Pukaar Episode 7 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Pukaar was interesting in some parts & ridiculous in others. I am sure everyone will know which were the ridiculous bits. The story is getting interesting especially the note at which this episode ended left me wanting to see more of it but I so wish they had cut down on these clownish characters that are Laali Ma & Zamani!

Samra found out that she was expecting & because her friend Aimen had warned her what her life would be like, Samra seemed concerned & tensed when she got the answer that she was looking for. Even Samra’s mother knew that her daughter was in deep trouble now.

I must say I liked the way Tashfeen & Samra bonded. Everything that Tashfeen said to Samra was so touching & emotional, she was right, now that Fahad was no more, she had no reasons to hold onto any grudge that she had against Samra. I had this feeling that Samra & Tashfeen will bond really well & I totally see that happening now. It was also good to see that Tashfeen had some soft corner for Samra & on humanitarian grounds, she felt for her because she could see how ignorant & irrational Laali was being with Samra.

I don’t think there would be anyone who’d take Laali seriously. Even though they tried to showcase how cold-hearted she is, she ended up looking like a caricature & a clown who has nothing better to do in life therefore she has assigned herself a duty of torturing Samra because she is this psychotic woman who is finding solace in someone else’s grief. Zamani & Laali both are obnoxious in my opinion & I can’t emphasize how off-putting Zamani’s character & the actor playing that role is!

Well, Sultan was done mourning the loss of Fahad & moved on pretty quickly. Sultan is quite a practical politician therefore he knew he had a golden chance to use Fahad’s death to further his chances of winning elections. Samra’s confrontation was quite nicely done, she just gave Sultan a piece of her mind but then again Sultan decided to use her feelings to turn it into an emotional blackmailing as he knew that using Samra’s name would guarantee him sympathy votes.

Well, finally Zahid Ahmed’s character got introduced. Sarang Darwesh seemed to be unfamiliar of Sultan but then Sultan introduced himself as his father. The preview suggested that Sarang’s mother won’t be oblivious of Sultan Asfand Yar Khan. It will be interesting to see how Sultan will try to bring Sarang into his life. Please share your thoughts.

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