Pukaar Episode 11 Review – Too Extreme!

Ohkay so, this episode of Pukaar was definitely decent but I think its about time that they start spinning things in Samra’s favor because seeing everything transpiring against her is becoming burdensome to watch now!

Samra’s mother tried hard to convince Sarang but because he himself had a baggage attached to that name & because he wanted to stay distant from Sultan Asfand Yar Khan, Sarang refused to do anything for her.

Unfortunately, Samra was kept in the dark & the one who was trying to help her; Zulekha was sent away too because she was giving her the details which Laali didn’t want. Sadly, Samra’s father passed away & then Laali got a validation that the news of his accident wasn’t a lie. To be honest, I really think what they are showing is an unrealistic extreme. If they had kept it till his accident, it would’ve made sense but literally hiding the news of her father’s passing from Samra is a bit too much.

It is good to see Tashfeen sympathizing with Samra but I feel even her helplessness is pushed a bit too far. When Samra asked her to do something so that she could speak to her mother, Tashfeen brushed it off? How hard is it for Tashfeen to retrieve Samra’s phone from Laali & hand it over to her? Why can’t she do that? It is like despite feeling for Samra, Tashfeen doesn’t want to get involved in her issues? Tashfeen can assure Laali that Samra isn’t going anywhere so the least they can do is give her the freedom to be in contact with her parents over the phone? Too extreme I swear!

Sarang discussed Samra’s issue with Amna, he also recognized Samra because he has had brief encounters with her in the past. Let’s see what advice Amna will give to Sarang? The preview did show that Asfand will try to bring Sarang & even Amna in his house? Will Sarang try to go in order to help Samra? Let’s see. Even though they have started establishing the plot for Samra’s rescue but I really wish they hurry up a bit because seeing Laali’s dominance is a nuisance. Please share your thoughts.

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