shireen obviously has a lot more experience than Joya & her explanation of having the emotional support & using it as a motivational force to get on with life was absolutely brilliant. That was exactly what Joya needed to hear in order to change her mind but she still had no idea whether the decision will be given in her & Hamza’s favor or not.

It won’t be an episode of Prem Gali without a strong message & this one was no different. It showed that despite the fact that Joya was heart-broken, she too realized that getting married & settling with the man of your dreams is not & should not be the only motive of life. Also, it showed that as much as Joya & Hamza loved each other, they loved their families too & this is why not even once they thought of retaliating or making their family members awkward. Joya & Hamza were suffering but they showed graciousness by letting their elders know that they shouldn’t feel burdened by what had happened – which was absolutely sweet!

I also like that although people have different opinions about the Chaudhry clan but they are just as emotional & empathetic as the rest of the people who reside in Prem Gali. The only difference is that no one has even bothered bonding with them, which would make it easier for everyone to understand that they have feelings too & they are very much in touch with their emotions. This was highlighted by the conversation that Hamza & his grandfather had where he spoke about how keen he was to see Hamza happy. It is also amazing that after interacting with them, Shireen has seen the good in them & she can easily say that they are kind-hearted people who will love & respect Joya the way she deserves to be treated because out of all the people Shireen has come across, they are the only ones who have shown acceptance towards Joya without judging her about her background!

Another favorite moment of mine was when the two families along with concerned neighbors came together to find a solution. It was nice that almost all of them were on Chaudry & Sons’ side & were calling Shireen out for her unreasonable demand. The entire conversation revolving around the guarantee of life & divorce was hilarious but then it genuinely showed their concerns. I liked how Hatim & his father also came up with a comeback to deal with Shireen because they too felt that she was being unreasonable. Although everyone else in the family is quite emotional it is interesting to note that Hatim always has a very different outlook on things, this is why he decided he had to make a few things clear with Shireen. The tension between Shireen & Hatim is always a treat to watch because they come up with one of the best one-liners to set each other straight, but I always feel Shireen has an upper hand always & no, I’m not complaining!

Fun Moments

This episode of Prem Gali was absolutely sweet & I am more excited after watching the promo. This episode has always had some of the very fun & sweet moments such as the conversation that Fari & Joya had, also the way both Mateen & Tau Hidayat tried to act smart in front of Hatim’s father but he made them run away. I also enjoy watching the small interactions that Musarrat & Luqman had, the mention of his heart stunned Musarrat & the way he ran away was so amusing. Prem Gali is a breath of fresh air & the touch of emotions throughout these episodes makes it even better. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Prem Gali.

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  • Dear Zahra! Agreed, agreed, sau feesad agreed! Such a beautifully written episode. The beauty of Premgali is that its a simple play done well and that makes it so enjoyable to watch. 3 conversations: Dada Ji & Hamza, Joya & Shireen and Hamza & Joya were the highlights for me. I just loved the fact that Hamza wanted to talk to Joya about everything. So many of our dramas skip the communication aspect of relationships and focus only on misunderstandings. This is a refreshing change. I liked the message about the importance of all relationships and I also thought that the ghar damad wala issue was handled quite well! Also, do u think that was the 1st step to a blossoming romance between Musarrat and Luqman?! How cute will that be! Sorry for rambling on today 🀣 All in all its such a fantastic play. Unfortunately it is not getting the ratings it deserves.

  • Beautiful review and absolutely heart warming episode. Saba Hameed s dialogues jusy made me tear up. She is just stellar. Love how beautiful this drama has been written. Every character is so amazing in this. Love it!

  • I agree that this episode didn’t move the story forward. But it was still a great episode. Considering how most dramas focus on negativity and schemers and just bad people – it was once again heartwarming to watch this! Everyone was showing their generosity and selflessness. From the neighbors, to dada, to Joya and Hamza – everyone was thinking of someone else instead or what they wanted. Even Shireen’s struggle with her β€œvaham” was coming from a place of love. As always, it makes me happy to watch this show…

  • This is an appreciation message for reviewer Zahra Mirza. Not only she has excellent command over English language, she also captures the essence of episode accurately every time. It takes effort to pen review week after week regularly. Zahra, Thank You very much.