Pukaar Episode 12 Review – Slow-mo!

There was practically nothing that happened in this episode & I am running out of my patience, that too faster than Samra’s pace with which she runs on the staircase. The story has literally stopped after the 4th episode & now we’re on the 12th & nothing has happened. I am sick of seeing Zamani’s duck face & those snake curls. Creep!

Laali put up a show in front of Samra’s mother in order to prevent her from telling Samra about Najaf’s passing. Everyone in that house stopped talking to Samra because they all were guilty of knowing the truth but not telling her anything which I think is absolutely ridiculous.

Sarang found out about Najaf’s passing too & he felt guilty because he didn’t help Samra’s mother or listened to her plea.

Samra & her mother met but she still didn’t tell her anything. I think in stead of relying on OST with slow-mo movements of Samra’s eyes looking up & down & running on staircase up & down as well, the director should have speeded through the entire process to show some developments in the story. Everything that is happening now in this story (if any) is bizarre. Yes, usually people do hide the death of a beloved in some extreme cases but to see faarigh Laali literally going to such lengths is just too much & because the story has become stagnant & monotonous, that is why this entire situation is looking even more ridiculous.

This episode had nothing to offer. When I saw Samra running in a slow-mo I was like there she goes again. I think this mode happens to be director’s favorite because its not just Samra running around in slow-mo, the story is being told in a slow-motion too. Zahid Ahmed’s makeup was really bad, white face, unblended contour & single warm eyeshadow spread till his browbone, too bad. Please share your thoughts.

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