Pukaar Episode 9 – Review!

Ohkay so, it was a decent episode of Pukaar. Where the story of Sarang was taken forward, I feel Samra’s has been on the loop for quite some time now. I really hope her track progresses a bit from now on as it is no fun seeing such a rightfully opinionated girl being tortured.

Samra was caught even before she could escape & then Laali burst the bubble for her that she was well aware of the secret that she was trying to keep about her pregnancy. I like that Samra doesn’t shy away from saying what is right & what is on her mind. Samra has nothing to lose, so it is good that despite being unable to do much, she is not settling for this ridiculousness that Laali time & again puts her up with. Samra is helpless but I think more than that, she is trying to gather herself to come to a decision as to how she has to bounce back & fight for herself. I really think Samra’s parents should also take a bold step now considering they both know that she is expecting a child & is practically in a house arrest.

Laali obviously has got nothing else to do, no hobby, no interests where she can channel out her negative energies, that is why she has made Samra a focal point & is now torturing her. Taking away colored clothes from her, making her wear all whites only depicts the size of her brain, which is probably smaller than a peanut. It was nice to see Tashfeen warming upto Samra & if not much, at least trying to do something to stop the mistreatment that Samra was facing. Sultan obviously showed no compassion, no sympathy that is why Tashfeen got no courage to stand upto Laali & tell her to stop whatever she was doing.

So, Amna told Sarang everything as to why she had lied to him all his life. Sarang finally got to understand what sort of a person Sultan was, because the look of disgust on his face said it all. Even though Sultan got married to Amna, he just left her in the lurch & didn’t have the courage to own her in front of his family. Obviously, Amna had no other option left than to lie to Sarang, I think it was way better to tell him that his father died than to introduce him to a coward like Sultan who wasn’t a man enough to stand by his wife. It is so obvious that now that Sultan has lost Fahad, he conveniently decided to show up & meet Sarang as he’d want him to fulfill Fahad’s shoes & do what he couldn’t. Sultan is nothing but a practical & selfishly ambitious person, so he obviously hasn’t contacted Sarang out of his fatherly love for him, but only to take advantage of the fact that he has another son who will contest for him in the elections.

Overall, this episode was pretty decent but I will say they have now started relying a lotttttttt on the OST & that is now killing the charm that the song has. Yes, we get it, things are difficult for Samra & her life is tough, but just an instrumental music would do rather than playing that entire song again & again & again as no lies there, I now have a headache after listening to so much of music in this episode. Anyways, the acting & the direction is nice, just want things to progress now. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Pukaar.

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