Prem Gali Episode 9 Story Review – Absolutely Sweet

Ohkay so, this episode of Prem Gali was fun & interesting to watch. Prem Gali is now at that stage where I am actually enjoying the way the story is progressing & I am glad that there is so much happening in the lives of the main leads that the pace now seems fast. One of the strengths of this drama in my opinion is the interactions between the characters & their one-liners. It is always interesting to find out what each one of them has to say because one thing’s for sure, they all are opinionated & do not hold back in voicing them out.

Hamza’s Plan

Hamza took his job very seriously & decided he had to arrange a few proposals for Joya so that in the end Shireen gets disappointed & chooses him to be Joya’s life partner. One would actually think why isn’t Hamza being honest & upfront but considering the kind of person Hamza is, he fears Shireen’s rejection because he knows it is going to be very hard to undo if something of that sort happened as Shireen is not someone who changes her mind easily. By now, everyone is pretty aware of the kind of nature Shireen has & Hamza is dealing with this entire situation keeping that in mind. I absolutely loved the interactions that Shireen & Hamza had. It is always interesting to note how Shireen doesn’t allow anyone to act over-smart or efficient in front of her – the pani & ilaichi comment was made by Hamza because he wanted to make sure that Shireen sees how over efficient he is but she corrected him then & there. I liked seeing how Shireen cut Hamza short almost at all the instances & didn’t give him an edge. Although it’s a simple love story the way Faiza Iftikhar has added this angle to it which makes it a lot more complicated & fun at the same time.

Prem Gali Episode 9 Story Review - Absolutely Sweet

This entire episode definitely belonged to Farhan Saeed & Hamza of course because he ran the show & was in the limelight the entire time. It was enjoyable to watch him come up with one plan after another, he also posed to be quite confident in front of his friends but in reality, he was losing his mind over the thoughts of exposing Joya to so many suitors who might approve of her.

I must say, another beautiful & endearing part of this episode was Rahat’s support to Hamza & Joya. I like how Faiza Iftikhar had established the bond between Rahat & Joya right from the beginning but showing that Joya’s grandmother was always in touch with her emotions. We have always seen Rahat being supportive of Joya & feeling a lot for her. Out of all the people, Rahat is the only one who understands how hard Shireen has been on her only daughter, that is why she requested Shireen to allow Joya the freedom of meeting her friend Fari or as much as having a pet. This is exactly why now when she easily approved of Hamza, it didn’t come as a surprise because this is exactly the kind of relationship both Joya & Rahat have. They have this equation where Joya has Rahat’s back & that turned out to be the case this time around too. All the things Rahat said to Joya were absolutely sweet & it is nice to know that Rahat totally saw Hamza as an eligible bachelor & suitable life-partner for Joya. I am glad that Joya & Hamza have Rahat on board with their plan & now everything is being taken care of by her & Hamza doesn’t have to worry much.

Prem Gali Episode 9 Story Review - Absolutely Sweet

Another fun interaction was between Hatim & his father related to the zodiac signs & zaicha that his father wished he had checked before Hatim was born. Luqman too has started bonding with Musarrat & they both get to talk about their emotional baggage with each other. It was nice to see Musarrat being comfortable around Luqman, though it was unintentional they both seemed fine with the idea of interacting with each other, it wasn’t like they were awkward or having a hard time talking.

Fun Interactions

This episode of Prem Gali was quite interesting to watch. All the characters have grown on me & I like seeing them interact. Farhan Saeed was definitely the star of this episode. Sohai Ali Abro was cute as Joya. Abdullah Farhat has definitely made Luqman a very interesting character, his dejected body language & the never-changing forlorn expression on his face actually make me feel for him quite a lot. Saba Hameed, Shamim Hilali & Uzma Hassan are convincingly playing their characters. The story is definitely getting better with each passing episode. It is definitely going to be fun watching Hamza & Rahat’s plan unfold, with Joya assisting them further. The comedy quotient in this drama is absolutely amazing, all the interactions Rahat & even Shireen had with the guests were quite amusing. The director has done his part well & made sure that he does justice to all the characters that Faiza Iftikhar has given such dynamic personalities to. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Prem Gali.

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  • Great review. I only still have good things to say about this drama. It makes me happy to watch it. It has a real vintage feel.

    It’s fun. I loved how Nani threw her support behind hamza and joya.

    For me, Nani was the star of this episode. I had several laugh out loud moments when she was rejecting rishtas.

    Looking forward to the next episode.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Oh yes, it was so good to see Rahat supporting Hamza & Joya & how she continued to assure Joya that she will deal with everything that comes their way. Prem Gali definitely is a feel-good drama. :)

  • Great review Zahra! Absolutely loved this episode. So full of prem (🀣 Sorry! I know that’s cheesy). Farhan Saeed and Shamim Hilali were the stars of the show for me. I couldn’t stop giggling over the issues Nani kept bringing up to say no to the proposals! Hats off to the whole team for giving us a drama that entertains as well as gives out its share of important messages. P.s See I told u the meltdown was Hamza’s imagination! My next prediction is that chacha Luqman will screw this whole thing up and Shireen will find out. Has to get a little intense after all!

    • Thank you so much Sam. Oh yes, you were absolutely right, in fact when that turned out to be the case, I recalled the comment made by you about Hamza’s imagination. Well, there’s no one in Prem Gali who can misbehave with Shireen & I like that. :) This episode surely was fun, Rahat wasn’t holding back but I guess when Shireen will find out that Rahat has picked Hamza for Joya she will have her reservations based on what she & Musarrat went through. It’s going to get really interesting. :)

  • Lovely Episode. Almost every scene has fun added to it, albeit matters are of serious types too. Its typical FI style. Rahat’s contribution in Joya’s rishtay, ensuring rejection by larkay walay, was interesting watch and the way Musarat was whispering in her ears to interpret difficult terms for her was also nice addition to it. It was also amusing to watch depressed Musarat’s sensitive and sentimental approach supported by specific background score.

    Hamza is hero and performance by Farhan amazing. His personality suits this role. Sohai was likable during this episode, bas ye lips ki treatment karwa k ajeeb style se baat kerna aur thorra sa mun khol k rakhan.. it irritates. All are doing in accordance with their characters and Nani was dabang this time!

    • Thank you so much Urs. I so agree, this episode was fun to watch. Rahat’s antics were hilarious. It was nice to see Musarrat in the picture too & yes, I noticed the background score too, it fitted the emotional state of Musarrat so well. I know, although Sohai has acted really well as Joya but it’s an effort to watch her scenes at times.

  • Loved it so much especially last scenes of rishtay waaley. Naani was hilarious πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ. Great review

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