Pukaar Episode 15 & 16 – Review!

Ohkay so, I am glad that the double episodes of shows like Pukaar are being aired because it not only speeds up the pace but also shows some progress in the story. I enjoyed watching these episodes of Pukaar because I felt things moved forward, which was something totally needed!

I liked Sarang’s character a lot. It is good that in such a grim scenario, there is someone who believes in making things light-hearted. Even though on the surface everything that Sarang did for Samra was because he wanted to change the impression she had of him but in reality, it was because he had a soft spot for her even before meeting her in person because he heard from Samra’s mom about everything that she was going through. Sarang has a lot of sympathy for Samra & it is good that someone who has some power & authority believes in doing something for her!

Sarang’s mother wasn’t too happy or satisfied with whatever Sarang was being put through but other than that, I didn’t see much of her role but the overall equation she & Sarang share is quite nice too.

Sarang is learning more & more about the new lifestyle & all the expectations that Sultan has from him. I feel another reason why Sarang wants to connect to Samra is because he finds there’s quite a lot that is common between them as she comes from Karachi too & she is just as alien to all these scenarios as Sarang himself is. I liked their interactions as well.

I found that scene totally unnecessary where Laali slapped Samra only because she ran to hug her mother. Also, what’s weird was that no one even bothered saying anything to her & everyone got back to their normal routine as if nothing happened. Anyways, good that Samra got a little introduction to the fact that Sarang was going to do what he pleases & won’t really bother about what the rest of the people want. That entire scene was silly that no one wanted Samra’s mother to be a part of her baby shower? & also that Zamani felt the need to part Samra from her mother when they both hugged each other!

I feel the flashbacks really have been pushed too far & the entire slow-mo has been unnecessarily relied upon, like there are so many scenes that just get to me & I can’t wait for them to get over quickly because of the repetition & slowness. I must also say, the amount of whitewash that has been used on everyone’s face is ridiculous. I feel if they were really after such fair skin look then they should have hired those actors who are naturally fair because it is too obvious that a lot of unnecessary effort has been put into making everyone look fair. Saba Faisal who has a beautiful complexion has been whitewashed to such an extent that her mouth area looked green. Zahid Ahmed has been whitewashed so ridiculously that his natural dusky complexion peeked through his collar where the foundation wasn’t applied on his neck. Jia Ali looks unflattering & way too ashy & what’s worst is that her face & neck do not match either. Also, everyone’s hands look way too dark in comparison to their unnecessarily whitewashed faces that they all look like a joke. The orange eyeshadow used on Zahid Ahmed is pretty bad too. The makeup artists of this drama should be fired for such a bad job. Anyways, Yumna Zaidi looked pretty in the minimal makeup during baby shower scene. Please share your thoughts.

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