Pukaar Episode 25 Review – One Good Episode!

Ohkay so, this episode of Pukaar was definitely good because the truth was spoken & much needed reality checks were given. I am glad that this drama is ending next week & now when I look back, I feel it was an above average drama to tune to, with nothing new to the story but with a decent execution making it worthy of watching. However, if anyone wants to know whether they should invest their time in this drama, I’d be glad to let them know that while watching it, they should make fast forward option their best friend & they shall be fine!

Well well well, Samra came back with a bang but as much as I enjoyed the fact that she gave a piece of her mind to everyone, I was kind of annoyed that she actually proved to be a weakling who was now speaking only because she had a support of Sarang – a man! If I am not mistsken, Samra did tell Sarang that she was doing just fine without ‘him’ & his ‘support’ but she ended up contradicting herself. I would’ve been completely fine with this atttitude of Samra if she, before getting married had taken a stand for herself! She proved to be a weak girl who just couldn’t do anything for herself & needed someone to save her. I am totally fine with her & Sarang’s pairing too & everything that Sarang did for her & himself but if I speak about Samra only, I am not a fan of her character. Yes, I know she had no way out but then no one could’ve stopped her from voicing her rights, from holding her ground & from taking a stand for herself but she chose to give Laali Ma the edge to ruin her life & now she played & acted like a victim only because she knew she had a strong back? Even with all the dialogues that Samra threw Tashfeen & Laali’s way, I failed to see her as a strong woman who helped herself, because no, she didn’t! Sad to say that by the end of this journey, Samra turned out to be just another case of damsel in distress, a typical drama wali bechari who couldn’t overcome her bechargi & pretty much lost her voice when she was single!

Well, Tashfeen once again didn’t disappoint me because she once again proved how irrational & small minded she is but then Samra didn’t bother about her because in reality, Tashfeen herself has been shaking because of Amna’s arrival. Tashfeen was trying hard to belittle Sarang but he outdid her & then the rest is history!

Sarang’s conversation with Sultan set him straight but then it is commendable that Sarang set the ground even before coming back & it was only because of that press conference & his statements that he passed about Sultan, that he was now standing in that Haveli saying everything that he wanted to. Sarang didn’t say anything wrong because it is a fact that Sultan faked his illness to bring him here only for his selfish political reasons. Samra & Sarang set everyone straight but then Laali Ma couldn’t take it as may be this was the first time someone spoke the truth & showed her a mirror. Also, it was funny that a man of Sultan’s stature was sitting helplessly when Samra was being rude to Laali Ma!

Another reason why I sound so ticked off by Samra is that she flew high relying on Sarang but then in person chose to be all egoistic about her relationship with him, once again telling him that she wants to part ways with him? She definitely is all over the place & seems scattered brained to me because she on her own was unable to do anything but now when she came back to let everyone know that she became this wonder woman after becoming Mrs. Sarang, she was thinking on the lines of getting divorced? I am sure Laali & Zamani put her through a lot of mental torture & she lost a bit of her sanity in the course of it but then where’s her rationality? Samra got married to Sarang after thinking things through, she also knows that he loves her & has done enough already to prove it so she she stop acting all high & mighty about the fact that she can survive without him & will be fine on her own because even she knows, that’s not true!

Anyways, my sincere advice to the makeup artists of this drama is that they should consider some other career option because whatever they did on the actors’ faces in the name of makeup in this drama is atrocious. I don’t remember watching a drama where the makeup was this bad that it made these actors look like caricatures. Real bad job I say & for that reason, as much as I like Sarang’s character I couldn’t concentrate on his acting, dialogues or anything because I couldn’t take my eyes off his orange eyeshadow & purple lip tint, my goodness!!! Also, the editors should go easy on Hue/Saturation option too while editing the drama because it is no fun seeing Rehan Sheikh in blue moustache. Anyways, please share your thoughts!

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