Prem Gali Episode 29 Story Review – Misunderstandings

Ohkay so, honestly speaking it is upsetting what a drag Prem Gali is. It is also upsetting how misunderstandings have been stretched, forced & prolonged to create one situation after another. While watching this episode & seeing Rahat crying for Joya, instead of feeling sad for her, I felt burdened, this happens when the viewers fail to connect with the characters & it is only because the execution has been weak in that regard. Prem Gali could’ve been a very interesting drama but the slow pace & forced one-dimensional situations where everything thrives on misunderstandings hasn’t allowed that to happen.

Yet Another Misunderstanding

In this entire episode, Hamza was being mad at Joya because he ‘misunderstood’ that she was keeping a secret from him. I mean, Hamza has been with Joya for some time now, plus in general, he has seen that she is a very simple-minded girl who just says what she feels, so before even judging her or questioning her intentions, he should’ve thought twice. I felt relieved that at least before this episode ended, the misunderstanding between them subsided but Joya failed to tell him the actual secret that she has been hiding from him!

Joya connected with Shireen on another level & felt guilty for not being around. Rahat was happy to see her daughter & granddaughter having such a special moment. It was also nice to see Hatim being so considerate towards both Hamza & Joya because he has decided to respect their choices. However it seems that both Dada Jaan & Rahat really want the kids back in the house but the good thing is they have somewhat understood that some of the boundaries should be respected.

I really wish we could’ve gotten more of Luqman & Musarrat but for starters, the proposal finally happened & Musarrat’s reaction to it was amusing. She never saw it coming but it won’t be too long before she will start taking it seriously because she too was thinking about Luqman. I thought maybe Luqman only proposed to her because he wanted to make Dada Jaan happy but it was nice to see that he himself wants this because he has fallen in love with Musarrat. This was actually cute, probably the only track in the entire drama that is nice!

Hamza & Joya’s interactions have been so boring & burdensome. The lack of chemistry & the overall boring vibe is just off-putting, to be honest, plus the makeup clad faces of both Farhan Saeed & Sohai Ali Abro also take away from the gravity of the situation because it is quite distracting to see them so made up irrespective of what their characters are going through.

Hope It Ends Next Week

The preview of the next episode promised a lot of drama where Hamza will once again do what it takes to win Joya over & everyone else will help the cause too. I really hope that the next episode happens to be the last & Prem Gali ends on a happening note. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Prem Gali.

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    • Thank you for the recommendation Pakistani. Which channel is this drama going to air on? Or has it already started?

      • It will air on hum tv probably replacing saraab. It stars Madiha Imam, Ali Rehman and Syed Jibran. It is based on a novel which goes by the same name. I saw a lot of people saying good stuff about the novel in the comments.

  • Zahra, it takes some efforts to write a review and you always do a fine job, please accept my compliments. Somehow, I have a feeling that readers are commenting less now a days. Do you also get the same feeling?

    • Thank you so much Anil for your kind words. Yes, due to the change of format of the comment section & errors that occur where at times the comment section fails to load, the readers are finding it very hard to comment. We get their personal messages through Insta & FB, so we know that they are reading our reviews but are unable to comment due to the reasons I mentioned.